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Eric "Ferret" Baudoin was a developer who worked as lead quest designer on Fallout 76, and lead designer on subsequent updates.[Dev 1] He was a quest designer and writer for Fallout 4 as well as game designer for Black Isle Studios' Van Buren.[Dev 2]

Baudoin passed away on October 15, 2022.[Ext 1] News of his passing was shared online by former Bethesda Game Studios project lead Jeff Gardiner, who described Baudoin as an "eternal optimist and dear friend."[Dev 3] Emil Pagliarulo stated that what he will miss most "is a human so filled with love for his family, his colleagues, and his craft that he constantly reminded me what the point of all this actually is - to be happy, to make each other happy, and to never forget how wonderful life really is."[Dev 4] Bethesda Game Studios released an obituary for Baudoin on October 21, 2022.[Dev 5]


For Fallout 4, Baudoin worked on content for the Railroad, Deacon, Curie,[Dev 1] and Ironsides.[Dev 4] He also created and designed the quests The Silver Shroud[Dev 6] and Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution.[Dev 7] For Fallout 76, he wrote a majority of the story for the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel.[Dev 8] Baudoin stated that while designing Van Buren content, his goal was to make the areas "more believable in the context of the Fallout universe and not draw parallels to anything directly."[Dev 9]

Employment history

19972001ActivisionLead QA Tester / Production Coordinator
20012003CyberloreLead Level Designer
20032003Black Isle StudiosDesigner
20032006Obsidian EntertainmentLead Designer
20062012BioWareLead Designer
20122022Bethesda SoftworksLead Designer


Fallout series

-Van BurenDesigner
2015Fallout 4Quest Designer & Writer
2018Fallout 76Lead Quest Designer
Lead Designer (all updates)

Other work

1997Dark Reign: The Future of WarQuality Assurance Test Team
1997Comanche 3Team NovaLogic
1998Remington Top Shot: Interactive Target ShootingQuality Assurance Lead
1998BattlezoneQuality Assurance Test Team
1999Shanghai: Second DynastyQuality Assurance Tester
1999Kingpin: Life of CrimeQuality Assurance Tester
1999Heavy Gear IIProduction Tester
1999Civilization: Call to PowerQuality Assurance Tester
1999Battlezone II: Combat CommanderQA Project Lead
2001MechWarrior 4: Black KnightDesigner
2002MechWarrior 4: MercenariesDesigner
2004Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsDesigner
2006Neverwinter Nights 2Design Lead
2009Dragon Age: OriginsLead Designer / Writer
2011Dragon Age IILead Designer / Writer
2014Dragon Age: InquisitionAdditional Design
2023StarfieldTBD[Dev 4]


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Developer Statements
  1. 1.0 1.1 QuakeCon At Home 2020 with Mark Tucker and Ferret Baudoin: "Baudoin: I was a designer on Fallout 4, I did the Railroad, I did Deacon, I did Curie, I did all sorts of fun quests there. And I was the lead quest designer at launch for all the content for Fallout 76, and then post-launch, I was lead designer."
  2. Ferret Baudoin/Inside the Vault: "Question: Tell us a little about your role in the making of Fallout 1/2/3 (Van Buren)/Tactics?"
    "Baudoin: On Van Buren I was one of the game designers. Maxson’s Bunker and Hoover Dam were mine. I left BIS before the grim reaper came to town, so the torch for those areas was passed to other designers."
  3. Jeff Gardiner on Twitter (Archived)
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  6. Emil Pagliarulo on Twitter: "I created the character of the Silver Shroud, wrote all the radio plays. Most of the quest was done by designer Ferret Baudoin."
  7. QuakeCon At Home 2020 with Mark Tucker and Ferret Baudoin: "Baudoin: I did the Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution and so I was doing all sorts of research about rockets. My searches would be like, 'rockets how do I tamper and make them explode.' Like, that would be my search, right? And then I'd be like, 'oh no, that wouldn't quite do it, we need to make the rocket explode in a different way' so that you could tamper with it. So I kept doing search after search, and I'm like, 'if I'm not on a watchlist...'"
  8. QuakeCon At Home 2020 with Mark Tucker and Ferret Baudoin: "Baudoin: I did a lot of the writing for the Brotherhood of Steel at the launch of Fallout 76. And for me, I'm like, a big, huge Fallout Brotherhood of Steel fan. And to me, it was an awesome chance to sort of say like, 'let's explore some things that haven't been explored before that make sense.' Because Maxson has always been just a very intriguing figure to me. Just by talking about that, actually, there are nods to all sorts of things from various games. Fallout 1, probably, more than anything."
  9. Ferret Baudoin/Inside the Vault: "I was planning on trying to make my areas in Van Buren more believable in the context of the Fallout universe and not draw parallels to anything directly."