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Denver design document

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The Denver design document for the Van Buren project (Black Isle's canceled Fallout 3) was leaked to No Mutants Allowed. It was written by Chris Avellone and Sean K. Reynolds and is a complete description of all places, characters and quests in the location "Denver".


The following is a transcript, please do not edit the contents.


  • Chad would like scripting specific text in these documents to be in a different font (lucida sans Unicode - like in FR6). This wouldn't be for descriptive text, but for very specific actions that scripts must do. For example, "When the player examines the pile of junk, SetGlobal( "abc", 1 )." It helps to set the text apart. If you'd prefer a different text or highlight color, that's fine too. Just something that says, "this is technical shiz."


Denver is a pre-War city that was being rebuilt when the War started; prisoners on work release salvage what they can from the city while evading huge packs of hungry dogs that roam the streets.

The city consists of 3-4 large maps, with 10-15 smaller maps or floorplans (covering various buildings and high-rise floors). The salvagers are about 20 NCR former prisoners on a special work release program, salvaging stuff for NCR in exchange for their eventual freedom. The dogs are the now-feral descendents of local pets and specially-bred police dogs. Rats, giant cockroaches, mutant bats, and climbing lizards are common hazards, as well as robot police dogs sent to enforce the "quarantine" on the PC.

The salvagers were forced out of their original camp by the dogs and now are struggling to get by in their new, temporary camp. Tensions are high because the dog threat is constant, they've heard nothing from NCR in quite some time, and basically the only thing for them to eat is dog meat. There's also a rival group of salvages trying to steal claims, and a mysterious group of military guys here as well. The salvagers live in the partially-constructed buildings of Denver, several stories up and clear of the dogs (who can't climb).

Special Art Need: We're going to need to deal with the skyscraper-ness of the city with skyboxing and fog effects in order to handle the horizon.

Denver has its own world map, from which you can access multiple local maps. In addition to the areas below, it can also be flagged with the claim areas of the various salvagers (so you know if you're in another salvager's territory and thus shouldn't take things, or if you can take stuff because it's free for the taking).

The area is composed of 11 primary maps and 11 child maps of those maps, plus random blasted city maps.

Map area Transition Map name Map size Description
Old Salvager Camp   0201_Old_Salvager_Camp Medium Blasted City
Old Salvager Camp 2nd   020101_Old_Camp_2nd    
New Salvager Camp   0202_New_Salvager_Camp Medium Blasted City
New Salvager Camp 2nd   020201_New_Camp_2nd    
Union Station   0203_Union_Station Medium Blasted City
Police HQ   0204_Police_City_Hall_Mint Large Blasted City
Police Basement   020401_Police_Basement    
Police 2nd   020402_Police_2nd    
Police Chief's Fallout Shelter   0205_Chiefs_Fallout_Shelter Med Fallout Shelter
Bombay Jack's Canyon   0206_Bombay_Jacks_Canyon Small Blasted City
Bombay 2nd   020601_Bombay_Jacks_2nd    
The Box   0207_The_Box Medium Robot Factory
Box 2nd   020702_The_Box_2nd    
Box 3rd   020703_The_Box_3rd    
Box 4th   020704_The_Box_4th    
Caesar's Legion Camp   0208_Caesars_Legion_Camp Medium Blasted City
Caesar's 2nd   020801_Caesars_Legion_2nd    
Caesar's 3rd   020802_Caesars_Legion_3rd    
Lowry Hospital/City Park   0209_Hospital_Park Large Blasted City/Park
Lowry 2nd   0209_Hospital_Park_2nd    
Boardwalk Brewery   0211_Boardwalk_Brewery Medium Blasted City
Rival Salvager Camp   0212_Rival_Salvager_Camp Medium Blasted City
Random city maps   Large Blasted City

Old Salvager Camp (Medium Map): This is in the western part of the city. Some structures built under a freeway overpass, surrounded by walls of chain link fence and stacked tires.

New Salvager Camp (Medium Map): Two fortified buildings. The salvagers live in the upper floors, connected by a catwalk. The ground floor is surrounded by chainlink fence.

Union Station (Medium Map): A station building, sets of train tracks, a road, and some blasted buildings nearby.

Police HQ/Mint/City Hall (Med): Three multistory buildings with a park nearby and some ruined buildings, too.

Bombay Jack's Canyon (Small): A multistory building surrounded by open lots and rubble. Heavily trapped with explosives.

The Box (Medium): Fortified robot factory within the shell of a normal factory. Surrounded by ruins.

Caesar's Legion Camp (Med): An old roadside hotel (like a Motel 6), just off the freeway. Building, parking lot, safety ditch, freeway.

Lowry Hospital/City Park (Large): Multilevel hospital adjacent to a park. Has a large parking area.

Washington Park (Large): A large park with two small lakes, overrun with dogs.

Boardwalk Brewing (Small): A small brew pub/restaurant (a la Rock Bottom), with some ruined buildings nearby.

Rival Salvager Camp (Med): A partially-ruined but well-fortified building surrounded by rubble and ruins.

Random City Maps (Med): Various ground and skyscraper-levels of buildings, some more complete than others.

South Denver (Medium Map): This is the southern part of the city. Cherry Creek (from the Lodo map) continues here. Has a small park (more dogs!), short buildings, medium buildings, and some skyscrapers.

Police Chief's Fallout Shelter (Small Map): This is a secret location. You have to find records of the shelter elsewhere in Denver before you can find this travel trigger (unless you're really lucky, in which case you can stumble upon it). Has a stash of weapons and supplies.

Map Flowchart for Denver

Note: This Denver map is actually a smaller "world map" of Denver. There will actually be smaller areas maps within each of these regions (a couple or more city blocks) that you can actually walk on that have set geomety, and going outside of those areas will just drop you into random maps of ruined cities with random encounters, just like wandering into a ruined city in FO or FO2.

VB DD02 map Denver flowchart.jpg

Area Background

Game Tie-In: Denver is a place that is rich in resources, they're just hard to acquire. There's a lot of looting to be done but it's spread over much of the town, other people have claims on parts of it, and vicious dogs are everywhere so it's not safe.

Story/Plot Foreshadowing: Denver is also the location of an outbreak of the New Plague in the War era, so the PC can find some clues about plague, its spread, and what was done to contain it (not the BOMB at this point, just standard quarantine).

History: Denver is a wreck. It was in the middle of a building boom shortly before the war, as many new jobs were opening there are the city was swollen to bursting. Most of the construction was housing for these immigrants. When the war with China started, resource rationing occurred and suddenly the construction workers didn't have anything to build with and weren't getting paid. Union riots and strikes occurred because the city couldn't pay and the federal government wouldn't step in to help. When Mexico and the Midwest started to suffer food shortages [FYI, I will be breaking up the pre-war U.S. into its thirteen distinct "zones". One of these zones is the Great Midwest Commonwealth, which was responsible for the majority of pre-war agriculture across the country. However, the U.S. as portrayed in my fakey history will be slightly more economically libertarian, so it's conceivable that the GMC actually had food to trade, but was being stingy with it/jacking up prices in the southwest. – Josh], Denver was hit hard because of its high population. Food rationing began. Food riots started because of the rationing, and some buildings were set on fire. The National Guard was called in to contain the rioting, using InstaPens (aka "bullpens") to contain and imprison rioters. Some people deliberately attacked police and National Guard troops so they would be imprisoned and fed. Rioters, National Guard personnel who disobeyed orders, and other military folk who refused to help contain the riots were sent west and east. Then an outbreak of the New Plague hit the city. Rioters burned down large parts of the city in their fear of contamination and anger at their treatment. Many panicked and fled the city by car, clogging the freeways when they ran out of gas and trapping everyone behind them. And then the bombs fell, destroying some of what was left and killing everyone who had managed to live through everything else.

Post-War, Denver has been abandoned by civilized folk, mainly because of lingering radiation (which is gone by the time FO3 starts) and huge packs of wild dogs that have taken over the town. Small groups of scavengers have holed up here from time to time or tried to loot some of the buildings but it has never been a concerted effort until now. Recently a bunch of work-release NCR prisoners have come here to salvage stuff as a way to buy off their sentences, and some slavers from Caesar's Legion are waiting out the midwest's seasonal huge radioactive duststorms keeping them from getting home. And there's another gang of salvagers that have moved in and have been raiding claims from the NCR salvagers.

Critical Path:

PC visits area

meets with NCR salvagers

explores the area

deals with the dogs

gets some loot

finds out about the plague outbreak

finds out about Boulder

makes a foray into Boulder

finds out about Presper/NCR expatriates/sleeping scientists

uses Denver as a source of supplies for later stuff in the game (building a rail, using the salvagers as workers in New Canaan, etc.)

Economy: The salvages have a lot of supplies to trade. If they get the brewery up & running they'll have beer, too. They desperately need some variety in their food, and could use some good medical upkeep too. They'd be happy to trade their stockpiled supplies (or sell claims in the city) for nonperishable food and medical supplies or the services of a medic or doctor.

Relationships with other Communities: The salvagers are prisoners from NCR on work-release, and they were treated badly by the administration while in prison, so they're not too friendly to NCR and thus not likely to befriend the folks at Hoover Dam. They don't care one way or the other about the tribals, though the Hangdogs (of the Blackfoots) would be happy to come here and trade for some dogs (which the salvagers would be happy to do, since to them the dogs are pests at best and dangerous predators at worst). They could strike up a deal with the BOS as long as they didn't try to claim any cool tech for themselves. They're used to work and would probably get along fine with the people of New Canaan as long as they were treated well. They could also move to Fort Abandon with their loot and set themselves up as rich folks there, which would strengthen FA but leave Denver open to others. The timing of this will need to be careful, as the arrival of the NCR soldiers will screw them up.

Notes on the Salvagers:

The scavengers in Denver are like a tribe of blue-collar workers, working 40, 50, 60 hours a week for little or no reward, desperately trying to crank out a life for themselves and their families back West. It's like a blue-collar colony, and everything in the camp is designed to reinforce this, including the bus that takes them to and from their claims.

They may have only 2-3 really good Mechanics, and the rest are just good builders, scavengers, demolishers, and laborers. And there may not be a good electrician among them (except for Wagner, and he's not very good).

Make sure the PC knows why the salvagers stay. They're not really skilled, most of them are just laborers, so it's not like they can go anywhere else and make a good living for themselves. Plus, they've been here for 2 years or more and have a financial investment in what they've been doing. To leave now means throwing away 2 years of their lives and two years of work.

Salvagers get their power from various confiscated generators. They get water from underground tanks, and from the river through Denver, run through several filters, and even boiled with various purification tablets. Even though they are sick of dog, the dogs in Denver are a ready source of food. The scavengers in Denver have to make do with dog meat (of which there is plenty, but cook it well) and canned food, if they can find it (which is rarer than they thought). As for trading, the salvagers used to trade with no one until Galenski and his truck made his way south and struck a deal with them.

The Denver salvagers haven't seen a woman in a very long time, so any females that show up are going to have some trouble. Porter may even assign a guard to watch over the female, maybe Jimmy, since no one in their right mind would fight him, and he might as well not have a dick.

Some salvager sites have a stash of ammo and supplies in case they get trapped there – and one salvager gives up the location of some of them in exchange for info.

The Denver scavengers talk about what the best buildings to scavenge are – hotels aren't worth shit, but hospitals and some office buildings with high computer connections are great. The following areas are gold mines: post office, construction building, manufacturing building, police station, gun stores, sporting good stores.

It's impolite to talk about past crimes or inquire too deeply into a character's history in Denver. And you really can't do without a high Speech skill. (Same as in Black Canyon itself.)

Salvagers do not like to be called scavengers – that's what ghouls are, they're parasites; we're doing good work here. Calling someone a "scav" is fighting words in the camp. "Digger" as an acceptable term.

"Building Crawling." As a joke, might want the scavengers to say that "we're doing a basement crawl, a subway crawl, a skyscraper crawl," basically scav talk for a "dungeon crawl."

Slang: When solidifying a deal, they may say, "Will you guarantee it?" (Which reinforces the idea of "claims" in Denver)

They often call Denver "Dog Town"

What happened at the old campsite? "Well, one moment, we'd just gotten off our shifts, when suddenly, there were dogs all over the 25 tier of the campsite. They were fucking insane - we must have shot dozens of them, but they didn't stop to tear up their own dead, like they usually do. So we had to ditch the crane and the generator. We lost one of our crew getting out (Dogbody), figure he's dog food, and a bunch of us took some nasty wounds - Jimmy patched us up. Thing is, even after we fled, they kept coming, and coming, some of them even jumped off the freeway to get after us, and they ain't never been that rabid. We lit the tires on fire, threw grenades, and nothing fucking scared them off. Now, we're just holed up here."

