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Mountainside Bed & Breakfast

Mountainside Bed & Breakfast is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia.


This location has been converted into a functioning bed and breakfast, but it is a trap set by cannibals to eat people who sleep there. If the player character rents a room, they will be ambushed by cannibals while sleeping.


The three story building is bright yellow and sits in the shadow of the mountains. The main entrance is locked and requires a key to be accessed. However, the bottom level entrances are unlocked and can be used to access the building.

The area immediately accessible via the two outside entrances to the bottom level contains a bathroom with a first aid. There is also a door leading further into the building on the east wall, but this is chained from the other side. A flight of stairs leads up to a small office area that contains some file cabinets, a locked safe (Picklock 2), a couch and a newsstand. A door to the east leads into a kitchen area which contains a small breakfast bar and cooking-related items including a chef hat, random recipe, salt, pepper, and spices.

A set of large double doors in the south wall of the kitchen opens into the reception area and the main entrance to the building. There is a comment terminal on the reception desk and a locked floor safe (Picklock 2) behind the desk. There are two flights of stairs here - one leading up and one leading down.

At the top of the stairs on the top floor is a large sitting area containing couches, a television, and several board games such as the Unstoppables! and Catch the Commie. A key for the building is sitting on the coffee table here and a locked door to the east leads out to a balcony area. The balcony contains an ice cooler, ammo box, steamer trunk, and a set of binoculars among other things. To the north of the sitting area is a bedroom with a broken double bed and some dressers. One of the dressers has a few golf balls sitting on top of it. The bedroom also has an ensuite which contains a bathtub and a broken toilet.

Going downstairs from the reception leads to a laundry and storage area. The inaccessible door at this level is unlocked either by passing a 12+ Perception check or by renting a room for 5 caps and sleeping for 60 seconds.

Behind the inaccessible door, there is a tinker's workbench on this level, opposite a shelf that holds an ammo box and rarely spawns a chainsaw. Recently, this area has been converted into a room where the resident cannibals store their victims in preparation for consumption - while previously being chained shut.



  • Overseer's log - Mountainside - Holotape, on the porch on a makeshift table.
  • The Herald supports Quinn Carter - Note, on a low table in the reception area.
  • Five potential Vault-Tec Bobbleheads:
    • In the basement, near the tinker's workbench, on the washing machine.
    • In the locked (2) foyer area of the house, on the reception desk just behind the comment terminal.
    • In the upstairs living room with the board games, green carpet, and dark red furniture; sitting on top of the television.
    • Inside the kitchen pantry, on the metal shelf with the ladder leaning on it.
    • Upstairs on the outside balcony railing near a trunk.
  • Four potential magazines:
    • In the upstairs living room with the board games, green carpet, and dark red furniture; sitting on top of the coffee table.
    • In the locked (2) foyer area of the house, on the reception desk with the comment terminal, under the desk fan.
    • In the locked (2) foyer area of the house, across from the reception desk, on the coffee table by the staircase.
    • In the office connected to the west side of the kitchen, on a desk with a broken terminal.
  • Bed and Breakfast key - On the top floor of the Bed & Breakfast, on a coffee table. Opens doors of the B&B.
  • Chainsaw - Rarely spawns in the basement on the shelf with the ammo box at level 20. (Cannot be obtained after completing the miscellaneous quest, as the door will become inaccessible.)
  • Meat cleaver - Rarely spawns on the table with human remains in the locked basement room with the tinker's workbench.
  • Three royal jellies, consumable version:
    • One in the kitchen on the counter behind the coffee tin.
    • One upstairs on the bookshelf under the windows, bottom shelf.
    • One on the lower entrance floor, on the table behind the cardboard box.


Mountainside Bed & Breakfast appears only in Fallout 76, and was expanded upon in the Wastelanders update.