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Super Mutant is a general term referring to humanoid mutants created by exposing a human to a variant of the Forced Evolutionary Virus. The resulting hulking mutants typically possess exceptional strength, endurance, resistance or immunity to disease and radiation, as well as modified intelligence. Originally introduced in Fallout as a unique mutant menace led by the Master, Super Mutants have appeared in every game since, in several varieties and playing a variety of roles.


Fallout 1 and 2

Marcus, a Super Mutant in Fallout 2
Super Mutants about to transform a human using FEV in Fallout

Super Mutants were created by way of the Forced Evolutionary Virus[1], beginning at West Tek, mutating from humans.[2] In January 7, 2077, FEV research was transferred to the Mariposa Military Base,[2] to continue under the lead of Leon Von Felden and Robert Anderson. Vats of the virus were prepared as a basis for further development and Human experimentation, with a near 100% success rate on lab animals, granting an approximately 60% increase in size and potential 200% intelligence increase.[3][4]

Fallout Tactics

Super Mutants were created by the Master 40 years ago, are generally strong but stupid, and because of their bulk they cannot wear human armor or use small weapons. They are being led by Gammorin, have attacked local settlements and will not let the Brotherhood of Steel have the technology they search for.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Attis in Brotherhood of Steel

A Super Mutant general named Attis hoped to use the research and FEV samples remaining to cure his own sterility and allow Super Mutants to breed and become the new dominant species on the planet, following in his Master's footsteps. In order to find the samples, Attis and Super Mutants|his army broke into the Vault-Tec Corporate Vault.

Attis and his Super Mutants were defeated by the cooperation of Patty and the Initiate who blew up the city of Los, concluding the Brotherhood-Attis War with Rhombus being a key figure in their defeat as well.

Fallout 3

Uncle Leo in Fallout 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Neil, a Super Mutant in New Vegas

A group of Super Mutants, led by Marcus, founded a settlement at Black Mountain using the radiation at the site as a natural deterrent to humans.[5] However, a rift gradually developed between him and Tabitha, a Nightkin officer from Unity. When Rhonda, her robot companion, broke down, her mental condition deteriorated.[6][7] She gradually began to ignore his leadership.[8] Two years later, things came to an end. With no prospects for cooperation and clashes between Nightkin and first-generation mutants becoming more and more commonplace, Marcus left Black Mountain to establish Jacobstown.[9][10]

Jacobstown became a haven for first-generation Super Mutants with a significant Nightkin population led by Davison and Keene, enticed by the research and development efforts of Doctor Henry, working on a cure for Nightkin mental illnesses caused by their Stealth Boy use. Davison's group of Nightkin eventually left Jacobstown and attacked the Bright Brotherhood in their quest to find Stealth Boys.

Black Mountain became the center of State of Utobitha, home to a very hostile group of Nightkin and second-generation Super Mutants under the command of Tabitha.[11] They harassed travelers and merchants on the I-15 for supplies and food. Although the victims reported the matter to the NCR Rangers, they were unable to divert men and resources to take care of the problem.[12] Some mutants elsewhere were subject to attack, capture and torture.[13] Some politicians even began campaigning on an anti-mutant platform to gain votes.[14][15]

Fallout 4

A Super Mutant in Fallout 4

These mutants were created by the Institute using exposure to the Forced Evolutionary Virus. They are large, muscle-bound creatures with innate immunity to radiation and disease. They are most frequently encountered in central Boston, and can also be found in Fallon's Department Store, Fort Strong, Trinity Tower, Revere satellite array, Big John's Salvage, The Gwinnett Restaurant and several other locations throughout the Commonwealth, most of which can be identified by hanging meat bags, twisted girders protruding out of the ground, cages and gory waste piles.[16]

In Far Harbor, a group of Super Mutants have traveled to the Island and are located in the Vim! Pop factory, National Park HQ and Aldersea Day Spa. In Nuka-World, small bands of mutants can occasionally be found roaming the plains and foothills surrounding the amusement park. They consider themselves the superior race of the Commonwealth.[17][Pub 1][Pub 2] They express an interest in locating FEV, or "green stuff," to produce more mutants.

Super Mutant Behemoth

A Super Mutant Behemoth in Fallout 4

They attack by tossing boulders at distant enemies, and they use massive fire hydrant bats as weapons.[Pub 3]

Fallout 76

Grahm, a Super Mutant merchant in Fallout 76

The Appalachia Super Mutants were created shortly before the Great War, when the local West Tek facility contaminated the river water that ran through Huntersville with a unique strain of FEV as part of an experiment.[18]

The Super Mutants of Huntersville are similar to those of Mariposa and the Institute: they have green skin, highly developed musculature, and they are smart enough to build improvised armor from waste or scrap. Although they do not use large fortifications like the Vault 87 or the Institute strain Super Mutants, they can occasionally build small fortresses or take entire buildings. Like Vault 87 and Institute Super Mutants, Huntersville Super Mutants can develop into Behemoths, which can be seen guarding their main bases. The majority of the Super Mutants will attack the player character, but some Super Mutants like Grahm are friendly and will even trade with humans.

They possess superhuman strength, allowing them to inflict serious damage with melee weapons. Super Mutants are carnivorous and hunt all kinds of creatures and animals, including humans, Scorched and large predators, to devour them or stock their meat to build up reserves. Many bags of meat are strewn about in the fortifications of Super Mutants or carried in their inventory. Despite the nature of FEV and its origins as the Pan-Immunity Virion Project, Huntersville Super Mutant Behemoths are susceptible to the Scorched Plague.

A Super Mutant attack was mounted on Fort Atlas,[19] and demonstrating threatening attributes to the recently-arrived Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force,[20] who were unfamiliar with them before their arrival.[21]

Fallout Shelter and Fallout Shelter Online

Super Mutants also appear in Fallout Shelter.[22]

Behind the scenes

  • Spelling variations exist including Super Mutants, Super-mutant, Supermutant and Mutants. Some mutants encountered near Mariposa Military Base in Fallout 2 are called "super duper mutants."



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