What do you know about Boulder? "We didn't even know there was anyone at Boulder until a couple of months back, when Jimmy T came rolling and was dumped off by Galenski. No idea what he done up there. Galenski told us that we wouldn't be welcome in Boulder. Boulder claims it's a genetic free zone, and the people there are really antsy about anyone who's been spending time in Denver... says we're all diseased. They've agreed to trade with us, but they've threatened to shoot any scavenger who shows up within the borders... so for now, we just let things lie. As long as the shipments keep coming, no worries. What do you know about Galenski? He somehow got a huge truck working, so we're able to send him supplies of material north in exchange for some new food, medical supplies, and other shit we need to survive."


Many new jobs in Denver for industrial and scientific work.

Building boom in Denver to make offices, labs, and housing

War with China begins. Resource rationing occurs in Denver, and riots happen because of that.

Midwest USA and Mexico start having food shortages and can't supply Denver with the food it needs. Food riots occur. National Guard called in.

Plague outbreak in Denver. Massive fires.

The War. A bomb ravages Denver.

-5 years: Back in the West, "the 370 Raid" occurs. Foreman Porter's group try to rob the NCR Storehouse and Bank to sieze the payroll to pay his men. They were caught by NCR and ended up "blowing" the vault and totally ruining the future ability to settle the payment problems in the area (exact circumstances are unknown, Porter's group didn't actually steal the money, but it's gone nonetheless). Captured, sold out by Spineless Stan Lowery (a man in the 370 team who didn't participate in the raid because he was afraid they'd be killed trying). Porter still feels guilty about his role in the collapse of the eastern part of NCR, since his actions blew any chance of the economy stabilizing. Porter and his gang arrested and imprisoned in Black Canyon.

-4 years: Member's from Porter's team escape many times, though there's nowhere to run and they are caught or surrender. At least once escape was planned by NCR Lt. Gov Dodge (Dodge hoped that Porter will loop back to pick up the money from the blown vault, but the escape he arranged only resulted in the 308th getting free, not the 370th, and since Porter didn't steal the vault money anyway he wouldn't know where to find it).

-3 years: Porter's gang (the 370th) and the 308th put on work-release to Denver. The work-release also made more room in the prison for some more dangerous prisoners, as the place was getting overcrowded. The prisoners travel with hobos, dodge tribals, lose about half their numbers (from clashes with slavers, tribals, radscorpions, and other monsters), and finally....

-2 years, 1 month: Porter's gang reaches Denver. Goals: Once there, they were to see about scavenging as many building supplies as possible, establishing a track outpost, and pave the way for NCR occupation. They make camp.

-2 years: Dogs overrun the old camp.

-5 weeks: glowing ghouls start wandering in from Boulder

-3 weeks: Subgroup discovers the Box and plan to sieze it for themselves.

-2 weeks: In response some comments from Hardin, Bombay Jack flips out and goes off on his own, seizing a nearby claim and guarding it with explosives.

PC arrives in Denver.

Emotional Porn


Tensions between the salvager "factions," the mysterious rival group of salvagers, the Caesar's legion guys, and the small military group that went north to Boulder.

The play can try to end the growing schism between the salvagers, or split them further apart.

These guys have been screwed by NCR and were punished for trying to do something (illegal) about it. You can help them out (and hurt NCR) or treat them like criminals (yet you're a former prisoner yourself, are you just perpetuating a criminal stereotype?

There's the rival gang of salvagers, more likely to kill you than to talk to you. What's their beef?

The guys from Caesar's legion are a mystery. What are they up to? If you're allied with the Blackfoots you have an in with them, but they mainly want to keep away from the "primitives and assholes" who live in this part of the continent. You can find out a little bit about them and get some hints about the direction of the next game in the series.

The frequent use of radios by the salvagers mean that radio communication and updates are pretty common. You might even be able to do dialogues over the radio. However, ARGOS sends updates to ODYSSEUS via radio, so if ARGOS is nearby you'll hear an occasional thrumming (like the space signal in Contact) that gets louder the closer he gets to you.

The damn dogs, they're everywhere. And then you meet the cyberdogs. If you're lucky, you can reprogram them (such as to drive the other dogs out of the city). If not, fight or run. They're the toughest things in this city and they've been reprogrammed to use lethal force to stop you, Mr. Prisoner. The PC should see the cyberdogs as the smart super-mutants of the dog world, a smaller-scale but similar threat as ARGOS.

Then there's Bombay Jack, who's crazy but not an evil guy. As long as you leave him alone, he'll probably leave you alone.

Then there's Dogbody, who's confused and sides with the dogs. Anyone who hurts the dogs is going to have a human-intelligence creature plotting revenge against them.

And there's always the chance that you'll run into some of Presper's flunkies from Boulder who have their own agenda in Denver. If they feel the PC is getting in the way, they might actually use a radio to call ARGOS to their current location, then flee, leaving the PC to either fight ARGOS or flee as well.

NPC Ally Drama

Bringing a female human to Denver will make the salvagers go crazy, as they haven't been around a woman in quite some time. A female ally of the PC willing to spend some intimate time with the salvagers would earn the PC a lot of brownie points.

A super mutant ally might be able to make friends with Jimmy T.

The salvagers have a low opinion of NCR folks and wouldn't react well to any obviously-NCR NPC.

Salvagers might want to buy a robot NPC to salvage it for parts (or, if it had combat capability, use it to guard them and their camp from dogs), or simply steal it from the PC and scrap it for parts.

Bringing a ghoul to Denver may make the salvagers suspicious that he's about to turn into a glowing ghoul, or is allied with them (since glowing ghouls have been migrating in from the north recently). It took them a while to trust Wagner (the only ghoul in the group) and if the PC can get Wagner to vouch for them the rest will grudgingly accept him (as much as they accept any outsider).

Bringing Arcade Gannon (an Enclave Guy guy who's been hanging out with the FoA in Hoover, and thus comes of as an NCR associate) with you makes the salvagers really suspicious.

Measles will question Wagner about what he's been up to, since Willem sent Wagner out here to see what's going on and Wagner didn't report back.

Other Role-Playing Tests and Epithets

Claim Jumper: Much of the city is marked off in various claims belonging to the salvagers. If you wander into another salvager's claim and take stuff, you're a claim jumper. Plus they'll be pissed at you.

Ties to Overall Game Themes

Civilization vs. Anarchy: Denver is a remnant of the old civilization. The salvagers are a remnant of NCR, the new (but dying) civilization. By sifting through the refuse of the past, the salvagers are helping maintain the present civilization, though in the end their efforts are doomed.

Optimism vs Pessimism vs Pragmatism: How can you have a positive outlook amid such horror - or is the solution simply to be practical at all times?


The Locations section of the document will probably be a series of entries, each one describing each location within the area. Designers will determine what format and procedure works best for them. Each location section should probably cover the following information, however:

Old Camp

The Old Camp is ... the old camp of the NCR salvagers before they were driven out by a huge dog attack. Built under and around the freeway, it has limited access unless you can climb. It contains a lot of the salvagers' stuff, particularly their generator, which they could really use in the new camp.


Tileset: City, sewer

Special Scenery Objects: Freeways, big crane, chain-link fences, InstaPens

VB DD02 map Old Salvager Camp 1.jpg VB DD02 map Old Salvager Camp 2.jpg VB DD02 map Old Salvager Camp 3.jpg

New Camp/Klax1

This is the new camp of the NCR salvagers. It's a multistory building, surrounded with a fence of burning/burnable tires, and some gate guards. They're holed up here with what they have and could use some help. This is where you find most of the NCR salvagers.


[I have layered Photoshop maps of this area that are probably easier to read than this version imported into Word. Just contact me (Sean) if you need 'em.]

Tileset: City, sewer

Special Scenery Objects: chain link fence/Instapen, building-mounted klaxon horn, yellow bus (dynamic object), aquarium, potted plants, rooftop radio tower, bridge made from a crane, bridge made of scrap metal and wood

Ground Level: Upper Level Roof Level
VB DD02 map New Salvager Camp 1.jpg VB DD02 map New Salvager Camp 2.jpg VB DD02 map New Salvager Camp 3.jpg

Rival Salvager Camp/Klax2

[I have layered Photoshop maps of this area that are probably easier to read than this version imported into Word. Just contact me (Sean) if you need 'em.]


This is where the "evil" salvagers live. They're not evil in that they're raiding other peoples' claims, they're evil because they shoot anyone who gets too close to their turf. Unfortunately for them their turf is in a poorer part of town and they haven't been able to salvage a lot of stuff, which is partly why they're pissy. This is where you'll find the "evil" salvagers. Unfortunately, one of the klaxon repair stations is in their turf, so you'll have to deal with the RSC or sneak around if you want to fix that stuff.

Tileset: City

Special Scenery Objects: chain link fence/Instapen, building-mounted klaxon horn

Movies/FMV/Scripted Cut Scenes: xxx

VB DD02 map Rival Salvager Camp 1.jpg

Union Station (train depot)

[I have a layered Photoshop map of this area that are probably easier to read than this version imported into Word. Just contact me (Sean) if you need 'em.]

The downtown train station in Denver. Here's where you can go to figure out where the rail lines run, and might be able to salvage some parts to get a working train (or at least a hand-car) put together. If you get the trains running, this will become an important area and will need some security (to make sure visitors are safe from dogs and raiders).

Tileset: City

Special Scenery Objects: train tracks, wrecked wooden staircase, ticket windows, junked cars, train station benches

Movies/FMV/Scripted Cut Scenes: xxx

VB DD02 map Union Station 1.jpg

These three areas share the same map, though two of them have their own sub-maps for other floor levels.

Police HQ

VB DD02 loc Police HQ.jpg

The HQ for the Denver police. Here's where you find out about the pre-War riots, food lines, plague outbreaks, canine units, locations of other important buildings in the city, and (if you're lucky and good with computers) the location of the Chief's fallout shelter, a secret area). In the basement are the 3 CRB-S units, which activate when the PCs enter the city limits. Dogbody now lives in this building, planning his revenge against the NCR salvagers (since "they" killed his dogs).

Nearby are the ruins of City Hall and the Denver Mint


Tileset: City

Special Scenery Objects: chain link fence/Instapen, dead trees and tree stumps, police cars (dynamic objects)

Movies/FMV/Scripted Cut Scenes: dog training video in police station, CRB-S activation video

VB DD02 map Police HQ 1.jpg VB DD02 map Police HQ 2.jpg VB DD02 map Police HQ 3.jpg

A = dispatchB = briefing

C = cell

D = stairs down

E = stairs up

F = lieutenant's office

G = captain's office

I = interrogation

L = Lobby

R = Records

W = waiting room

Bombay Jack's Canyon

BJ's lair, heavily fortified with explosives and traps. If you try to enter this place while he's here, he'll snipe you in the hopes of pushing you into one of his traps. You're best off entering this place while he's dealing with the traitors as they try to crack the Box. You can find Bombay Jack here.

His lair has a mechanics lab and a science lab (which he uses to make his bombs), which is one reason he wants to stay here.


Tileset: City

Special Scenery Objects: vertical-rolling metal car garage door (locked in place, doesn't need to animal, just need one locked in the closed position with some damage), assembly-line machinery (like in a parts factory), gym equipment, pool table, ping-pong table, old video games

Movies/FMV/Scripted Cut Scenes: FMV of Jack's building being demolished (like a professional construction crew demolishing it, collapsing vertically on itself)

VB DD02 map Bombay Jack's Canyon 1.jpg VB DD02 map Bombay Jack's Canyon 2.jpg

The Box

A robot manufacturing plant within a façade of a large office building. If activated (such as by forced entry or by activation by ARGOS) it begins building robots to patrol and secure Denver, providing continual respawning of robots until the place is shut down (practically impossible). Going through the surface-level doors (blast doors) takes some serious firepower, but there's an easier entrance via the sewers.

Tileset: Vault

Special Scenery Objects: assembly-line machinery (like in a parts factory), observation windows, security doors, video walls (they look like windows but they're TVs that show outside scenes), ZAX unit, cryogenics storage (for brains for brainbots)

Movies/FMV/Scripted Cut Scenes: FMV or scripted cut scene of factory elements activating and robots coming to life within the structure, assembly-line style.

