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Soto was a soldier in the United States Army stationed at the Mariposa Military Base before the Great War.


In 2077, the soldiers of Mariposa chose to desert the Army following their discovery of the base's human experimentation. On October 27, four days after the Great War, these soldiers left the base. While most followed Captain Roger Maxson to Lost Hills in a journey known as the Exodus, Soto and a few others chose to split from the main group and follow Sergeant D. Allen.[1]

Twenty days later, the group arrived at the West Tek research facility, now a large crater known as the Glow. The group entered the ruins and explored, until Jensen accidentally triggered the security system on the third level. Most of the group were killed in the resulting chaos and Soto lost one of his arms. He was able to regroup with Sergeant Allen and Camarillo on the first level.[2]


Soto is mentioned only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

In the Fallout Bible, it is claimed that Soto and company left the Brotherhood in 2134, despite Cabbot stating it occurred in 2077.


  1. Cabbot: "Oh, well, in the Exodus, the Brotherhood split into two groups. The group that broke away robbed the others of some of the weapons an-and went southwest. About ten years ago, we sent out knights to look for them, but all they found was ruins. No one knows what happened."
  2. Ancient Brotherhood disk