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Greenhouse (Fallout: New Vegas)

The Greenhouses are a location inside the NCR Sharecropper Farms, located south of Freeside's East Gate in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas.


In these greenhouses, the sharecroppers cultivate and harvest various food items that are used to feed the NCR settlers and soldiers in the Mojave Wasteland, while the rest is sent back to New California Republic and the Hub.


The Greenhouse has potters lined through the building. There are doors on both sides of the building running lengthwise. There are a total of eleven Greenhouses found in the sharecropper farms area.

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PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 Playstation 3Playstation 3 Both the interior and exterior of the Greenhouses are animated, with the interiors having the tarp roofs rustling in the wind, and the exteriors having the doors from the tied up fridges swaying as well. However, due to an improperly set up animation controller, the exterior animation will only play once per load.


The Greenhouses appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.