VB DD02 map The Box 1.jpg VB DD02 map The Box 2.jpg VB DD02 map The Box 3.jpg VB DD02 map The Box 4.jpg

Klaxon Repair Stations

There are four locations in Denver where you can repair the klaxons to complete a quest. All four are buildings where some machinery/a computer controls the sirens that were once used for bomb alerts and other citywide alarm broadcasts. With these sites repaired, the PC can broadcast messages through the entire city without using radio, and can hook up the ultrasonic device to the klaxons to drive all of the dogs out of the city. Three sites are included on other maps, while site # 4 is in the boonies (somewhat near Bombay Jack's canyon) and has its own map.

Location 1: Near New Salvager Camp

Location 2: Near Rival Salvager Camp

Location 3: In Caesar's Legionnaires' hotel camp

Location 4: Boardwalk brewing­

Caesar's Legion Camp/Klax3

These guys are camped out in a hotel in south Denver with some slaves they've rounded up. Every couple of weeks they send a pair of fast guys out east to see if the radioactive dust storms have subsided for the season. Once they do, they'll head out.

They have the lower floors secured with chain link fence and barriers made of junk. They keep the dogs away with chemical repellant sprayed in the area (resprayed every year when they return here). They're well-armed (as far as wastelanders go) and alert. They stay on the 2nd level, though they are watching their surroundings (they'll be alert to your arrival unless you manage to sneak your way in) and might have a sniper hiding out on the ground floor. They keep the slaves locked in rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Tileset: City

Special Scenery Objects: chain link fences, swimming pool filled with polluted toxic goo, vending machine, freeway, building-mounted klaxon

VB DD02 map Caesar's Legion Camp 1.jpg VB DD02 map Caesar's Legion Camp 2.jpg VB DD02 map Caesar's Legion Camp 3.jpg

Police Chief's Fallout Shelter (secret location)

You can only find this if (a) you're lucky and good with computers and dig it out of the Police HQ computers, or (b) are obscenely lucky and walk across its location on the Denver map. Stashed in here are some supplies, light armor, and weapons (including stuff relating to the dogs).

Tileset: grassy, vault

Special Scenery Objects: ladder, hole in the ground

VB DD02 map Police Chief's Fallout Shelter 1.jpg VB DD02 map Police Chief's Fallout Shelter 2.jpg

*Quarantine Blockade (Random)

There are at least two locations like this where a section of the city is blocked off with instapens. Some have been pulled down by rioters or knocked over by two hundred years of neglect. Any people once held inside have long died and been eaten by the dogs.

*Skyscraper levels (Random)

Standardized maps to use as base layouts for levels within skyscrapers. Random Denver maps will pull from these stock levels, and floor maps in detailed areas will use these layouts as models. The lowest floors may have dogs if there are stairs connecting them to each other, higher levels have radioactive climbing lizards. Typical levels are gymnasium, cubcles (variant 1, variant 2, variant dotcom), executive, lobby, security.


The sewers are used to gain access to underground areas of other parts of maps (such as The Box, which is most easily accessed via the sewer level). They aren't used to travel long-distance through Denver, though there are some random sewer maps if you use sewers in some areas.

Lowry Hospital/City Park

A tall hospital, almost a skyscraper. Many people hit hard by The New Plague were taken here and ended up dying here. Many beds still have the old, old skeletons of these unfortunates, with many more piling up in the morgue as the last days of Denver passed. A lot of potential salvage here for a medicine-oriented Science Boy.

Dogs sometimes run around in this building, and have been known to chew on bottles of pills and get extremely chemmed up on Mentats, Buffout, or painkillers.

City Park is a big open place that's sorta green and has a lake in it. Here's a scrollable panoramic of it:


The hospital isn't pictured in this panoramic because the hospital was built in the 2060s (after these modern-day pictures were taken, obviously).

Tileset: City (for the hospital), grassy (for the park itself)

Special Scenery Objects: autodoc, medical equipment (EKGs, MRI chamber, etc.)

VB DD02 map Lowry Hospital 1.jpg VB DD02 map Lowry Hospital 2.jpg

*Boardwalk Brewing/Klax4

A pub/brewery/restaurant in Lodo (downtown Denver ... imagine a Rock Bottom Brewery and you get the idea). Still has working facilities for making beer, including the recipes, so all they need are some repairs and people with the time, skill, and patience to start brewing beer. With the brewery up and running, the salvagers could earn some income without

Tileset: City

Special Scenery Objects: brewing tanks (small, no larger than 4 feet high)

Cast of Characters


Leader of the "evil" salvagers. Big German-looking guy. Foul-mouthed, domineering, intolerant of strangers and nonhumans. He's from the Midwest, home of the radioactive cyclones, and fled to this area to escape Caesar's Legion and to try and make a life for himself. His boys are (older) former raiders who got tired of having to scrounge a living from whatever idiots they crossed paths with. Now they're doing all right by sifting through the wreckage of the old world, but they're not exactly getting rich (because their part of Denver is kinda poor).

His group is sorta like a bunch of middle-aged bikers. They still like raising a little hell now and then, and they're really territorial, but they're not so much into chasing people down or taking ghouls out for a drag. Anton is holding them together with personality and promises of loot, but they're getting frustrated and probably will pack up eventually, maybe settling down with tribals or trying to find real civilization.


Bombay Jack ("BJ")

VB DD02 npc Bombay Jack.png

Claim jumper. Went nuts at some point, was in jail for murder and sabotage (he staked a claim on some land near the path of the NCR rail construction and started mining that path to deter people from going there ... plus he blew up some storage sheds ... when they went looking for him they found that he had mined a huge area around his hideout, and 10 NCR soldiers were killed after he started shooting at them in the minefield). He had been supplying powder gangs with homemade explosives, and so to keep their source they busted him out of the prison train going west, though he was caught again and presumably sent to prison. It's not known how he got out, but he's holed himself up near the Box.

Of Mexican descent. Tends to speak Spanish when excited.

ST 3, PE 7, EN 7, CH 3, IN 7, AG 5, LK 2

To be able to snipe the PC well: high-PE, high Stealth, good ranged weapon

74 hp. Mechanics 75%, Melee 55%, Chemistry 75%, Small Guns 60% (raised to 75% for Level 8), Throwing 75%, and Traps 95%.

Filthy Leather Armor, 2 Pipe Bombs (1 placed on door), 2 High Grade Molotov Cocktails, Hunting Rifle with 10 shells each. All his shells should be hollow points. Jack has already laced the area with explosives, so he'll fire for a few rounds, then move, leaving the bomb in place, and keeps moving around from building to building, in pre-arranged niches.

BLOWS UP! Game Mechanics: If you attack Jack with a flamer or molotov, he will blow up. If you attack him with a gun, there's a chance equal to damage x5% he will blow up like 3 cases of dynamite.


Daniel (Prisoner)

He's the semi-Mormon prisoner from New Canaan



VB DD02 npc Dogbody 1.jpg VB DD02 npc Dogbody 2.jpg VB DD02 npc Dogbody 3.jpg

Crazy Dog Man. Weasely. Has a vendetta with the Denver scavs. Wants you to take a bomb (to attract dogs) to the Denver camp. Dogbody used to travel with Porter's group but they thought he died in the attack on the old camp. Dogbody had two dogs that followed him around, and when the others asked him to get them to find food, they brought back something else. Slow Joe got pissed and killed the dogs with a crowbar. Dogbody freaked out. Dogbody was the one responsible for the dog attack on the Old Camp ... he set off a tear gas grenade in camp, which attracted all of the dogs, who swarmed the place and ran everyone else out. If you meet him, he'll try to get you to set off another gas grenade in the new salvager camp.

May have been raised by dogs.

St 6, PE 7, EN 6, CH 2, In 4, AG 7, LK 6. 57 hp. Level 5.

Has 2 BITE-ME teargas canisters, keys to the police station doors, remote detonator for the trap, knife, some unarmed maneuvers like what the Hangdogs use. Has seen the obedience program tapes in the DCPD and knows how the dogs are trained.

May try to plant a scent bomb on the PC or an ally, then detonate it to attract the dogs.

Recruited as a scout by a powder gang.

Vengeful ... he sees the PCs as a way to help him get revenge on the salvagers. And then he'll try to kill the PCs, too.


Bounty/El Diablo

The guy's name is Miguel Vargas, but he calls himself "El Diablo." He went crazy one night and killed six people in two different homes. They call him the "Vampire Killer" because he bit his victims on the neck during or after killing them. Last anyone heard he went east. Bob the Bounty Hunter in Hoover Dam has a wanted: dead bounty on his head. When he dies he drops a severed head item. Bob knows a guy who was going to look for El Diablo here in Dogtown, but he never came back (because El Diablo killed him).

El Diablo is insane. He really thinks he's a vampire. He refuses to come out during the day (he's only findable at night) and says he started killing that night in Hoover Dam because "some bitch stole his hat," which is a Cat In The Hat-type hat.


SALV/Jimmy T

VB DD02 npc Jimmy T.png


AKA "J.T. Roche" AKA "The Doc"

Super mutant, medicine man. Seems to find just about everything funny in an annoying kind of way. Big, booming laugh. Seems trustworthy. Claims he's from Boulder.

Jimmy trades with Eddie Galenski of Boulder, but he keeps that secret from both sides (Galenski doesn't know he's working with the salvagers, and they don't know he's trading with Galenski). Not a very good medic.

Good Natured (+20% First Aid, Doctor, Speech, Barter; -10% Firearms, Unarmed, Melee), Criminal—Cannibal (+3% Unarmed; +3% Melee; -5 Karma; -5 Reputation; Stigma (Cannibal)), Criminal—Unlicensed Doctor (+3% First Aid; +3% Doctor; +3 Karma). PipBoy, jumpsuit, boots. No tag skills because he's a supermutant?

History: James was a doctor for a small mountain community. He lived alone, due to his Super Mutant nature, but always did his best to care for the people in his small village. He studied pre-war medical journals and tried to perform as much modern medical care as possible, as compared to a tribal shaman.

While on a house-call to one of the village elders, a storm snowed him and the patient in. When the rest of the village was able to reach them months later, they discovered one fairly fit super mutant and the bones of the village elder.

The villagers turned James over to the NCR for practicing medicine without a license, but they were never able to prove the charge of cannibalism. James will not discuss the events of those frozen months.

Description: Jimmy T is a large super mutant, but with delicate hands and facial features. He walks slumped over, head facing the ground. He speaks very quietly, unless the discussion turns towards one of a medical nature. He has performed acts of minor first aid for those that have requested it. He wears glasses, but if you look closely, you can see that they are empty frames.


NCR/Butch Mariano

Leader of the NCR explorers. Strict military-man, doesn't talk much except to give orders. Not willing to answer questions, happy to pull out if there's a problem or too much curiosity about what they're doing.



VB DD02 npc Porter.jpg

Leader of the salvagers. Late forties, maybe a little deaf. Not really a nice guy, but seems fair & hard-working. Though he offered to let you stay, he's happy for you to move on.

Doesn't want you messing with other peoples' claims (nobody does). They have most of Denver staked out as their claims. You have two options: obey their claims or jump the claims. Claim-jumping will make them attack you if you ever come back. Obeying the claims means you don't get much good stuff.

He keeps his original crime secret because he doesn't want anyone to know. He was paroled a long time ago. he sat on the NCR advisory board and actually served with Dodge - and while he didn't like everything Dodge did, he still knows Dodge is probably the best son of a bitch to colonize the east. He came east, hoping to make use of his skills. He lost a fortune investing in the caravans, and the Crimson Caravan bought him out, so he had to make due with his mining skills elsewhere.

Doesn't drink, gets angry at those who do.

Giving, willing to help anyone who doesn't cause trouble.

Always keeps an emotional mask up. Hard to snow him on an idea.

"I need men who are good with explosives, and I need men who are good with machines. Now, perhaps you should tell me why I shouldn't just shove you off to Stone City right now."


"We want you to keep going."

To his men, when a female is present: "You all behave yourselves while she is here."

When you talk to Porter, he asks you what you're good for. You can say "I'm mainly good in a fight," "I'm mainly a doctor," "I like to think of myself as a scout," etc. That helps drive which quests he assigns you first.


TRAITOR/T.J. Reilley

VB DD02 npc T.J. Reilley.png

Grim, middle-aged. Not very talkative, doesn't like Porter much. Hangs out with Hardin.

One of the "traitor" salvagers.

Associates with Hardin. Wants to leave Denver because he doesn't see anything to gain here.

He'd like to be in charge, but he knows people wouldn't follow him as readily as they follow Porter, so he bides his time to build up skill and connections.



