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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Alan (Fallout).


{100}{}{You see a member of the Followers.}
{101}{}{You see Brother Alan of the Followers.}
{102}{}{Hey, greetings and good day to you, man. What's up?}
{103}{}{Hiya. What can I do for you?}
{105}{}{Hey, greetings and good day to you, miss. What's up?}
{108}{}{I've met a few of the Followers. What exactly do you do?}
{109}{}{I'm trying to find a spy within your ranks, but I'm not having much
 luck. Can I ask you some questions?}
{110}{}{Oh, well, I mostly study philosophy and stuff. I mean, if we're going to
 bring about peace, then we need a good grounding for it, right?}
{111}{}{A worthwhile cause.}
{112}{}{The only philosophy you need is a big gun!}
{113}{}{Hmm. Okay. Well, I guess I'll talk to you later.}
{114}{}{Whoa! Hey, I don't think I can help you.}
{115}{}{Hey, it's exactly that kind of attitude that's causing all this trouble.
 Just chill out, okay?}
{116}{}{Heh. I was just kidding.}
{117}{}{Lemme give you a little peace . . . eternal peace.}
{118}{}{Uh, sure, go ahead.}
{119}{}{What else do you want to know?}
{120}{}{Have you had any contact with the Children of the Cathedral?}
{121}{}{Do you ever leave the library?}
{122}{}{Do you know of anyone who regularly goes outside?}
{123}{}{No way. I hear that they're all freaks. I wouldn't want to talk to them.}
{124}{}{No, why would I? I just like to read. And anyhow, only scouts really get
 to go anywhere.}
{125}{}{Well, just the scouts and the guards. The guards go and patrol a little bit
 once in a while. I wanted to be a guard but . . . well, I got my ass kicked in
 hand-to-hand combat, so I couldn't go. Um, the scouts, they go a lot farther,
 sometimes all the way to the Cathedral, I think.}
{126}{}{No more questions, thanks.}