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Ash Heap marketplace

The Ash Heap marketplace[Dev 1] is an unmarked location in Appalachia.


Located in the hills southeast of the Hornwright testing site #02, the marketplace consists of an overturned trailer, two red sun sails, and many wooden crates, barrels and wicker baskets. Several broken display cases, one of which may hold a random laser gun, are found in the vicinity. Also a park grill holding several food items and a wicker basket behind it, that holds three lonesome caps.

A cooler and a cash register are located on opposite exterior ends of the overturned trailer, with a caps stash next to the register. Inbetween the cooler and the cash register, a radio tuned to Appalachia Radio, is located on a shelf. The overturned trailer is accessible from its southern side, it has a dead settler, a first aid box, and a lvl 3 locked safe.


  • Potential recipe - On the right side of lowest board of the shelf with the radio on it.
  • Potential weapon mod - In the leftmost side of the broken display case with the red sale sign.
  • Stealth Boy - On the ground near a wooden barrel inside the overturned trailer.


The Ash Heap marketplace appears in Fallout 76.



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