VB DD02 npc Slow Joe.jpg

Seems to be big, friendly, curious about the PC. Doesn't wash much, not too swift on the uptake.

He's actually a real bastard. A rapist (unproven). Killed Dogbody's dogs. Black hair, fat face, overalls.

5th-level combat. Pipe rifle, loaded, with 7 shells in his coveralls, Sledgehammer, 2 Molotov Cocktails.

One of the "traitor" salvagers. Doesn't care about leaving Denver, he just wants the gold.

Friends with Bean (for the liquor) and Hardin (for the opportunity for big loot).



Leader of the squad from Caesar's Legion. Short, Napoleon complex, real hardass. Likes to beat women to show people he's tough.

He's a vexillarious. You can talk to him about Caesar's Legion and the various ranks with it.



skin + smile + goggles

A salvager ghoul. Formerly of the Necropolis, made his way north to Gecko, left Gecko after a few months. Lived as a traveler, selling supplies and working as a light mechanic/electrician to towns. Friendly-looking (big happy grin), goggles.

Never sure you can quite trust him. He seems nice and friendly, though.

PE 7, EN 8, CH 7, In 7,

Actually working for Willem in the Reservation. If the radio tower is every fully operational, he'll try to send a signal. Will be surprised to see Measles if he shows up and kinda nervous (chance? Or is Willem doing a followup?)


  • Chad would also like designers to note if an NPC participates in a large battle or cut scene. I'm not referring to them attacking the player when attacked, but if there is something like, "When global "abc" is 5, then all townies turn against the guards and attack," make a note of that for the NPC that participates.

Generic NPCs

Probably some of the above salvagers are going to become more generic and be moved into this section.

These guys won't have names and probably won't have custom models, just look like a "standard" salvager.

Traitor salvagers: Bean, Hardin, Morgan, Scoby, Uncle Jim, Wahl

Non-traitors: Clay, D.T. Danner, Davis, Denny, Garcia (in coma), Jeb, K.C., Lowery, Marshall, Morehouse, C.B. Rogers, Mike Tabor, Victor

General Salvager Info (this applies to most of the Salvager NPCs above as well):

St 5, Pe 5, En 6, Ch 4, In 4, Ag 5, Lk 4, 30

Mechanics 45%, melee 70%, outdoorsman 40%, firearms 70, throwing 45, unarmed 70

Equipment: 2 molotov cocktails (poor grade), zip gun or pipe rifle, flare gun with 2 flares, knife, crowbar/sledge/fire axe. Tools or poor multitools. Helmet.

Generic Good NCR Salvagers

VB DD02 npc Clay.jpg

Nondescript. Doesn't smile.

He's put too much work into his claim to leave now. Tends to punch people who suggest they leave Denver. Doesn't mix well with others. He had no status or work role until he came out here, and now he feels he has a chance to make his fortune.

D.T. Danner
VB DD02 npc D.T. Danner.png

Seems to be watching you with a smug smile. "Could be a fag!" says Avellone.

Former ganger, likes causing trouble. Gets in your face just to see if he can provoke you, but he doesn't have a temper, it's just a test. Doesn't really want to leave, he just likes bringing it up to cause trouble. Claims he used to be a slaver, used to fuck slave women, etc. just to see if he gets people mad.


VB DD02 npc Davis.jpg

Wounded and a little deaf right now. Seems pretty angry about something.

He and Garcia found the Box. He was injured (minor concussion, some hearing loss) by BJ's explosives when they tried to crack it. He wanted to go back and kill BJ and get his clam back. A real jerk-ass asshole.

He won't leave his claim, no matter how bad things get. He looks out for his own claim and ignores what happens to the others.


VB DD02 npc Garcia.jpg

Wounded. In the infirmary, unconscious, with a broken arm, gashes, and burns. Completely irreligious. If you heal him, he'll reward you with stuff from his claim after he wakes up.

Was branded for walking into an unauthorized area (basically for being careless).


VB DD02 npc Denny.png

Smiley and enthusiastic.

He was branded and tortured by NCR. Doesn't want to lose his claim.

VB DD02 npc Jeb.jpg

Gate guard. Seems to be cool-headed despite this. Looks a lot stronger than his frame suggests.

Doesn't drink or use chems. Emotionless, cool.

VB DD02 npc K.C..jpg

Salvager. Gate guard. Talkative and friendly, seems happy to see the PC.

From prison escape 1.

He shares more than he should, and tends to go along with the pack. Loves tearing stuff apart, not so good at putting it back together.

D.C. Lowery
VB DD02 npc D.C. Lowery.jpg

Porter's second in command. Grim, quiet.

He has a guilty secret: he tipped off Dodge to the big heist because he felt they wouldn't get paid otherwise. Was arrested along with all the others.

He feels that being out here is better than rotting in a prison cell.

Fiercely loyal to Porter because he feels guilty and knows that if he goes West they'll find out about it.

Hardin is blackmailing him to put pressure on Porter. Lowery would be happy if Hardin got himself killed, though he won't do it himself, and probably wouldn't come right out and ask someone to help him out with this problem.

He feels that something is wrong with NCR, else they would have checked in on them by now.

Good Steal and Traps skill.

VB DD02 npc Marshall.jpg

Wears a fireman's hat. Grim. Doesn't seem glad to see the PC.

Good Guy, but broken and tired. He gave up on NCR long ago. He'll watch out for the PCs, and he can give them the straight scoop, provided he trusts them. He doesn't trust Porter's judgement, doesn't trust Lowery's change of heart, and thinks Reilly is an idiot.



J.J. Morehouse
VB DD02 npc J.J. Morehouse.jpg

Old guy, smiles like a snake oil salesman. Seems happy to see the PC. Quartermaster. Used to arrange for thugs (including Bean, Scoby, and Slow Jo) to disable track, then blame it on raiders and tribals. That way he could demand more materials and demand that Dodge pay them more at the same time.

Was once a caravan master and tried to exploit the trade routes.

Materialistic. He believes he can try to get in good with the PC since the PC is "from NCR."

Wants to leave Denver, since life sucks here.

Willing to cut deals with the PC for first-looks at whatever the PC finds in Denver.


VB DD02 npc Rogers.jpg


Branded and tortured for escaping twice.

Cares about everyone, wants everyone to stick together, but unenthusiastic about their chances for survival. Thinks they should go back West.


Spineless Stu
VB DD02 npc Spineless Stu.jpg

Back/neck brace, apparently from a fall. Seems either worried or constantly in pain. Drives a bus around town.

Overcompensates for his injury out of feat he might get let go, so he's always on time and helpful.

Has seen Hardin interact with Lowery, making "drops."

Afraid to leave Denver because he's not fit for travel. Afraid his claim may be taken away from him. He can't walk and stays in the bus most of the time.

Has lowered physical stats. Used to work as a trucker, so has some skill in piloting a vehicle.

He may have been pushed off the building.


Mike Tabor
VB DD02 npc Mike Tabor.jpg

BIG guy. Seems sober, clean. Good mechanics skill.


VB DD02 npc Victor.jpg

Seems like a retard. When he speaks, it's really hard to understand him.

He has trouble speaking because NCR branded and tortured him.

Gets no respect from the other scavs.


Generic Traitor Salvagers

"Bean" Murphy
VB DD02 npc Bean Murphy.jpg

Does a lot of posturing. One of his arms is ruined because of NCR torture. Runs a still, which annoys Porter but Bean claims it's so they can make Molotov cocktails. He drinks a lot to numb the pain of his arm. He might want to try distributing liquor to the tribals.

Hardin has convinced him into leaving Denver because there's nothing left here.

One of the "traitor" salvagers.

He's weak ... he takes the easiest path.

Killed by Bombay Jack in the attack on the Box.


VB DD02 npc Hardin.png

Quiet, watchful. Seems like bad news. Smoker.

NCR branded and tortured him into revealing where the other 308 guys were. This probably just made him more evil and psychotic than he was before.

Arranged the claims so that Bombay Jack would think Garcia and Davis were jumping his claim.

A traitor salvager.

Wants to leave Denver because he feels it's a waste of time.

CH 6, IN 6

A real asshole, but not a bad leader as assholes go (kinda like the punk teen from Karate Kid). Not particularly smart. Big ego. Tends to act impulsively. His minions are Slow Joe, Uncle Jim (who helps spur him on), and Scoby (and technically Bean, too).

Knows Lowery's secret (that he narced on the rest of the group) and has been blackmailing him to push Porter to get everyone to leave Denver.

3rd-level Diplomacy. Leather Coveralls (20% DR), Helmet, Binoculars, 2 Molotov Cocktails, 10mm Pistol, Knife, Has a crowbar within easy reach. Has a flare gun.

Doesn't want the PC around ... assumes the PC is in Denver to steal the gold.


VB DD02 npc Morgan.jpg

Nondescript. Tends to grease his hair back. Seems to be watching you and avoiding you at the same time.

A traitor salvager.

During his second escape he killed an unpopular guard, didn't really get punished for it but doesn't like to talk about it.

Reilley's right-hand man. Sees staying here as pointless. Carries a pistol (3 bullets).


VB DD02 npc Scoby.jpg

Seems pretty quiet. Nods a lot. Shiftless.

A friend of Slow Joe. Not really evil, but he went along with whatever Slow Joe told him to do. He used to be a janitor at the prison, and the guards used to beat the crap out of him for fun.

One of the "traitor" salvagers. Wants to get out of Denver but stay out of the West since there's nothing back there for him.


Uncle Jim
VB DD02 npc Uncle Jim.jpg

Friendly fellow, carries a lot of tools. Has a kind of grandfatherly charm, but remains at a distance.

Older guy, but still useful, has some mechanic skill. Timid, didn't want to get involved in conflicts. PNP game found him with Wahl inside the cube.

Science 2. Has 5 molotov cocktails. More likely to surrender/flee than fight.

One of the "traitor" salvagers, but not really a bad guy. Content to stay working in Denver if te Box doesn't pan out. (Torn between loyalty to Porter and the chance of the big steal).

Excellent Mechanics, decent Chemistry, decent Electrician


VB DD02 npc Wahl 1.png
VB DD02 npc Wahl 2.jpg

A welder? Always wears thick gloves. Pretty ambivalent to the PC's arrival.

Because he shot an NCR soldier hostage during a prison escape, they cut off his trigger finger and his hand was smashed and branded. He's totally pissed at NCR and wants to get what's in the Box (he thinks it's worth a lot) just to have a crowning achievement over them.

5th-level, combat. Crude Laser Torch, Leather Coveralls (20% DR), Welding Helmet, 5 Molotov Cocktails, Knife, a Flare Gun, and Rope.

One of the "traitor" salvagers. Wants everyone to leave Denver so he can go back and get the "big treasure" (the Box).

Poor gun skills because of his hand, but he welds well enough.

A convicted counterfeiter.


Generic Evil Salvagers

Vince, Emery, Russ, Saul, Gustavo


Generic NCR Military

Salvador, Cunningham, Green


Generic Legionnaires

Cruz, Wierzbowski, Thunderfoot, Ivory, Marco


BTW, Chad would like to us to leave space for the script to be attached to each NPC. This would also be done in the technical "Lucinda" font used in FR6 to designate that it's "technical" info.


Be sure to include potential companions here, too. Make a note of what they're good at, their stats, and so on, along with any things that would prevent them from joining the party (the player's Karma is too high or too low, his Reputation isn't high enough, the player needs to complete a quest first, and so on).


VB DD02 creat CRB-S.jpg

There's the potential to repair and reprogram a CRB-S unit. However, it would need to remain in Denver in order to be able to recharge in its recharging bay. But you could use it to drive out the dogs, evil salvagers, Caeser's legionnaires, etc.











Bonus Move AP2

Melee Dam1-8

Damage Threshold10


Laser Res75%

Fire Res50%

Plasma Res20%

Electric Res50%

Explosion Res25%

Poi Res100%

Rad Res100%

Dis Res100%


Heal Rate0

Crit Chance1%






Special See right.

XP 1111

Details about the CERBERUS Robots is the following:

DISARM: If the player has a weapon in their hands, they will seek to Disarm the player with their attacks.

RADIO CONTROL: They can communicate with each other via radio; this needs to be shut down if the players want to cause the CERBERUS units to start acting blindly.

LIMITED HEALING: They cannot repair in-between battles, and they can't at all if their robot cradles are damaged in the DCPD Canine Division.

WARNING: There will be a crackling for one round before they attack.

SUBUDE: If they are attacked, they will do anything in their power to subdue the first attacker and they will take him to the nearest jail cell.

