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East Central Sewers

The East Central Sewers are a sewer system underneath the New Vegas area.


This portion of the sewers is small compared to the other sections that can be found underneath New Vegas. There is a connection to the Central Sewers in the west and there are four exits to the surface. Two north exits lead to Freeside's East Gate and northeast of NCR Sharecropper Farms. The east exit leads to a pipe east of east pump station. The south exit leads to the surface near Aerotech Office Park.

A storage room near the center of the sewer contains a Hard locked gun cabinet, which contains leveled guns and ammunition. The key for this cabinet, worn key, can be found on a Glowing One in the Central Sewers near the Multiplas Rifle and terminal.


  • A corpse named "Sweet" Jill is located in the southeast corner and contains the key, Luke's Find, one of two that can be used to open the sealed sewer that contains The Humble Cudgel. The other key is located on "Blind" Luke's body in the central sewers.
  • "Adventurer's pack," a special duffle bag - In the hallway beside "Sweet" Jill, in a dark corner next to two skeletons.


Sometimes, Max and Stacey from Freeside will run out of Freeside and enter the sewers.


The East Central Sewers appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.