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Vree's autopsy report

This holotape has been updated with medical evidence from Vree of the BoS. It can be used to transfer the data to your PIPBoy.

Vree's autopsy report is a holodisk found in Fallout.


Obtained from Vree through dialogue in the Lost Hills bunker. The Vault Dweller must have at least 7 Intelligence to open up the dialogue option to receive the disk.



Initial Observations

This is truly amazing. Some of the Knights on a patrolling expedition came across an unusual creature. This creature appears to be humanoid, and quite possibly was once of a human state. However, there are many differences in the structure of this creature than that of normal humans.

In the initial investigation of this creature, it is discovered to have a cellular structure akin to that of humans. Before any possible decomposition can take place, I am taking down the statistics of this subject.

Statistics of Subject A

Height: 3.2 meters
Mass: 363.21 kg
Gender: Indeterminate
Skin Color: Predominantly gray with tints of green under the current lighting system.
Uncertain if this is due to decay or exposure in the wastelands.
Note: The skin is extremely tough with respect to scalpels.

Mass Breakdown:

Muscle Mass: 77.41%
Bone Mass: 10.23%
Fat Mass: 3.02%
Tissue Mass: 9.34%

Cellular Structure:
Cells undergo cellular division at an increased rate.
Mitosis occurs at a rate 15% quicker than that of normal humans.
Cellular structure appears to be highly similar to humans.
Genetic structure shows a strong correlation between the subject and Homo sapiens. Possible a mutation from the nuclear and biochemical agents remnant from the war.
DNA strands appear to be very complete. All recessive genes for ailments appear to have been eradicated from the system.
The RNA strands also appear to have been manipulated to allow for a greater transmission of signals.

Initial Hypothesis

Based on the increased size of the neural transmitters and synaptic receivers, I would hypothesize the subject had acute reflexes and heightened senses. Based on the reports the Knights gave of the area in which the subject was discovered, barren, high radiation, extremely high concentrations of chemical agents, it is a wonder the subject survived as long as it did. Performing tests to determine possible cause of death.

Results from tests conducted upon Subject A

Visual Inspection:
Black powder burns near the area suggest possible bullet. 1.2 cm lacerations upon the calf of the right leg appear to have been made by teeth. Will conduct test for possible Rabies. Skin dried out and flaking. Possible exposure.

Test Results:

Radiation Count: 12 rads.
Rabies test: Clean.
Hydrochloric Gas: Clean
Chlorine Level: .07%
Sulfuric Content: .02%
Phase Shifting Virus: Clean
Gamma Cyclotronic Virus: Clean
Forced Evolutionary Virus II: Severe overdose


Based on my observations, I would hypothesize that the test subject has been killed in a severe fight of at least two people and three animals the size of dogs. What is truly astonishing is the extent of viral infection in the subject. I had read once that some pre-war scientists were conducting experiments with such a virus, but all of the research notes were destroyed.

Research into this virus has lead to many interesting discoveries. The test subject has gained many of its mutations from the overdose of the virus. This would account for the enhanced muscle and bone structure. Additionally, the recessive genes which are commonly found in humans have been manipulated in such a way as to bring about the best possible combination. While the process by which this happens is uncertain, it does have some severe side effects. Chief among them is sterility. The test subject would have been unable to reproduce with any creature, whether clean or mutated. Other side effects include an alteration of pigment of the epidermis. The life expectancy is increased by 10%. Intellect is decreased by this strain by 30%.


Based on this information, I would extrapolate that we could simply outlive these mutants. However, based on the fact that these mutants have a super high concentration of the virus, it stands to reason that there could be some place which is creating them. As to where they could be, I cannot hazard a guess.


  • The item description in inventory is "Vree's Experiment Disk", and the entry title in Pip-Boy 2000 is "Vree's Experiment Tape."
  • Having this holodisk in possession negates the need for Speech checks when convincing the Master that his plan to turning everyone into mutants isn't sustainable.

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