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Gramercy & Ulster was a pre-War law firm in the United States.


In Appalachia, Gramercy & Ulster was hired by James Duncan - owner of Duncan & Duncan Robotics - to locate his brother Jonathan, who had supposedly changed the code to the Assaultron showroom in the brothers' store and then left.[1] To do so, the firm's partner William Ryan Gramercy stationed men around the neighborhood of the Duncans' store to deliver Jonathan a court summons. However, they mistook James for Jonathan and caused an "altercation," which led Gramercy to send an apology letter asking James to differentiate himself from his brother in some way but reaffirming their dedication to finishing their assignment.[2]

In reality, the firm's efforts would never succeed, as Jonathan Duncan was actually deceased. James had simply gone delusional, refusing to accept his brother's death and acting as if he were still alive and messing with their business.[3]


Gramercy & Ulster is mentioned only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.