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Le Canard Apartments

The Le Canard Apartments is an unmarked location and pre-War business neighboring the The Thorn and the Westside South Entrance in the Mojave Wasteland.


The structure itself has fallen into disrepair and has been boarded up. Similar to neighboring Tiki Tonga Apartments and Summer Springs Boarding House, although the Courier can climb the stairs to the second floor and walk along the exterior walkways, the interior remains inaccessible.


The building's northeast corner shares a roadway intersection with the main entrance of The Thorn. Directly to the north is the Westside south entrance, with members of the Westside Militia standing guard. To the east is a playground. Several Westside residents wander around the general area of the apartment building. A few garbage cans can be looted close to The Thorn's barrel fires.

Several large makeshift barricades and sniper towers dot the western perimeter. The courtyard of the complex is utilized as a garden, with rows of planters filling a paved area directly to the south. The plants can not be harvested by the Courier. A smaller interior makeshift fence surrounds the garden, and a mailbox can be found beyond the southern fence.


The Le Canard Apartments appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.