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Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge

The Strip offers many fine cocktail lounges where grieving persons may drown their sorrows.Securitron

The Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge is a location inside the Lucky 38 casino. It can only be accessed after meeting with Mr. House.


The cocktail lounge is a circular lounge with a bar near the top of the casino. It is located below the Lucky 38 penthouse. The lounge contains one of the eleven collectible Snow Globes and some miscellaneous loot. The windows provide a limited view of the Mojave Wasteland.



  • The slot machines here are not functional.
  • Despite being advertised as revolving on the sign outside, the lounge does not actually revolve in its current state.
  • As with the Lucky 38 penthouse, companions are not allowed into the cocktail lounge. If the cocktail lounge is entered, companions remain behind on the floor as though left in "wait here" mode. They must be returned to and "follow me" selected from the companion wheel to get them to follow again.
  • The cocktail lounge is not accessible if Mr. House is killed before talking to him.


Lucky 38 Cocktail Lounge appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Lucky 38 cocktail lounge is similar in appearance to the real world Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.