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The Midwest is a region in the former United States.


John Cassidy mentions that the Midwest is a "big ol' radioactive dustbowl now" with "twisters miles wide."[1] Brotherhood Soldiers state that an Airship crash landed somewhere in the Midwest, and that the wreckage is still there.[2]

A license plate on the side of ED-E reads Great Midwest. Sunset Sarsaparilla Company sold their product in the Midwest, noted on a pie chart in the Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters.

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The Midwest is mentioned in Fallout Tactics, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4,

Behind the scenes

The location was planned to appear in Van Buren, with design documents describing food shortages in the Midwest and Mexico resulting in food rationing and riots.[Doc 1][Doc 2]



  1. John Cassidy: "I hear they got twisters miles wide in the Midwest. It's a big ol' radioactive dustbowl now."
  2. Brotherhood Soldier 1:"I still can't believe I was posted to the Prydwen. I mean, look at her... she's one of a kind."
    Brotherhood Soldier 2: "Actually, the Brotherhood of Steel had a whole fleet of these things at one time. They weren't as advanced as the Prydwen, mind you... but seeing them fill the sky must have been an impressive sight."
    Brotherhood Soldier 1: "Are you kidding me? What happened to them?"
    Brotherhood Soldier 2: "Not sure, really. Most of them were destroyed fighting Super Mutants or scuttled for parts. I think one of them crash landed somewhere in the Midwest. I heard that the wreckage is still there."
    Brotherhood Soldier 1: "Wow... I had no idea."
    (Brotherhood Soldier (Fallout 4)/Dialogue)
Design Documents
  1. Denver design document p. 6: "When Mexico and the Midwest started to suffer food shortages, Denver was hit hard because of its high population. Food rationing began."
  2. Denver design document p. 8: "Midwest USA and Mexico start having food shortages and can't supply Denver with the food it needs. Food riots occur. National Guard called in."