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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Cut dialogue for Jake, second in command Follower of the Apocalypse


{100}{}{You see Jake of the Followers.}
{101}{}{You see a Follower of the Apocalypse.}
{102}{}{Welcome, my friend! How might I help you today?}
{103}{}{Me hep! Me hep!}
{104}{}{I heard that you are a decent fighter. Let's find out.}
{105}{}{I hear you need help. What's the problem?}
{106}{}{What can you tell me about the Followers?}
{107}{}{You want to help. I don't think you are good enough to help me out. Go talk to Neil.}
{108}{}{I would love to fight you, but I am much too busy helping Nicole right now.}
{109}{}{Figures. You looked like a wimp to me anyways.}
{110}{}{Suit yourself. Good bye.}
{111}{}{How did a wimp like you become second in command?}
{112}{}{Hey. Just because I don't want to fight doesn't mean I'm a wimp. I just don't feel like it.}
{113}{}{I was right. Just a wimp.}
{114}{}{Some of us will use our brains to get further in this world. A lot can be settled with peace and thinking.}
{115}{}{When are you going to use your brains then?}
{116}{}{You're right. I'm sorry.}
{117}{}{That's it. I'm not going to talk to you anymore.}
{118}{}{That's better. Now. I have a problem with a spy around here. Will you help me?}
{119}{}{Yes. What is it?}
{120}{}{Fix it yourself if you are so great.}
{121}{}{I just said we have a spy around here. I think it may be one of the guards that is the spy. Though it could be a scout. Those are the only two groups that have access to the Children.}
{122}{}{Okay. I'll go get your spy and eliminate the problem.}
{123}{}{Have any leads on this spy?}
{124}{}{Forget it. I won't help you.}
{125}{}{Thank you very much. Now go!}
{126}{}{Nothing really. The only things I really know about is that a lot of low level information is getting to the Children. This is not good. Heather thinks it is either Neil or Peter.}
{127}{}{Okay. I will go check on it.}
{128}{}{Forget it. I won't help you.}
{129}{}{I can't let you leave then.}
{130}{}{I will then. Good bye!}
{131}{}{We are having trouble with some of our information slipping out to the Children. I think it is a spy.}
{132}{}{Okay. So, what is the problem?}
{133}{}{Okay, I'll deal with this spy.}
{134}{}{Have any leads yet?}
{135}{}{Forget it. I won't help you.}
{136}{}{Currently, I can't tell you anything. Good day.}
{137}{}{I am trying to sleep. Don't bother me.}
{138}{}{Hurry up and find that vile scum!}
{139}{}{I knew it was Heather all along. She was deceitful from the start. I should have told everyone what I thought at first.}
{140}{}{I never did learn anything from you. Your training was useless.}
{141}{}{I have a package for you from Gabriel.}
{142}{}{Hmm. I see. Thank you.}
{143}{}{Get the hell out.}
{144}{}{It's the hard way. It's always the hard way.}