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Skinlab is a groove metal band formed in 1994 in San Francisco, California by vocalist/bassist Steev Esquivel (who used to sing in the Bay Area thrash band Defiance), guitarist Mike Roberts, Now with San Francisco Bay Areas RAZE the STRAY, guitarist Gary Wendt (who played for the Bay Area thrash band Sacrilege B.C. and currently fronts alt/metal band The Ghost Next Door), and drummer Paul Hopkins (the lineup having since been altered.) After releasing 3 full length studio albums and an EP, they disbanded in 2003 following the departure of two core members.


  • Steev Esquivel
  • Steve Green (Snake)
  • Paul Hopkins
  • Brian Jackson

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

The songs "Slave the Way", "Beneath the Surface" and "Losing All", performed by Skinlab, are used in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and played during gameplay.


Fallout series

2004Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelSlave the Way
Beneath the Surface
Losing All

Other work

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