ATTACKS: They can fire tear gas clouds and canisters, but their housing chambers are empty. Other possible chambers:

Fire Fighting Foam Cannons (Foam, only against flame attacks)

Tear Gas Projectors (Tear Gas Grenades)

Flash Grenades

Water Cannons (2-20 Water)

Shocking Attacks. (2-20 Electricity)


Job, the Mr. Handy

You can find a broken down Mr. Handy unit called Job (as in Odd Job, not the biblical character) that used to be in charge of records for the DCPD. He needs some parts, but if fixed and rebooted he serves the PCs. He's not equipped with any weapons and has some flaws that make him less than ideal in combat, but he's good at spotting electronic traps.

His problems: No battery, will not leave Denver unless reprogrammed, slow and non-combat oriented (all enemies get +10 to hit him), no voice module.

Abilities: Clean, pest control, interact, retrieve, file, restrain, detect electronic traps


Monster roster

Dogs. Normal dogs run from flame, water spray, flash, or explosion. The descendants of the specially-bred police dogs do NOT run away from that sort of thing. Some dogs in Denver carry disease. Dogs are active in the morning, evening, and early night, but sleep during much of the day and the darkest part of night. They continue to respawn as long as the total dog population hasn't been wiped out.


CRB-S units: Three of them, active once the prisoner enters Denver. They patrol the vicinity of the DCPD, with two active and one charging at any one time. If the DCPD is entered and all three CRBS units are still alive, all three activate to surround and attack the intruder. They do not respawn.


Floating Eyebots: Only after the Box has been breached. Once that happens, they'll spread out from the Box and monitor a perimeter. Eventually they'll take over nearby areas. Intruders, prisoners, or those who attack them cause them to flee to a safer location and summon aid. They continue to respawn as long as the factory (Box) is operational.


Security Bots/Warbots: Only after the Box has been breached. These are the bigger ones. They are called in by the alarms, or are set guarding key locations. They might be deployed to some other parts of Denver (like City Hall and the DCPD) if given enough time. They continue to respawn as long as the factory (Box) is operational.


Robobrain: Only a few of them, only within the Box, and only after it's been breached. They monitor the area and make sure nothing funny is going on. They continue to respawn as long as the factory (Box) is operational, though there is a fixed number (4?) based on the number of brains in storage within the Box.


Lizards: Sleeping at night, they move about during the day and early evening. They don't attack unless provoked. They respawn, but slowly.


Giant cockroaches: Active only at night, they run around and attack things in groups. There are so many and they breed so fast that you can never totally get rid of them (in other words, they always respawn), but they're much less dangerous than the dog packs.


Rats: Rats, like roaches, are generally active at night. They usually only attack small groups of creatures, so a PC and a lot of allies will usually cause the rats to flee the area. They continue to respawn.


Random Encounters Near Town:

Chad would like to us to leave space for the script to be attached to each monster. This would also be done in the technical "Lucinda" font used in FR6 to designate that it's "technical" info.

Random Encounters Surrounding The Area


Rape: If the PC is female and sleeps in the salvager camp, in the middle of the night she is awakened by Slow Joe. He says something like "I think I want to fuck you," and if you let him, then that's that. If you don't let him, he says, "I'm going to fuck you whether you say you want it or not, bitch!" and initiates combat by slapping the PC. Combat ensues. Note that this won't happen if Porter assigns Jimmy T as the PC's bodyguard (done via dialogue with Porter, and Jimmy will be present when Slow Joe arrives which will deter Joe).

Feral Dog Pack: A pack of dogs, nothing special. Usually out in the morning and evening, but anytime during the day as well. Respawn indefinitely.

Mixed Dog Pack: A pack of dogs, with some police dogs as well. Usually out in the morning and evening, but anytime during the day as well. Respawn indefinitely.

Police Dog Pack: A small pack of the police dogs. Usually out in the morning and evening, but anytime during the day as well. Respawns a limited # of times (4?)

Cockroach clutch: A group of giant mutant cockroaches, looking for food (they'll home in on actual food items dropped, or fallen enemies if nobody attacks them). They're only out during the night. Respawn indefinitely.

Radscorpions: A pack of smaller radscorps, only near the edges of town. Any time day or night.

Lizards: These are the slow radioactive lizards that live in the area, mainly climbing on buildings (you'll find them only on 2nd and higher stories of buildings. They don't attack unless they are attacked, but they irradiate anything near them. Respawn limited # of times (20?).

Glowing Ghouls: These are some poor souls that managed to wander past Denver before getting here. Pretty weak. Only on the north end of town. Unique encounter.

Floating Eyebots: Only if the Box has been activated. They patrol all parts of the city, attacking the PC as soon as he's spotted.

Random Encounters that shouldn't be near town: raiders, caravans, anything with humans

I'd like to see...

A way to overlay the various claims on the Denver map, so when you go places you'll know where there are claimed areas, who has them, and open areas. This also means that if you drop something in a random map in someone's claim, it'll end up in the possession of that salvager and you can buy it back from them.

If you tell the NCR salvagers about killing guys, Jimmy T will disappear for a while ... if you go back to that site you might catch him eating or at least stealing the dead bodies.


Main Quests

xxx need importance/scope value for all quests

Main Quests are quests designed specifically by the designer for the area. Information on these quests should include:

Get the Elevator Cable

The ghouls in the Reservation need an elevator cable. See Damien's doc about quest states and such, and make sure there's a salvageable elevator cable in Denver they could use. See The Reservation for info.

Get the Brewery Running again

If you get the brewery running again, you can brew beer and sell it elsewhere. Or you can sell it to the salvagers for a tidy profit.

  • Initiator: PC or Porter
  • Normal Journal: I found the Boardwalk Brewery in Denver. With some work, it could be repaired and be making beer again.
    I fixed some of the problems with the old Boardwalk Brewery in Denver.
    I got everything working at the Denver Brewery.
    I sold the rights to the repaired brewery to the Denver salvagers.
  • Dumb Journal: Me find broken beer machine in Denver.
    Me fix some of beer machine.
    Beer machine all fixed.
    Me sell beer machine to scrap guys in Denver.
  • Science Boy is needed to get the brewery units working again. The salvagers can salvage the empty bottles on their own time (though there is a stash of them in the brewery).


0 = unaware
1 = knows there is brewery
2 = fixed 1 part
3 = fixed 2 parts
4 = fixed 3 parts
5 = fixed all parts


1 = know they'd be interested in running the brewery
2 = have sold or traded the fixed brewery to them

Repair the PA Klaxon system

You can repair the PA system klaxons to sound alarms or broadcast messages throughout town.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I've found a half-working set of public address speakers all over Denver. It looks like they were used for alarm klaxons from before the War.
    I got some of the alarm klaxons repaired.
    I've fixed all the alarm klaxons in Denver.
  • Dumb Journal: Me find big electric horns in Denver. They broken.
    Me fix some Denver electric horns.
    Denver electric horns all fixed.
  • Science Boy is the winner.


0 = unaware
1 = spotted a klaxon
2 = repaired one klaxon
3 = repaired 2
4 = repaired 3
5 = repaired 4

Use the PA KLaxon to Get Rid of the Dogs

With the klaxons working, an ultrasonic tone (from the device you can build using the schematic from the Ciphers) can be played over them to drive out the dogs. Unfortunately, it drives off your own dogs (including Devil Dog) if you use it.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: If a high-pitch tone were sent out over these klaxon horns, it should drive the dogs out of Denver. [If dogs haven't been killed off.]
    If a high-pitch tone were sent out over these klaxon horns, it should keep dogs from coming back into Denver.
    The ultrasonic tone works! The dogs are scurrying out of town. [If dogs haven't been killed off.]
    As far as I can tell, the ultrasonic tone works. The dogs shouldn't want to come back into the city. [If dogs have been killed off.]
    The ultrasonic tone works, but it drove off my dog as well as these damn Denver mutts. [Generic Hangdog dog.]
    The ultrasonic tone works, but it drove off <DEVILDOG> as well as these damn Denver mutts. [Devil Dog.]
    As far as I can tell, the ultrasonic tone works. There are no native dogs to watch, but it drove off my dog so it must be working. [All dogs dead, you have Generic Hangdog dog.]
    As far as I can tell, the ultrasonic tone works. There are no native dogs to watch, but it drove off <DEVILDOG> so it must be working. [All dogs dead, you have Devil Dog]
  • Dumb Journal: Me make horns do dog-ears noise, dog should run away. [If dogs haven't been killed off.]
    Me make horns do dog-ears noise, dogs no come back.
    Dogs are running away from dog-ear noise! [If dogs haven't been killed off.]
    Me make horns do dog noise. Me bet it works. [If dogs have been killed off.]
    Me make dogs run away with noise, but it scare off Hangdog dog too! [Generic Hangdog dog.]
    Me make dogs run away with noise, but it scare off <DEVILDOG> too! [Devil Dog.]
    Me think horn noise will keep dogs away, but it scare off Hangdog dog! [All dogs dead, you have Generic Hangdog dog.]
    Me think horn noise will keep dogs away, but it scare off Devil Dog! [All dogs dead, you have Devil Dog.]
  • Any character can hook this up once everything is fixed.


0 = unaware
1 = knows of the ultrasonic device
2 = has attached the ultrasonic device to the repaired klaxon control system

Defeat the CRB-S Units

They'll kill you if you don't.

  • Initiator: CRB-S
  • Normal Journal: These crazy giant robot dogs attacked me in Denver.
    I managed to kill three of those giant robot dogs.
  • Dumb Journal: Robot dogs attacked me in Denver!
    Me kill three robot dogs.
  • Science Boy can learn more about their weaknesses and tactics through the police database.
  • Combat Boy has the advantage here.


0 = unaware
1 = spotted the CRB-S
2 = killed one
3 = killed two
4 = killed all three

Reprogram CRB-S as dogcatcher

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Fix Job/Mr Handy

You can take him as a CNPC if you fix the DCPD Mr. Handy Unit.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I found a damaged inactive Mr. Handy unit—named "Job"—in the Denver City Police Department.
    I managed to repair the Mr. Handy unit in the Denver Police Departmen
  • Dumb Journal: Me find Handy robot in Denver police station.
    Me fix Handy robot. Job is my friend.
  • Science Boy can fix him.


0 = unaware
1 = found him
2 = fixed him

Find Voice Module for Job

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Reprogram Job so he can leave Denver

His deep-level programming won't allow him to leave Denver (part of an antitheft program).

  • Initiator: PC/Job
  • Normal Journal: Job refuses to leave Denver. There must be something in his programming forbidding him to leave the city limits.
    I reprogrammed Job so he can leave Denver.
  • Dumb Journal: Friend Job is afraid to leave Denver. His robot brain makes him afraid.
    Me fix Job so he isn't afraid to leave Denver any more.
  • Science Boy is the only one who can do this.


0 = unaware
1 = knows he can't leave Denver
2 = reprogrammed him

Break Into the Box, surface/Sewer level

Easier from the sewer level.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I discovered a huge metal "box" in Denver. It's as big as a building, and made of metal, and has a big security door.
    I managed to get through the security door to the Box.
    I found a sewer entrance to the Box in Denver.
    I managed to get through the sewer-level security door to the Box.
  • Dumb Journal: Me find Box in Denver. Big and made of metal.
    Me got into the Box.
    Me find sewer entrance to the Box.
    Me got into sewer entrance to the Box.
  • Stealth Boy can use e-lockpicks to pick the lock. Or use traps to blow it open, but it requires a lot of boom to do so.


0 = unaware
1 = knows of the Box
2 = entered via the surface level
3 = entered via the sewer level

Defeat Bombay Jack at the Box

He'll attack you when you investigate the Box.

  • Initiator: Jack
  • Normal Journal: Bombay Jack attacked me while I was looking at the Box in Denver.
    I managed to kill Bombay Jack after he attacked me at the Box.
  • Dumb Journal: Jack shot at me when me see the Box.
    Me kill Jack when he shoot at me.
  • Stealth Boy can survive better by sneaking and hiding.
  • Combat Boy has the best chance of defeating Jack,


0 = unaware
1 = was attacked
2 = defeated him

Defeat Bombay Jack in his Canyon

If you follow him or stumble across his lair you can fight him there. Much tougher!

