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Big Fred's BBQ Shack

Big Fred's BBQ Shack was quite the misnomer. Despite the prefix, Big Fred wasn't that big. As I remember, the man stood 5 foot 10 inches and looked to weigh 180 pounds; lovely gentleman. And contrary to the humble images the word 'shack' brings forth, Big Fred's made the best rack of ribs I've ever tasted. In these dark days, creative culinaries are exploring new methods with a meat source that's... readily available. I must say, their rendition of ribs is quite good, but it doesn't compare to Big Fred's. Five stars.— Review by Glen Ramos

Big Fred's BBQ Shack is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It is situated directly southeast of the Top of the World, and northeast of Middle Mountain Cabins.


A former beloved barbecue shack turned into a raider den, it is now the location of David Thorpe, the leader of the Cutthroats, who has turned into one of the Scorched.


Once a must-stop along State Route 105, the shack is now little more than home to creatures that roam the area. The barbecue shack contains a cooking stove, along with various kitchen-related junk. The houses are both sealed and inaccessible. During the Key to the Past quest, one will encounter Scorched led by David Thorpe.

Big Fred's BBQ Shack is a restaurant based out of a wooden shack near two boarded-up townhomes. Several foxes roam the area, and an off-road vehicle can be found in the car park. To the left of the shack is the outdoor dining area. A clown hat can be found sitting on one of the tables.



Big Fred's BBQ Shack appears in Fallout 76.