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An Organic Solution

Complete Ella's research on a chem called RadShield.

An Organic Solution is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Ella Ames of the Free States may have discovered a way to create a protective drug that shields against radiation far better than Rad-X. As she did not complete her research before her death, it's up to the player character to pick up the slack.

Detailed walkthrough

  • The quest can be started by finding Ella Ames's research on the Southhampton Estate's second floor, on Ella's dead corpse. Exploring Ella Ames' bunker will place a quest marker near her body.
  • To create RadShield, Ames believed that the strangler pods had to be forced to bloom. However, forcing the plants to do so was a challenge. She figured that she could do so by dumping a special, high-powered fertilizer down into the river at Dyer Chemical. Creating this chemical requires several special chemicals and irradiated bone meal.
  • The bone meal can be found in deathclaw nests in the Mire. Ella's research holotape contains a program that can be installed onto the Pip-Boy, which will set up a radiation signal tracker that will help locate the Deathclaw nests in question, with a signal strength display in the objective list. The signal will fluctuate depending on distance: The closer the player character gets, the stronger it will be. The bone meal will be inside the nest. Beware if there is a deathclaw lurking around the area, ready to defend its nest if necessary.
  • The chemicals required are around Dyer Chemical in the Mire:
    • Potassium: Bed of the large blue truck on the south side of Dyer Chemical.
    • Phosphorous: Inside the small structure on the southwestern corner of Dyer Chemical.
    • Nitrogen: Dyer Chemical, northern edge of the area, in the office on the second floor (inside the filing cabinets).
  • To mix the bone meal and the chemicals to make fertilizer, the player character simply has to put them into the receptacle up on the facility's third floor, near the marked terminal, then select the option to flush the mixed fertilizer down the river. If you are unable to deposit the chemicals, check your inventory for duplicates of the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, and if you have doubles drop the duplicate and try again. Watch out for the various Mister Gutsy, Protectron, and Robobrain robots guarding the facility. There may be a Sentry Bot as well patrolling the main road between the buildings.
  • Finally, the player character needs to travel along the river and collect strangler blooms from the trees along the riverbank. The quest completes when they craft a RadShield at a chemistry station, available from the healing category. Luckily, there's a chemistry station inside the facility, next to a Nuka-Cola machine.
  • After completing the quest, return to Dyer Chemical around nightfall or so, and the plant will discharge more of the fertilizer made during the quest into the river, allowing more strangler blooms to spawn so player characters can craft more RadShield.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate Ella's bunkerI found a bunker in the Mire. I should explore it and see what I can find.
? Search the Swamp for Ella Ames' research.
? Find Ella's researchI found the terminal of a woman named Ella Ames who said she was braving the Mire to deliver some research. She claimed it was for something called RadShield that could be more powerful than Rad-X. I should find the research to see if it could prove successful.
? Use Ella Ames' holotape to read up on her Stranger Pod research.
? Read Ella's researchI found Ella's body and her research. I should read it to learn more about RadShield and the strangler pods she was experimenting with.
? Search Dyer Chemical for the ingredients needed to make a fertilizer.Ella believed a special fertilizer would force the strangler pods to bloom. To make RadShield, I'll need a key ingredient - an irradiated bone meal found in Deathclaw nests. I can install and use a tracking system on her holotape if I need some extra help.
? Collect bone meal
? Install the tracking station to locate the bone meal.Ella believed a special fertilizer would force the strangler pods to bloom. To make RadShield, I'll need a key ingredient - an irradiated bone meal found in Deathclaw nests. I can use the tracking system I installed if I need some extra help.
? (Optional) Install the tracking station
? Tune into the tracking station to locate the bone meal.Ella believed a special fertilizer would force the strangler pods to bloom. To make RadShield, I'll need a key ingredient - an irradiated bone meal found in Deathclaw nests.
? (Optional) Listen to the Radiation Signature Tracker radio station
? Collect nitrogenElla believed combining nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium with the irradiated bone meal would produce a fertilizer strong enough to make the strangler pods bloom. I should look for these ingredients at Dyer Chemical.
? Collect phosphorous
? Collect potassium
? Use the mixing station at Dyer Chemical to create the fertilizer.I've found all the ingredients needed to make the fertilizer. Now I need to insert the canisters I collected at the Dyer Chemical mixing station to create the fertilizer.
? Deposit the chemicals
? Deposit the bone meal
? Mix the fertilizer
? Use the mixing station to flush the fertilizer into the river.I've deposited all the ingredients for the fertilizer into the mixing station. I should be able to use the terminal to combine them and flush them into the river.
? Flush the fertilizer into the riverI created the fertilizer at a mixing station in Dyer Chemical. Now I need to flush it into the river so it can permeate the swamp and get the strangler pods to bloom.
? Search the Swamp for Strangler Blooms.I created the fertilizer that Ella Ames recommended and flushed it into the river at Dyer Chemical. I should search the nearby river and see if the strangler pods have produced any flowers.
? Collect a Strangler Bloom
? Find a Chems Workbench to create Radshield and prove Ella's research works.Now that I've harvested a strangler bloom, I should find a chems workbench and see if I can make the RadShield that Ella Ames spoke of.
?Quest finishedCreate RadShield at a Chems Workbench