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Watoga Transit Hub terminal entries

The Watoga Transit Hub terminal entries are a series of entries found on two terminals at the Watoga Transit Hub in Fallout 76.

Front desk terminal

FO76 Watoga Transit Hub Front Desk Terminal.jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on the receptionist desk. It is locked and requires Hacker rank 2.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Watoga Transit Hub - Front Desk

Collision Danger


The number of monorail cars we have in operation is an accident waiting to happen. Fitting them all means we've had to cut stopping distances to the minimum.

All it's gonna take is for one car's brakes to underperform - not even fail, just underperform - and we're looking at a major, multi-car collision.

New Bus Lines Proposal


Another proposal to compliment the monorails with additional bus service got declined. They say that Watoga residents won't "degrade themselves" by taking a bus. And the lowered cost and improved capacity would bring "the wrong kinds of people" to the area.

Remote Door Control

Note: Accessing this command opens the door to the back office, storage, and generator room. It is locked Picklock level 3.

Monorail station terminal

FO76 Watoga Transit Hub (Monorail Terminal).jpg

Note: These three wall terminals are located on the east wall of the transit hub.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Watoga Transit Hub - Monorail Station Guide


Thinking about moving to Watoga but not sure how you'll get around? Look no farther than the futuristic Watoga Monorail! You can live in the city and commute to work in a breeze by riding on the fastest mass transit system in Appalachia!

Below is a guide for all current monorail stops - with many more planned in the future!

Watoga Transit Hub


Monorail Stop - Watoga Transit Hub

You are here! Depart from this station and you're guaranteed to get to any stop on the transit network within 15 minutes - or your money back!*

*Time-based refund requests related to the "15 minute guarantee" are evaluated on a per-case basis. Authorized refunds issued in the form of travel tokens for future monorail travel. Watoga Monorail travel tokens have no monetary value and are not intended for resale.

Spruce Knob

Note: Accessing this entry before locating Foundation adds it to the map. Before Wastelanders, this location was the public workshop of Spruce Knob.


Monorail Stop: Spruce Knob

Head down the west track to reach the highest elevation in Appalachia! See the view from the newly refurbished observation deck, or stay the night in the nearby campground.

Reaching this elevation via monorail is only possible using the amazing technology of the massive Monorail Elevator, which swings monorail riders up hundreds of feet in the air in a matter of seconds!


Note: Accessing this entry before locating the Garrahan Estate and the Garrahan Mining Headquarters adds both locations to the map.


Monorail Stop: Bramwell

At the end of the west track is Bramwell, home of the luxury Mega Mansions where the ultra rich residents of the region live.

While you probably won't be rubbing shoulders with the Garrahan or Hornwright families, you can exit here to take a tour of the impressive underground Garrahan Mining HQ.

RobCo Research Center

Note: Accessing this file before locating RobCo Research Center adds it to the map.


Monorail Stop: RobCo Research Center

Take the north track for a short non-stop trip to RobCo Research Center, the number 1 employer of Watoga residents!

Holders of the yearly monorail pass can also get a discount on a fascinating tour of their world-famous robotics factory using promo code GOWATOGA!