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Cow Spots Creamery

The Cow Spots Creamery is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia,.


Cow Spots Creamery is a small ice cream joint on the western edge of the New River Gorge Bridge, complete with a factory where the ice cream was made.


Three giant ice cream cones are attached to the side of the main building, with a sign advertising the business. The location consists of two buildings - a retail space and a factory area - surrounded by a wooden boardwalk. To the south are two houses that cannot be entered and to the west of the retail space is a small outdoor seating area and playground.

The retail building contains a dining area with booths, a Port-A-Diner, and a front counter with two cash registers. Two skeletons can be found behind the counter, one still clutching a bottle of cream. There is also a locked safe (Picklock 0) and a fridge containing yet more bottles of cream behind the counter. Amy Kerry's corpse can be found in an adjoining 'Employees only' area.

The factory area is to the southeast in a separate building. It contains conveyor belts for bottling cream and a tinker's workbench. A red garden gnome eating a popsicle in the shape of a milk bottle perches in the rafters, surveying the scene below.


  • Amy's note - Note, on the corpse of Amy Kerry, once the Ecological Balance daily quest is up to the relevant progression.
  • Too much noise - Holotape, on a small cart in the building with the conveyor belts.
  • Cream - At least eight bottles.


The Cow Spots Creamery appears only in Fallout 76.