  • Initiator: Jack or PC
  • Normal Journal: I found a well-trapped building in Denver, and then someone started shooting at me.
    I found Bombay Jack's building. Right after finding the place he started shooting at me.
    I found a well-trapped building in Denver.
    I found Bombay Jack's building.
    I managed to kill Bombay Jack, the crazy powder gang bomber of Denver, in his mega-trapped lair.
    I managed to kill Bombay Jack in his lair.
  • Dumb Journal: Me find building with bombs. Someone is shooting at me!
    Me find Jack's house. Jack is shooting at me!
    Me find building with bombs.
    Me find Jack's house.
    Me kill Jack.
  • Stealth Boy can steak past the traps more easily and might be able to sneak in without being spotted.
  • Combat Boy has the best chance of killing Jack.


0 = unaware
1 = was attacked
2 = defeated him

Defeat the Legion Slavers

If you decide to kill them, you can.

  • Initiator: PC, or dialogue with Terence
  • Normal Journal: I attacked the Caesar's Legion slavers camped in Denver.
    I managed to kill or drive off all of the Caesar's Legion slavers in Denver.
    After an unsuccessful dialogue with Terence of Caesar's Legion, I attacked him and his slaver minions camped in Denver.
    After an unsuccessful dialogue with Terence of Caesar's Legion, he and his slaver minions attacked me.
  • Dumb Journal: Me fight Legion slavers.
    Me kill all Legion slavers.
    Me talk to Terence. He leads the Denver slavers. Talk no go good, I attack him.
    Me talk to Terence. He leads the Denver slavers. Talk no go good, He attack me.
  • Stealth Boy is an option if you decide to sneak up on them and kill them.
  • Combat Boy is the man for killin'.


0 = unaware
1 = knows the Legion guys are there
2 = killed them all without talking
3 = after talking, I attacked
4 = after talking, they attacked

Rescue the Legion's Slaves

Check with Ciphers doc on whether or not the Ciphers slaves are here or not.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I purchased the slaves from the Caesar's Legion slavers in Denver.
    I helped the slaves of the Caesar's Legion escape captivity.
  • Dumb Journal: Me buy slaves from Terrence in Denver.
    Me help slaves escape from Terrence in Denver.
  • DiploBoy can negotiate freeing them or purchasing them.
  • Stealth Boy can sneak them out or sneak in to kill the slavers.
  • Combat Boy is better off killing the slavers then freeing the masterless slaves.


0 = unaware
1 = knows they have slaves
2 = bought the slaves
3 = freed them

Barter with the Evil Salvagers

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Kill the Evil Salvagers

If you decide to kill them, you can. They're not willing to talk to you, so....

  • Initiator: PC or Anton
  • Normal Journal: I attacked the rival salvagers camped in Denver.
    I managed to kill or drive off all of the rival salvagers in Denver.
    After an unsuccessful dialogue with Anton of the rival salvagers, I attacked them.
    After an unsuccessful dialogue with Anton of the rival salvagers, they attacked me.
  • Dumb Journal: Me fight rival scrappers.
    Me kill all rival scrappers.
    Me talk to Anton. He leads some Denver scrappers. Talk no go good, I attack him.
    Me talk to Anton. He leads some Denver scrappers. Talk no go good, They attack me.
  • Stealth Boy is an option if you decide to sneak up on them and kill them.
  • Combat Boy is the man for killin'.


0 = unaware
1 = knows they are there
2 = attacked them
3 = kill or drove them all off
4 = talked, I attacked them
5 = talked, they attacked me

Prepare/Fix Union Station

Needs some mechanical work. You can do it yourself or have the salvagers help out.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I found Union Station, a train depot in Denver. It needs some repairs but I don't see anything serious that would keep trains from stopping here.
    I've started making repairs to Union Station.
    I've finished the repairs to Union Station.
  • Dumb Journal: Me find train station in Denver. It needs some fixin.
    Me do some fixes to Denver train station.
    Denver train station all fixed.
  • Science Boy is the one


0 = unaware
1 = knows there is the station
2 = made some repairs
3 = fixed it all

Build a Telegraph Unit

Initiator: xxx

Normal Journal:

Dumb Journal:

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Buy Or Rent A Claim from A Salvager

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Destroy/Drive Off NCR Military

These are guys who work for Presper.

  • Initiator: PC or Butch
  • Normal Journal: I attacked the NCR soldiers exploring Denver.
    I managed to kill or drive off all of the NCR soldiers in Denver.
    After an unsuccessful dialogue with Butch of the NCR soldiers, I attacked them.
    After an unsuccessful dialogue with Butch of the NCR soldiers, they attacked me.
  • Dumb Journal: Me fight soldiers in Denver.
    Me kill all soldiers in Denver.
    Me talk to Butch. He leads soldiers in Denver. Talk no go good, I attack him.
    Me talk to Bunch. He leads soldiers in Denver. Talk no go good, They attack me.
  • Stealth Boy is an option if you decide to sneak up on them and kill them.
  • Combat Boy is the man for killin'.


0 = unaware
1 = knows they exist
2 = attacked them
3 = killed or drove off all
4 = talk, I attacked
5 = talk, they attacked

Kill All the Dogs

Requires a lot of work and a lot of ammo, and you're fighting a slow respawn. Can be done over time. When # dogs alive = 0, you've done it.

  • Initiator: PC or the dogs.
  • Normal Journal: I think I've managed to kill all of the dogs in Denver.
  • Dumb Journal: Me think me killed all dogs in Denver.
  • Science Boy can use the scent repellant to deter some of the attacks
  • Stealth Boy can snipe like crazy
  • Combat Boy is made for death


0 = unaware
1 = killed all dogs

Get the Generator from the Old Camp

Drag the damn thing back from the old camp.

  • Initiator: Porter or PC
  • Normal Journal: I found a generator in an abandoned camp on the north side of Denver.
    I traded the generator I found to the NCR salvagers.
    Porter, leader of the NCR salvagers, asked me to bring the generator from their old camp to the new camp.
    I brought the salvagers' generator to Porter.
  • Dumb Journal: Me find generator in empty camp.
    Me trade generator to NCR scrappers.
    Porter of NCR scrappers wants his generator from the old camp.
    I brought Porter his generator.
  • Any character can drag this to the new camp


0 = unaware
1 = found generator
2 = traded generator to salvagers
3 = Porter asked you to bring it to them
4 = you brought it to them

Defuse the Mines on the Freeway to Boulder

So Galinski's truck doesn't bite it. Requires a count of the mines, when the number defused = mine count, you're done.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: The Denver road leading north to Boulder has been mined.
    I found a map at Bombay Jack's place showing mines he placed on the road north to Boulder.
    I've started dealing with the mines on the road to Boulder.
    I've taken care of all the mines on the north exit to Boulder.
  • Dumb Journal: Road to Boulder has booms!
    Me find mat at Jack's house that shows booms on road to Boulder.
    Me fixing booms on road to Boulder.
    Me fix all booms on road to Boulder. No more booms.
  • Science Boy is the trap-defuser.
  • Stealth Boy is more likely to sneak past them.


0 = unaware
1 = knows there are mines (by accident)
2 = knows there are mines (from Jack's map)
3 = started taking some mines out
4 = taken care of all mines

Recover Plague Outbreak & Riot Documents

These can be found in the police station database. Low computer skill means you can get some, higher skill means you can get a lot more.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I found some records on the pre-War riots in Denver. Looks like the conflict with China was causing some problems back home.
    I found some evidence of a plague outbreak in Denver shortly before the War.
    (Specific text relevant to riots)
    (Specific text relevant to plague)
  • Dumb Journal: Police computer has old records on riots. Things were bad here.
    Me find info on old plague in Denver police computer from before Big Boom.
    (Specific text relevant to riots)
    (Specific text relevant to plague)
  • Science Boy is best at getting this info, but it's not so hard that you'd need to tag it


0 = unaware
1 = found records
2 = found plague evidence
3 = found riot evidence
4 = found even more plague evidence pointing to the same thing you're carrying

Recover Apple Core from Box fridge

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Purify the Jerked Dog Meat

Or tell them to cook it first, for Chrissake. They think raw bloody meat is better for you. Idiots.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Use the Big Radio to Signal ARGOS

If you want to call ARGOS to your location (for example, if you want a quick trip back to ODYSSEUS), you can use the repaired radio tower to broadcast a call to him.

This might be a good way to grab Daniel even if he's unwilling.

  • Initiator: PC
  • Normal Journal: I used the Denver radio tower to transmit a signal to ARGOS, telling it there were escaped prisoners from ODYSSEUS here.
    ARGOS has appeared in Denver, presumably because of my radio transmission.
  • Dumb Journal: Me call ARGOS with Denver radio.
    ARGOS showed up because me called him with Denver radio.
  • Any character can do this


0 = unaware
1 = used radio to signal
2 = Argos has appeared

Convince the Salvagers to Start Washing

It'll help keep them from getting sick, and will get rid of the rashes. Also it helps if you get Jimmy T to wash his hands before treating someone.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Analyze Their Drug Stockpile

They have a lot of stuff stashed, but some of it is unlabeled, and they don't know what most of the labeled stuff does. Jimmy T asks you to help with this.

  • Initiator: Jimmy T
  • Normal Journal: Jimmy T in Denver asked me to look over their stockpile of drugs and figure out what's useful and what's gone bad. Since he mostly knows tribal medicine, the names of the drugs don't mean anything to him and he doesn't want to experiment with drugs that might be dangerous.
    Though I didn't know what all of it did, I was able to help Jimmy T sort out some of his drug stockpile. As a thank-you, he gave me XXX.
    I identified the salvagers' drugs for Jimmy T. As a thank you, he gave me XXX.
  • Dumb Journal: Jimmy in Denver not know what drugs do. He know tribal medicine, not city medicine, so city medicine names confuse him.
    Me not know all, but me tell Jimmy what some of his drugs do. He said thank you and gave me XXX.
    Me tell Jimmy what the drugs do. He said thank you and gave me XXX.
  • Science Boy is best, but any character can do some of them.


0 = unaware
1 = Jimmy T asked you to look them over
2 = identified some
3 = identified all

Help Bean Up the Liquor content of his still

This also means they can make decent Molotov cocktails, instead of half-assed ones.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Make Some Explosives?

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Kill Radioactive Lizards

The guys are eating them, or just getting sick from proximity. If killed, the salvagers will stop soaking up rads. Once the lizards in their camp are killed off, they can start using Rad-Away and similar drugs to stay healthy.

  • Initiator: PC (upon realizing they're radioactive)
  • Normal Journal: The lizards crawling all over the salvager camp are radioactive. No wonder these guys are sick. It's bad enough they live near these things, but they sometimes eat them, too.
    I killed all of the lizards hanging around the new salvager camp. That should keep their rad count from climbing every day.
  • Dumb Journal: Climbing lizards have rads. Rads keeping the scrappers sick.
    Me kill all rad-lizards in scrapper camp.
  • Any character can kill the lizards, they're not too much of a threat. Avoiding their bite is the tricky part, which means....
  • Stealth Boy should snipe them from concealment, or
  • Combat Boy can lumber out in big armor.


0 = unaware
1 = knows there are lizards
2 = know they're radioactive
2 = killed all the lizards living near the salvagers

Fix Salvager's wounded arm & Burns

Someone has a broken arm and burns from when BJ jumped his claim.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Fix Davis' Concussion and slight Deafness

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Get Garcia out of his coma.

It just requires more medical skill than Jimmy has, or some time.

  • Initiator: Jimmy T, Porter, or PC. Once he's up and around, he'll reward you with something.
  • Normal Journal: Garcia, one of the NCR salvagers, is in a coma from a bomb explosion set by Bombay Jack.
    A super-stimpack should get Garcia out of his coma, otherwise he'll probably be out of it for a couple weeks.
    Careful use of a stimpack or TRIBALREMEDY should get Garcia out of his coma, otherwise he'll probably be out of it for a couple weeks.
    I was able to get Garcia out of his coma.
    Now that he's up and around, Garcia gave me some stuff he salvaged as a thank-you for getting him out of his coma.
  • Dumb Journal: Jack make boom-trap. Garcia got hurt and is in coma.
    Super-stimpack should wake up Garcia.
    Stimpack or TRIBALREMEDY should wake up Garcia.
    Me woke up Garcia!
    Garcia gave me stuff to thank for saving him from coma.
  • Science Boy with good Medicine skill can just use a stimpack or tribal remedy, your average guy with a smattering of Medicine has to use a Super-Stim. Poor medicine = can't do it.


0 = unaware
1 = knows Garcia is in a coma
2 = has good enough Medicine skill to use the cheapy remedy
3 = has mediocre, had to use the expensive remedy
4 = Garcia has given you stuff as a thank-you

Fix minor salvager ailments.

