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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Hernandez.

{100}{}{You see a seedy-looking Mexican man with slick hair.}
{101}{}{You see Hernandez, the rascally gambler.}
{102}{}{Oye, muchacho, allow me to introduce myself. I am Hernandez,
 a man of mucho gusto! You look like you are new here. Please,
 allow me to be your informant to the casino.}
{103}{}{Can you tell me about the casino?}
{104}{}{No, thanks.}
{106}{}{But of course! This fine establishment is run by
 the famous Gizmo. A true visionary and a very wealthy
{108}{}{You say Gizmo is a visionary. What's his vision?}
{109}{}{What are the odds like on the games here?}
{110}{}{My friend, I hate to impose, but perhaps you could assist me.
 I have developed a sure-fire system, because I have discovered
 how Gizmo runs his tables, but I do not have the caps to
{111}{}{ [You get the feeling that he's trying to scam you.]}
{112}{}{Perhaps you can spare a few caps? I guarantee success.}
{113}{}{Sure, sounds good.}
{114}{}{No, thanks.}
{115}{}{I think you're lying. You're trying to scam me.}
{116}{}{Sorry, mi amigo. Hey, let me show you a neat game . . .}
{117}{}{Thank you very much, mi amigo! In a few days I shall be able
 to pay you back, with interest. My system is slow, you see,
 it requires much patience, but it will most certainly reap
 great profits!}
{118}{}{Very well, but I guarantee success! If you want to get in
 on the riches just waiting, come back soon, or I will find
 another partner!}
{119}{}{My friend, I see you are a man of much taste, as well.
 Perhaps a simple game of dice?}
{120}{}{All right!}
{121}{}{No, thanks, I'd rather try something else.}
{122}{}{Gizmo had a dream of setting up a place where people
 could meet and enjoy themselves. He had the ambition to
 make it happen. The result is the casino you see here.}
{123}{}{He gives people a chance to shrug off their cares in the
 broken world outside. And he brings money into Junktown!}
{124}{}{Sounds like a good idea.}
{125}{}{Life's hard enough. I don't trust the motives of someone
 who would encourage people to lose their money.}
{126}{}{You obviously don't share Gizmo's brilliance. This place
 is a respite from the harshness of everyday life.}
{127}{}{Well, Gizmo runs a pretty good house, although the games are,
 how shall we say, rather weighted towards the house.
 It's not like his dealers cheat, though. But unless you have
 a system, like me, you will need to be very clever.}
{130}{}{How is your system coming?}
{131}{}{Nothing, thanks.}
{132}{}{My system is developing slowly. I have living expenses
 and such, you know, but it is working!}
{133}{}{That's great!}
{134}{}{I think that you are a liar and a cheat. Where's my money?}
{135}{}{So, you think you have tumbled to me, eh? Well, you won't
 get anything from me!}

# TRANSLATION NOTE: The following two lines are identical in English, but they
# differ in foreign translations. The first line is for the case of the
# player-character masculine ("my friend" will be masculine); the second line is
# for the case of the player-character feminine ("my friend" will be feminine).

{136}{}{Buenos dias, my friend! What can I do for you today?}
{137}{}{Buenos dias, my friend! What can I do for you today?}