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Abandoned Shack (Fallout: New Vegas)

The Abandoned Shack is an unmarked location in the Mojave Wasteland.


The location is situated a short distance north-northwest of the Yangtze Memorial. The building is made out of an airplane fuselage piece, and the sign above the door reads as "The Hornits Nest 588."

Inside is a usable bed, a reloading bench, and a heavily irradiated sink and toilet. There is random loot scattered about the benches and the floor, has an overturned table in the middle of the room, and a fire burning in the empty barrel.


North of the Yangtze Memorial is a shack at the south end of Scorpion Gulch.Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide/Tour of the Mojave Wasteland



This location is a safe place for items to be laid out and has no unsafe boxes or crates that will delete items placed in them.


The Abandoned Shack appears in Fallout: New Vegas.