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The Vipers are a crazy bunch from up north. They worship snakes, or something.Killian Darkwater

The Vipers are a band of raiders in the Mojave Wasteland and north of Junktown in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Vipers are a gang of raiders that worship snakes.[1] They came into conflict with two fellow raider groups, The Khans, and Jackals, while also raiding the town of Shady Sands.[2] Aradesh warns the Vault Dweller about the group, describing them as raiders who are fanatically religious.[3]

In 2155, a group of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers pursued the Vipers, the leader of which, Maxson II, was grazed with a poisoned arrow and died.[4][5] The group came into conflict with the New California Republic, afterward engaging in opportunistic raiding in the Mojave Wasteland.[6][7]


The Joshua Tree-speckled mountains provide a surprising amount of cover, especially the rock-strewn washes that run east-west just south of Nelson. This is the perfect location for packs of anarchic hunters, grifters, and psychotics to wait for an opportunity to steal, kidnap, or kill. These loosely-knit Raider gangs revel in chaos and anarchy. The Jackals are no more than a handful of scarred and tattooed reprobates, scraping out a living by preying on anything weaker than them. The (slightly) more organized Viper Gang consist of a slightly more skilled collection of ne’er-do-wells, dug in close to major roads to rob and plunder travellers and Merchant Caravans. Further north, are two much more pitiful gangs, who have lost their brethren (both in violence, or by recruitment) to the Fiends; the stinking Greaser Gang who terrorize the North Vegas Sewers, and the Scorpion Gang, who fight intermittent skirmishes with Westside residents. All these Raiders have no driving purpose or goal, other than to live to see tomorrow and raise as much hell as possible today.Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide/Faction Profiles


They wear merc outfits or metal armor and utilize Grenade Rifles. They are found in camps at the Horowitz Farmstead, the Highway 95 Viper's Encampment and the Raided Farmstead, with several ambushes along major roads, like Nevada 164 out of Nipton towards Searchlight or the road that branches off north, past Ranger Station Charlie to Novac. Another camp is found southeast of hidden supply cave.



The Vipers were unused in Fallout, mentioned in Fallout 3, and appeared in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • The group is described in the Fallout Bible and in the Origins of Fallout.[Dev 1][Dev 2]
  • The Vipers' camp location in Fallout's game files (accessible by CTRL-R function) consists of three tents.
  • Jess Heinig stated that plans were made to develop a map containing the Vipers clan living in a canyon, but did not due to time constraints.[Dev 3]
  • The Vipers or Hounds of Hecate would have appeared in the canceled Fallout 3 project Van Buren.[Dev 4]



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Developer Statements
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