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A list of referenced events that occurred in 2077.



2077The Mariposa Military Base is built in central California to conduct Forced Evolutionary Virus research.Fallout[1]
2077 Jan 11Anchorage, Alaska is liberated from the Chinese.Fallout 76[2]
2077 Jan 28Following the end of the Anchorage conflict, DEFCON is lowered to 3.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Feb 16The testing of the ARCHIMEDES weapons system is successful.New Vegas[4]
2077 Apr 2John-Caleb Bradberton undergoes a surgical procedure to have his head transplanted into the LEAP-X system, sustaining his life indefinitely.Fallout 4[5]
2077 May 2Quinton Geesey publishes an opinion editorial praising the full automation of Grafton Dam and urges Grafton citizens to cease protesting the widespread automation of their jobs.Fallout 76[6]
2077 Jun 4A bomb is defused successfully near a Berkeley Springs highway, thwarting the "Appalachian Assassin."Fallout 76[7]
2077 Jun 28The after-party for the eighth season of the Mistress of Mystery is held in Los Angeles, attended by the staff and actors.Fallout 76[8]
2077 Jul 4Lake Quannapowitt contaminated lake water causes a medical crisis at a fishing tournament and is closed to the public.Fallout 4[9]
2077 Aug 27Miners strike outside Garrahan Estate, protesting their working conditions.Fallout 76[10]
2077 Sep 28An attempted robbery of New Appalachia Bank at the New Appalachian Central Trainyard ends in an explosion that collapses the bank building.Fallout 76[11]
2077 SepFree States leaders Raleigh Clay and Sam Blackwell retreat to their bunkers in the Mire after seceding from the United States.Fallout 76[12]
2077 Oct 3Automation Riots begin in Appalachia and Governor Evans calls in the National Guard.Fallout 76[13]
2077 Oct 18The United States Army sends a letter to SLCT. James Oberlin to inform him of the closure of the ATLAS Program.Fallout 76[14]
2077 Oct 18Hornwright Industrial wins in the "Man vs. Machine" competition against the Garrahan Mining Company illegitimately.Fallout 76[15]
2077 Oct 21Vault-Tec staff at Vault 94 receive the decryption keys to unseal their new orders for the vault.Fallout 76[16]
2077 Oct 22Invading United States forces push Chinese military back to Beijing.Fallout 2[17]
2077 Oct 22Scott Turner sabotages Watoga's automated emergency service protocols as part of Operation Free Watoga, turning the robots hostile and triggering a mass evacuation.Fallout 76[18][19]
2077 Oct 22The Platinum Chip is printed in Sunnyvale, California.New Vegas[20]
2077 Oct 23A Halloween costume contest was scheduled to take place at Freddy Fear's House of Scares.Fallout 3[21]
2077 Oct 23, 12:03 AMCOMPACFLT reports three USOs off of the California coast and asks the Joint Chiefs to advise.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Oct 23, 3:37 AMThe United States Air Force detects a squadron of airplanes at high altitudes above the Bering Strait.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Oct 23Students from the Early Dawn Elementary school attend a field trip at Lamplight Caverns.Fallout 3[22]

Great War

2077 Oct 23, 9:13 AMIONDS reports four probable nuclear launches and DEFCON is raised to 2.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Oct 23, 9:17 AMNORAD confirms the launch of nuclear weapons and DEFCON is raised to 1.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Oct 23, 9:26 AMDIA at the Switchboard reports the authenticated order for Response Scenario MX-CN91.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Oct 23, 9:42 AMThe Switchboard confirms nuclear strikes in Pennsylvania and New York.Fallout 4[3]
2077 Oct 23Confirmed nuclear detonations in Pennsylvania and New York are broadcasted nationwide.Fallout 4[23][24]
2077 Oct 23Sanctuary Hills and Concord residents flee to Vault 111 and Boston is hit with nuclear weapons.Fallout 4[25][26]
2077 Oct 23Pilots of Skylanes Flight 1981 and Skylanes Flight 1665 witness the nuclear detonations and make crash landings.Fallout 4[25][26][27]
2077 Oct 23Salt Lake City is struck by thirteen nuclear bombs.New Vegas[28]
2077 Oct 23Robert House's defenses stop 68 of the 77 nuclear bombs launched at Las Vegas, preventing direct strikes in the city.New Vegas[29][30]
2077 Oct 23, 9:47 AMThe National Isolated Radio Array experiences power fluctuations from nuclear detonations and records the event as an error.Fallout 76[31]
2077 Oct 23, 9:47 AMThe Switchboard monitoring stations go offline.Fallout 4[3]


2077 Oct 27Captain Maxson leaves Mariposa, leading his group to the government bunker at Lost Hills.Fallout 2[32]
2077 Nov 4Taggerdy's Thunder sets out to Camp Venture.Fallout 76[33]
2077 WinterCharleston survivors experience a difficult winter.Fallout 76[34]


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