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An Auto-Doc is pre-War medical technology.


Auto-Doc functionality includes regenerating health, restoring crippled limbs and performing surgeries, as well as being capable of implementing implants that enhance both physical and mental performance. Optional upgrades also allow it to mitigate fatigue and dispense medical supplies. They were installed in vaults, scavenged for parts after the war.[1]

Auto-Docs were used to create synthetic substitutes for addictive substances to be used as placebos for chem addicts before the war.[2] The technology is built with clamps and braces to secure the patient.[3] It also includes an anesthesia reservoir.[4] The Auto-Doc requires regular maintenance or it will malfunction, executing its exploratory surgery routine at random.[5]


Image Name Editor ID Form ID Ref ID Model
FO2 WorldObject Holo Generator & Auto-Doc.png Auto-Doc Auto-Doc 00157800 NA NA
MarkIXAutoDoc.png Auto-Doc NVDLC04AutoDoc
xx002C96(NVDLC04DivideWorld wilderness cell),
xx00CC9F (NVDLC04RoadHQ),
xx00CBD9 (NVDLC04DivideTempleMaint)
xx00CBD8 (NVDLC04Silo02)
xx00CBFC (NVDLC03SLMedCenterINT)
MarkIXAutoDoc.png Malfunctioning Auto-Doc NVDLC01ClinicAutoDocChristine xx011F66 xx004961 (NVDLC01ClinicMainFloor) NVDLC01_AutoDoc.nif
MarkIXAutoDoc.png Mark IX Auto-Doc NVDLC01ClinicAutoDoc xx005239
xx00496C (NVDLC01ClinicMainFloor)
MkIIIAutoDoc.png Mk I Auto-Doc MedicalClinicAutoDoc
001658B8 (NewVegasMedicalInterior)
xx00C567 (NVDLC01Suites)
xx012F85 (NVDLC01Casino)
MkIIIAutoDoc.png Mk III Auto-Doc VMS35AutoDoc
00162C04 (TheFortSummit)
00162C08 (Vault34)
MarkIXAutoDoc.png Prototype Auto-Doc NVDLC03AutoDoc xx004521 Unused Content NVDLC01_AutoDoc.nif
SinkAutoDoc.png Sink Auto-Doc NVDLC03SinkAutoDocTalker xx00E704 xx004522 NVDLC03_thesinkautodoc01.nif




  1. Courier: "Where would I find a diagnostic scanning module?"
    Caesar: "It's been said that Auto-Docs were standard equipment in the underground Vaults where mankind survived when the bombs fell centuries ago. You can search the Vaults, but every Auto-Doc my Legion has run across has been stripped for parts long before we found it. Some of my scouts did report an abandoned Vault near Nellis Air Force Base. Overrun by ghouls, they said. Maybe the infestation has been there long enough to keep scavengers out. Why don't you go and see?"
    (Caesar's dialogue)
  2. Vault City bartender: "{176}{}{The Auto-Docs within Vault City can brew synthetic substitutes for otherwise-addictive substances. As I understand it, these synthetics were used as placebos for chem addicts before the war.}"
  3. Andrew: "Let's get to it, then. I'll just hook up the ol' Doctor here...have 'em lay down, and I'll tighten the braces and secure the clamps..."
  4. Andrew: "All right, let me just bolt you into the ol' Doctor here...hope the anesthesia reservoir ain't clogged again...maybe you better bite down on this piece of brahmin hide just in case."
  5. Andrew: "Hmmph. Looks like the ol' Doctor's being stubborn again. Piece of junk...still, I was glad I was able to pop the clamps before it started the exploratory surgery routine. Maybe it'll work better next time."
  1. Orange Coloured Sky PDF p.8: "Beneath the two floors lies a near-inaccessible basement level with more medical facilities, including a proper laundry, a morgue, and a decommissioned Auto-Doc."
  2. Orange Coloured Sky PDF p.15: "The Auto-Doc can be reactivated via an INT + Repair test with a difficulty of 3 and expending 2 common materials, 2 uncommon materials, and 1 rare material. Alternatively, the PCs can enlist the help of Nurse Retch, who has a stash of the required materials among her belongings. The latter renders the AutoDoc usable within 24 hours if Nurse Retch is left to her own devices."