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South Cutthroat camp

The south Cutthroat camp is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It was once a camp used by the Cutthroats gang of raiders, now used by the Blood Eagles raider gang.


The camp surrounds a section of highway and contains Blood Eagles, including one in power armor with a heavy weapon. If the alarm klaxon is sounded, Blood Eagle reinforcements will arrive, including attack dogs. The different trading posts have two safes that can be looted.


  • Blood Eagle oath - Holotape, inside a red ski lift car on the north side of the camp.
  • Four potential Vault-Tec Bobbleheads:
    • On the north edge of the road, in a re-purposed ski lift car with a toilet, on the window seal.
    • On the north side of the road, on top of the makeshift throne made from a red chair and destroyed car.
    • On the southwest side of the camp, in the storefront near the guard tower, inside of a display case.
    • On the north side of the road, next to a car chassis containing a couch, on an end table.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • On the northeast side of camp, on a makeshift table.
    • On the south end of the camp near the guard tower, on a cinder block in front of a couch.
  • Potential workshop plan - On a green supply container with a cash register on top on the southeast side of the camp.


The south Cutthroat camp appears only in Fallout 76.