Stomach cramps from a couple of guys

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Get the Salvagers some fruit or Vitamins

They're getting scurvy and need fruit or some vitamins. Some of the stuff in Jimmy's drug pile count as vitamins and would help in this. You can also get vitamins from the Lowry Hospital.

  • Initiator: Porter, Jimmy T
  • Normal Journal: Living on a diet of nothing but meat, the salvagers are getting sick. They need fruit or vitamins to make sure they're getting all of the nutrition they need.
    I found some canned fruit for the salvagers. That'll keep them from losing their teeth.
    I brought some fruit to the salvagers. That'll keep them from losing their teeth.
    I found some vitamins. This is exactly what the salvagers need to supplement their meat-only diet.
    I brought vitamins to the salvagers. That'll keep them from losing their teeth.
    Jimmy T's assortment of drugs included some vitamins, which he can give to the salvagers to keep them healthy.
  • Dumb Journal: Scrappers getting sick because they only eat meat. They need fruit or pills to not be sick all the time.
    Me find fruit in cans for scrappers. Now they get better.
    Me bring fruit to scrappers. Now they get better.
    Me find pills. Pills fix meat-only-sick that scrappers have.
    Me bing pills to scrappers to fix only-meat-sick.
    Jimmy have pills to help salvagers not be only-meat-sick.
  • Science Boy can know that the vitamins would help.
  • Any character can bring them fruit or canned fruit.


0 = unaware
1 = knows they need fruit or vitamins
2 = found canned fruit
3 = brought fruit (fresh or canned)
4 = found vitamins
5 = brought vitamins
6 = know that Jimmy's drug stockpile includes vitamins

Fix the guy sick from Bean's Moonshine

It's crappy quality and he's apparently sensitive to it and is now slightly poisoned.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Fix the Radio Tower

It's running erratically, partly because of the generator (see below), partly because its control system is messed up.

  • Initiator: Wagner, C.B., Porter
  • Normal Journal: The salvagers told me their radio tower is running erratically.
    I managed to fix the Denver radio tower. Even running on a generator this thing's signal might be able to reach Boulder.
  • Dumb Journal: Scrapper big radio is broken.
    I fix scrapper big radio. Now radio works all the time and goes far.
  • Science Boy is needed to fix it.


0 = unaware
1 = knows there is a radio tower
2 = fixed the tower

Fix the Radio Tower's Generator

It needs some repairs, but Wagner doesn't have the skill to do it.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Fix the broken Hand radios

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Fix the Battery Recharger

It has been cannibalized to keep the genny running. If the genny is fixed, then this can be fixed.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Unlock the Three Safes

They haven't been able to pick them and don't want to waste the explosives on 'em.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Fix the Salvagers' Weapons

A shotgun, a rifle, and a small pistol, all needing repair.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Show theM how to jerk the meat better

Fix the above quest about preparing the uncooked jerky.

Science Boy


Stealth Boy

Combat Boy

Get Jimmy T a Doctor's Bag

Jimmy T could use a doctor's bag to help him treat the salvagers. Over time he'll use it up and ask for another.

  • Initiator: Jimmy T
  • Normal Journal: Jimmy T asked me to find him a doctor's bag, since his medical skill is limited.
    I traded Jimmy T a doctor's bag. He was very grateful.
    Jimmy T has used up the supplies in the doctor's bag I traded him. He'd like another.
    I traded Jimmy T another doctor's bag. As before, he thanked me very much
  • Dumb Journal: Jimmy needs doctors bag to be good doctor.
    Me trade Jimmy a doctor's bag. He say thanks.
    Jimmy needs another doctor's bag.
    Me trade Jimmy another doctor's bag. He say thanks.
  • Science Boy might be able to make a doctor's bag
  • Any character can find a doctor's bag elsewhere in the game


0 = unaware
1 = Jimmy asked you to get him a doctor's bag
2 = traded Jimmy a doctor's bag (eventually switches over to state 3)
3 = Jimmy needs another doctor's bag (sets it back to state 2 for a while)

Get them a Geiger Counter

This would solve the problem of the radioactive lizards, and would help them steer clear of high-rad areas in town.

  • Initiator: Porter, Jimmy T
  • Normal Journal: Porter asked me to track down a Geiger counter for the NCR salvagers.
    Jimmy T asked me to track down a Geiger counter for the NCR salvagers.
    I got a Geiger counter for Porter.
    I got a Geiger counter for Jimmy T.
  • Dumb Journal: Porter asked me to find a "guy grrr counter." Me think he really want a rad-click box.
    Porter asked me to find a "guy grrr counter." Me think he really want a rad-click box.
    Me find rad-click box for Porter.
    Me find rad-click box for Jimmy.
  • Science Boy might be able to make a Geiger counter.
  • Any character can find one


0 = unaware
1 = Porter asks for one
2 = Jimmy T asks for one
3 = you gave it to Porter
4 = you gave it to Jimmy

Defeat Dogbody

Dogbody is holed up in the DCPD. At first he's friendly, but if you kill dogs or just after a while he'll turn on you and you'll have to kill him to stop him from using BITE-ME on your camps to attract dogs.

  • Initiator: Dogbody, PC
  • Normal Journal: We were attacked by Dogbody, the crazy guy from the NCR salvagers. I guess he didn't die in the attack on the old salvager camp.
    We were attacked by a crazy old man who barked like a dog.
    That crazy old man must be Dogbody, the one the NCR salvagers thought died in the dog attack on their old camp.
    I managed to kill Dogbody. Poor crazy bastard.
  • Dumb Journal: Dogbody attacked me! He's crazy.
    Crazy old dog-man attacked me!
    Crazy old man is Dogbody, dead friend of scrappers. Me guess he not really dead.
    Me kill Dogbody. Dogbody dead and crazy.
  • DiploBoy can talk to him at first, but eventually it's no use.
  • Stealth Boy is best at sneaking around the DCPD.
  • Combat Boy likes the blood


0 = unaware
1 = Dogbody attacked, you know him
2 = Dogbody attacked, you don't know who he is
3 = you don't know him but just figured out who he is
4 = killed Dogbody

Start Trade With NCR or New Canaan

These guys haven't heard from NCR. If you tell the leaders in Hoover Dam about them, they'd be happy to start a big resource trade for them, providing food, supplies, and money to the salvagers. In return, the salvagers would sent salvaged materials to NCR.

You could do the same thing with New Canaan.

  • Initiator: Porter, NCR guy in Hoover Dam, mormon dude in New Canaan.
  • Normal Journal: Porter is worried that they haven't heard from NCR in a long time.
    I talked to Dodge at Hoover Dam about the salvagers in NCR. He was surprised to hear the news – everyone though they were dead. He asked me to let them know that Hoover Dam is interested in trading for or buying their salvage, as originally intended, and wants to know what they want in return, so they can set up a trade route.
    Duplicate of above, except New Canaan guy.
    I told Porter about Hoover Dam's interest in buying the Denver salvage xxxx
    I told Porter about New Canaan's interest in buying the Denver salvage xxxx
    Reported back to Hoover Dam
    Reported back to New Canaan
    Sealed the deal with Hoover Dam
    Sealed the deal with New Canaan
  • Dumb Journal: xxxx duplicate the above, but dumb
  • DiploBoy is best at negotiating stuff to favor one side or the other.


0 = unaware


0 = unaware

Tell the Hangdogs About the Denver Dogs 2462

Once you know about the dogs and how the Salvagers don't want them, you can tell the Hangdogs to come get some dogs and arrange for the salvagers to leave the Hangdogs alone.

See Bares His Teeth for the task description strings for this quest.

  • Initiator: Porter.
  • Normal Journal:
  • Dumb Journal: xxxx duplicate the above, but dumb
  • DiploBoy is best at negotiating stuff to favor one side or the other.


1 = you know there are dogs here
2 = you know the salvagers don't want them around
3 = you've told the Salvagers that the Hangdogs are coming and don't want any trouble


1 = the Hangdogs are going to go get some dogs



  • Initiator: qqqq
  • Normal Journal: qqqq
  • Dumb Journal: qqqq
  • Science Boy
  • DiploBoy
  • Stealth Boy
  • Combat Boy


0 = unaware
Area Quest Name Designer DStatus Script SStatus Log Stat Passable QA 100%
Random, hospital, mint Get Elevator Cable Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Boardwalk Brewing Get Brewery Running Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp, Rival Camp, Legion Camp, Boardwalk Brewing Repair 4 Klaxons Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
DCPD Use Klaxons to Get Rid of Dogs Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
DCPD, random Defeat CRB-S Units Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
DCPD Fix Mr. Handy/Job Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
anywhere Reprogram Job so it can leave Denver Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
The Box Break Into Box, Surface Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
The Box Break Into Box, Sewer Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
The Box Defeat Bombay Jack, Box Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Bombay Jack's Canyon Defeat Bombay Jack, Lair Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Legion Camp Defeat Legion Slaves Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Legion Camp Rescue Legion Slaves Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Rival Salvager Camp Kill Rival Salvagers Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Union Station Fix Union Station Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Xxxx Build Telegraph? Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Random Kill NCR Soldiers Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Random, parks Kill All Dogs Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Old Camp Get Generator From Old Camp Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp? Defuse Freeway Mines Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
DCPD Recover Plague/Riot Docs From DCPD Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Signal ARGOS With Radio Tower Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Analyze Salvager Drug Stockpile Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Kill Radioactive Lizards Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Get Garcia Out Of His Coma Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Get Salvagers Fruit/Vitamins Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Fix Radio Tower Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Get Jimmy T a Doctor's Bag Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
New Camp Get Salvagers a Geiger Counter Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
Random, DCPD Defeat Dogbody Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx
xxxx xxxxxx Reynolds xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx

Area: The area of the game and the map in the area where the quest is initiated.

Quest Name: The name of the quest.

Designer: The designer responsible for the quest so people know who to contact.

Dstatus: The status of the design.

Script: The programmer in charge of programming the location.

Dscript: The status of the coding for the quest.

LogStat: What's the status of the log for these quests? Do you get the unsolved version, do you get the solved version, and do you get a good/bad Karma and a stupid one, if appropriate?

Passable: Is the quest passable in some form?

QA 100%: Is the quest completable in ALL forms?

Merchant Quests

For some locations, there will be a merchant caravan that travels to and from the city. Make sure you describe what caravan missions are available in the location, and a note of who the caravan master(s) are for the location and where they can be found. It's usually best if they are located somewhere near the opening map of the location.

  • Once the brewery is running, they can do a beer caravan, or hook up with the Wright family from New Reno (see references in New Canaan) who can use this as and end of the road to resupply their caravan on the return trip
  • Once ties are set up with Hoover Dam or New Canaan, they can trade their salvage stuff to there (even bulky stuff like girders, tires, etc. if you have the big rig or the train)
  • Or to Fort Abandon
  • Tell Hangdogs about the dogs here

Floating Quests

This may end up being canned in the time provided, still you may want to jot down some thoughts.

Scott Warner suggested implementing a randomly-generated quest system for TORN, based on the Privateer model; basically, a number of random quests appear on a "job post" (or its equivalent) somewhere in the world, and the player can pick and choose from a number of simple quests that change over time.

These randomly generated missions make no pretensions about being cut-and-dry FedEx or Murder Quests: "Go collect bounty on five ghouls," "retrieve five chunks of gold ore," "deliver three sub-machine guns to the caravan master," and so on. Make a quick list of different kinds of quick and dirty random missions that would be appropriate for the location – several of the missions (but not necessarily all) should be tied to the random encounters that occur near the town.

Jeff suggested we add some random labor quests, too: brahmin need herding, crops need tilling, things like that.

  • I need bullets
  • Get me some booze
  • Find me a gun


Scripting covers a number of elements:

Note that there may be some scripting-specific information for NPCs, audio, art requirements and so on that may be listed there.


There are some general scripting issues...

Wacky Scripting: If you get the klaxon/dogs quest finished, all the dogs leave town, but the random encounters with dogs outside of town in the nearby areas goes up.

If you reactivate the Box's robot factor, robots start appearing (see spawn, below), eventually driving out all human inhabitants (dogs and lizards remain because they don't attack the robots and aren't seen as a threat).

Cut Scenes: There will be a cut scene at the Box if Bombay Jack and/or the traitor salvagers aren't dealt with before you go to the Box. The cut scene involves you, the traitor salvagers, and Bombay Jack. Note: Be sure to include animations and IDs to the art for scriptors contained within the cut-scene description.

If Jack blows up his lair, we'll need a FMV of the building blowing up, and a script change to make the map a field of rubble with your characters scattered through it, severely injured.


Dogs and lizards spawn and respawn. Dogs continue to respawn until you kill them all. Lizards respawn everywhere; except if you finish the "kill the lizards" quest they no longer respawn at the New Camp.

Once you breach the Box and the robot factory reactivates, robots start to spawn and take up spots on every single map, including random maps. They move to react to threats, so once a group (like the salvagers) attacks them, the robots will overwhelm and imprison them, with some guys escaping to the hills to never be seen again.

Difficulty Level/PC level/Multiplayer:

At higher difficulties, PC levels, and in multiplayer games, the number of dogs in random encounters are greater and the dogs are tougher. Likewise, the power level of the NCR soldiers, Rival Salvagers, and Caesar's Legion goes up in these cases.

Event Stuff:

Once the Legion guys are discovered in Denver, every month that passes has a 25% chance that they've left to go back to Caesar, including taking all their slaves with them. This means the PC might not be able to grab Daniel.

Eventually the traitor salvagers are going to make their own strike at the Box. The PC will be able to hear these interactions over the radio. Unless the PC can get there quickly, it'll be over by the time the PC gets there, and the traitor salvagers will have been sniped or bombed by Jack and he'll be in the process of stripping their corpses (or done doing so).

If the PC uses Dogbody's BITE-ME bomb within the New Camp, within an hour the place is overrun with dogs and the salvagers are forced to flee Denver forever. Their camp remains overrun with dogs for several weeks.

Eventually Dogbody attacks the PC, regardless of how friendly or helpful the PC used to be.

ARGOS comes by on his rounds, looking for the PC. If Daniel or the other prisoner is there, he grabs them, too.

Cool Shit

The Cool Shit section is just that—what's cool about this area? For starters, you should be able to say in one or two sentences why a player would remember this location. If you were a player, what would make you want to play this location? What would make you glad you played this location?

What keeps the PC coming back? More stuff to loot, more trading with the salvagers. The Box. Dealing with Bombay Jack. The NCR guys. Working on fixing the train. Starting trade agreements with the salvagers & NCR. Convincing them to go to New Canaan to work.

Handouts: Riot & plague documents, background on the DCPD K-9 program, correspondence from before the war (the woman writing to her soldier husband, for example).

Vehicles: If we go with the police car option, this is the place to get it, since we have a police station motor pool with several vehicles that can be salvaged for parts.

Train: If you get the train running, you can take it anywhere from Fort Abandon to Boulder immediately, but any other place (Hoover Dam, Reservation, New Canaan) requires working to repair the tracks that are out along the way.

Task List

The Tasks section is a list of all the work that needs to be done for the area. It is a good summary for the producer, other designers, artists, and programmers as to what has been done in the area, who to check with if you have questions about certain tasks, and so on.

This section is only useful if it is used. If we're several months into the project and no one has been using it, then it will no longer be used or updated. There's no sense in wasting time doing additional bookkeeping if it's serving no purpose.

Sound Requirements

Area Sound requirements
Denver (general) MUSIC DESCRIPTION
Faint country feel (John Denver's Rocky Mountain High, etc.), of things being built and people living, but overwhelmed by a morose tune of loss.
Barking of dogs. Wind. Faint hammering.
As Denver (general), except has more military elements, more patriotic.
As Denver (general).
Faint sounds of a human howling like a dog (this sound stops while you encounter Dogbody and after you kill him).
Dangerous low guitar, representing the dog threat, sounding something like "Zed's Dead Baby/Bullwinkle Part II" from Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
As Denver (general), except no hammering. Dog sounds more prevalent.
Industrial/factory sounding tune, reminiscent of the "crazy factory" theme music used in Bugs Bunny cartoon.
As Denver (general), except construction sounds, like robots being manufactured. (this stops if you manage to shut down the factory)
Bombay Jack's Canyon MUSIC DESCRIPTION
As Denver (general), except without the morose, more paranoid (bombs are everywhere here). Or like "Bring Out The Gimp/Comanche" from Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
As Denver (general), except no hammering.
Crazy laughter
Police Chief's Fallout Shelter MUSIC DESCRIPTION
As Denver (general), except
New Camp/

Rival Salvager's Camp

As Denver (general), except more industrial, no sadness. Alternately, In the Jailhouse Now from O Brother Where Are Thou? Soundtrack, or Big Rock Candy Mountain from same.
As Denver (general), except
Caesar's Legion Camp MUSIC DESCRIPTION
Something evoking a Roman Legion's marching tune.
As Denver (general), except

Location Checklist

Each area document will also have a Location Checklist.

In Fallout 3, we need to make sure that each character type has an equally enjoyable role-playing experience in each location (evil characters and stupid characters are usually given the short end of the stick; the rewards for these types of characters are usually unbalanced when compared to the goody-two-shoes characters). No more!

In addition, there were a few skills and statistics in Fallout 1 and 2 that didn't see enough use by the designers. As an example, Charisma wasn't nearly as useful as most of the other statistics in Fallout 1, and the Doctor Skill was as useless as a third thumb in both Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. If we take care to see that each stat and skill can be used effectively design-wise in each location in the game, then I think these stats can gain back some of the ground they've lost over the past few games. That's what the location checklist is for.

The location checklist is a glorified grocery list, covering a number of the role-playing possibilities for each "kind" of character the player may have chosen (Stealth Boy, Science Boy, Combat Boy, Charisma Boy). This checklist is intended to insure each kind of character has something cool to do in each location, and that the rewards and role-playing experiences for each location are balanced whether the player is good or evil, stupid or smart, a combat monster or a science guy.

Designers don't have to make sure that each entry is checked off for each location – as long as they make up for it in another of their locations in the game. The exception to this rule is for early areas of the game, since those are the first areas the players will encounter, and I want their character to have a rich role-playing experience all-around right from the start. (If the player went through three early areas, and his Doctor skill isn't used once, then he's going to be sorry he took it.)

My prototype checklist consists of the following entries:

Attribute Challenge Reward
Evil Karma Character Kill the NCR salvagers XP, loot
Good Karma Character Kill evil salvagers, kill Caesar's Legion guys, free slaves XP, loot
Stupid Character
Low Reputation Character
High Reputation Character
Human Character
Male Character
Female Character Seduce a salvager for something
Firearms Destroy all dogs XP
Melee Destroy all dogs XP
Unarmed Destroy all dogs XP
Barter Do trades with salvagers, bargain for a claim Loot, loot
Deception Trick the salvagers
Persuasion Establish trade with NCR/New Canaan
Mechanics Many things to repair
Medic Wake Garcia, help Jimmy identify drugs
Outdoorsman Know that the ultrasonics would fix the dog problem
Science Digging up info from DCPD computer
Lockpick Entering the box, opening the safes
Sneak Dealing with dogs, lizards, Bobay Jack, Dogbody, evil salvagers, Legion
Traps Defusing Bombay Jack's bombs on the freeway and in his home
Carrot 1 (Bonus Perk, Medal, Epithet, whatever) Claim Jumper
Carrot 2
Easter Egg 1
Easter Egg 2
Perks (Any cool Perk mileage?)
Traits (Any cool Trait mileage?) --
Economics Scanevnging. Desperate for food and medicine, willing to trade other goods
Power/Infrastructure Frontier/survivalist
Food Dogs, lizards
Tie to Another Area 1 Trade with NCR
Tie to Another Area 2 Labor for New Canaan
Tie to Another Area 3 Interactions with Boulder
Multiplayer Elements?

Room for Improvement

Also be sure to include hooks for "room for improvement." This section may change depending on how Ferret thinks it should be organized.

Room for Improvement: You can repair stuff at the train station, getting the tracks fixed and the train, after which it's a working train station and can have guests. If you get the connection fixed all the way to NCR and establish trade with them, they'll actually post a small military squad here.

End Movies

Each area document will also have a list of possible End Movies depending on what the character did in the location. This section should contain:

  • The condition for each end movie. Someone has to script this, so make sure it includes all necessary flags or other conditions that need to be checked.
  • The narration text for the end movie. Write it as if Ron Perlman would read it.
  • Some suggested art for the end movie slideshow. Keep it as a simple 2D image.

Note: Over the course of the project, you may wish to collect art that may be appropriate for an end movie slideshow and just keep it stored in a folder on the server or locally.

A quick example is provided below:


The player never entered Denver Skip Cinematic
The player had the satellite fire on Denver. Goto 1
Killed NCR salvagers, dogs rule Goto 2
NCR salvagers never make a trade with other groups, they leave, dogs rule Goto 3
Reconnected salvagers to NCR in Hoover Dam, no train, dogs eliminated, it's a fort! Goto 4
Reconnected salvagers to NCR in Hoover Dam, no train, dogs still present, salvagers end up leaving, dogs rule Goto 5
Reconnected salvagers to NCR in Hoover Dam, got train running, dogs eliminated, it's a fort! Goto 6
Reconnected salvagers to NCR in Hoover Dam, got train running, dogs still present, dogs eventually eliminated, it's a fort! Goto 7
Ghouls take over Denver (if you tell them about it and Denver doesn't at least become a fort) Goto 8


Denver, once ravaged by nuclear war, suffered again as the satellite-launched warhead plummeted to earth. Dogs, salvagers, buildings, everything was incinerated by the atomic fire. Only a few hardy mutant cockroaches survived the blast. Show a mushroom cloud in the distance with a highway and train tracks leading up to it.


With the deaths of the NCR salvagers, the dogs completely overtake Denver. Though desperate wastelanders brave its borders from time to time in order to scavenge materials from the old world city, the city belongs to the dogs and they aggressively defend it against intruders. Show packs of dogs running through the streets, the skeletons of skyscrapers looming above them.

3. DOG CITY mk 2 (WTG)

Isolated from NCR and other groups, the salvagers of Denver eventually die or leave their claims in despair. The dogs roam freely through the town. Though desperate wastelanders brave its borders from time to time in order to scavenge materials from the old world city, the city belongs to the dogs and they aggressively defend it against intruders. Show packs of dogs running through the streets, the skeletons of skyscrapers looming above them.


With ties reestablished between NCR and its Denver salvagers, and the dog threat eliminated, the salvager camp becomes the foundation for a fortified area in Denver. Over time more salvagers come to the city and establish claims, and the New Camp becomes a true fort. The original salvagers buy off their sentences, sell their claims, and move west, moderately wealthy for their years of hard work. Show a skyscraper on a major road, surrounded by fortified walls and guarded by frontier guys with guns.

5. DOG CITY mk 3! (WTG)

Though the Denver salvagers were able to establish trade ties with NCR, the threat of the dogs and the great distance to Hoover Dam eventually do in their small camp before it gets a chance to benefit from the arrangement. The dogs roam freely through the town. Though desperate wastelanders brave its borders from time to time in order to scavenge materials from the old world city, the city belongs to the dogs and they aggressively defend it against intruders. Show packs of dogs running through the streets, the skeletons of skyscrapers looming above them.


With ties reestablished between NCR and its Denver salvagers, and the dog threat eliminated, the train station becomes the foundation for a fortified area in Denver. Over time more salvagers come to the city and stake claims, and Union Station becomes a fort within the city limits. The original salvagers buy off their sentences, sell their claims, and move west, moderately wealthy for their years of hard work. Show the train station, surrounded by fortified walls and guarded by frontier guys with guns.


With ties reestablished between NCR and its Denver salvagers, the train station becomes the foundation for a fortified area in Denver. Salvagers and soldiers from Hoover Dam drive back the dog packs, fortify Union Station, and stake claims in the city. The original salvagers buy off their sentences, sell their claims, and move west, moderately wealthy for their years of hard work. In time, Fort Denver becomes an actual town. Show the train station, surrounded by fortified walls and guarded by frontier guys with guns.


Without the strong support of NCR, the Denver salvagers fall prey to attacks by the ghouls of the Reservation, hungry for its old-world resources. The ghouls take over Denver, fortify Union Station, and mine its resources to further their agenda in the wasteland. Show the train station, surrounded by fortified walls and guarded by ghouls with guns.

Random Notes

This section is just for random notes you've made on the location - brainstorming ideas or whatever. It's like a word junkyard for stuff you might use or might not, but you haven't ruled them out yet.


Include a summary of changes you've done in a document at the end, and dump it into the Source Safe comments, if you can. Chances are, you'll have to email this information to certain people on the team, so it's worthwhile to record here.

8/11/01 – finished quests, last ragtag bits

8/6/01 – rearranged NPCs so most of them were generic

8/1/01 – added maps

7/1/01 – added quest ideas

06-25-01 – Fallout Location Template document created.

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