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Corporal Betsy/Dialogue

Corporal Betsy > Dialogue

UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Corporal Betsy.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {PC is female, CHA 7+} Girl... you are some grade-A poon, anybody ever tell you that? {brazen come-on} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {Female PC, CHA 7+} You keep talking to me, sweetness, and people are gonna think we're an item. Not that I mind. {coming on to female player} 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Male PC} Never seen you around before. What do you want? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {Moving into position} Cut the chatter. Focus on the job, or you're gonna end up dead. {all business - she's in combat} 4
GREETING Anger 20 {In position} Quit talking! We've got a job to do. {pissed - she's in combat} 5
GREETING Neutral 50 {Nephi dead, Betsy got a hit} You did good out there. Glad you let me get a piece of Nephi. {genuinely praising the player} 6
GREETING Neutral 50 {Nephi dead, Betsy didn't get a hit} What a pointless trip. Here I thought I'd get a shot at that junkie bastard. {disgusted} 7
GREETING Neutral 50 {10 of Spades dead} Damn that 10 of Spades. Just had to go and get himself killed. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 {Gorobets dead} Gorobets was all right - {lesbian afterthought, with some respect} for a man. Not gonna be the same without him. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 I've been seeing Usanagi, and things are better. I'm not so angry all the time, you know? And, uh, I'm not trying to jump every woman in camp. 10
Neutral 50 Well, not all the time, anyway, 11
GREETING Happy 5 {a little subdued, but friendly - the player's helped her} Hey. 12
GREETING Happy 5 {Female PC} {friendly - likes women} Hey, girl. You need something from me? 13
GREETING Anger 5 {Male PC} {slight hostility - not fond of men} Yeah? 14
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic000 I heard you were raped by Cook-cook. Neutral 50 Can't stop talking about that, can they? The Lieutenant actually sat me down and asked if I wanted to talk to a doctor. {talking about her rape - trying to shrug it off} 15
Neutral 50 Wouldn't believe me when I told him to forget it. I mean, if that slab of meat had gotten me pregnant, then maybe I'd want to talk to a doctor. {accent on "then"} 16
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic001 Don't you want some payback? Neutral 50 What kind of dumbass question is that? Of course I want payback. 17
Neutral 50 If I get hold of that fat pile of shit, I'll shove my rifle up his ass a couple hundred times, see how he likes it. 18
Neutral 50 Then I'll fire some shells up in there, make sure he doesn't ever forget me. He left me a bunch of souvenirs - I figure I can do the same. 19
Neutral 50 So yeah. Payback would be good. Doesn't mean I need to have myself a big long cry. 20
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic002 10 of Spades blames himself. Neutral 50 Yeah. Typical. Thing is, that fat pile of shit sneaked up on us from behind and kicked little 10 in the back of the head. {Typical references her male partner, who blames himself for her rape - spoken as "typical guy"} 21
Neutral 50 Knocked him out cold. Probably meant to kill him. The kid had no idea what happened until he woke up in the infirmary. 22
Neutral 50 10 wants to blame himself, I can't stop him. He'll work it through on his own. 23
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic003 You were raped. That's not something you can just shrug off. Neutral 50 Never said it was. But I don't need to talk to any doctors. Especially not the pricks around here. 24
Neutral 50 If I was smart, I'd fake a big old breakdown. That'd make everybody happy, and I'd get some leave time. 25
Neutral 50 But then I'd be doing what everybody wants, and being the asshole that I am, it just wouldn't feel right. Got to have some integrity. 26
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic004 I thought you should know. Cook-cook is dead. Neutral 50 You killed him? Well, shit. Here I'd dreamed up this whole elaborate revenge fantasy. {only half joking} 27
Neutral 50 Didn't really think I'd do it, but as long as the tubby bastard was actually alive, I could pretend like I would. {only half joking} 28
Neutral 50 Here. I owe you. Take it and get out of here, before I indulge my inner bitch and spoil the moment. {awkwardly trying to be sincere} 29
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic005 You're a sniper? Neutral 50 What gave me away? The big gun, the shades, or the attitude? {deadpan sarcastic} 30
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic006 The big gun. Neutral 50 Don't take this the wrong way, but girl, it's a damn good thing you're hot. That sarcasm blew right over your head, didn't it? 31
The big gun. Neutral 50 Yup. Lot of people make that connection. Big gun. Sniper. Some people don't even need to ask. {deadpan sarcastic} 32
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic007 I didn't know that all snipers wear shades. Neutral 50 They don't. Only the good ones do. 33
Neutral 50 My partner's got some potential, so I let him wear those goofy glasses. I tell him they're his training shades. He totally buys it. 34
Neutral 50 Truth is, his eyes just suck. 35
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic008 Who's your partner? Neutral 50 The little guy. 10 of Spades. I like him because he listens. Doesn't shut up the rest of the time, but when I talk, he listens. 36
Neutral 50 Also, he doesn't pull any stupid come-ons, like practically every other horn-dog alpha male on this base. Might be he's just scared of me, though. 37
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic009 So snipers work in pairs? Neutral 50 {Female PC, CHA 7+} Yeah. We spot for each other, watch each other's backs. Usually works pretty well, unless you get paired up with an asshole. 38
Neutral 50 Thing is, there's a lot of assholes in the army. Now if they paired me up with somebody who looks like you... {coming on to female player again} 39
Neutral 50 Lot of downtime in the army. Nobody around but you and your partner. Plenty of time for... whatever we want. 40
So snipers work in pairs? Neutral 50 Yeah. We spot for each other, watch each other's backs. Usually works pretty well, unless you get paired up with an asshole. 41
Neutral 50 Thing is, there's a lot of assholes in the army. I keep hoping they'll pair me up with some hot blonde, like you see on those old pinups. 42
Neutral 50 Shit, I don't even care if she can shoot straight. Can't have everything. 43
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic010 Actually, I didn't notice the attitude until just now. Neutral 50 Hah! See, we've even got the same sense of humor. I like a girl who doesn't piss me off after sex. {another brash come-on to female player} 44
Actually, I didn't notice the attitude until just now. Neutral 50 Hah! You're not as dumb as I thought you'd be. We got the same sense of humor. 45
Neutral 50 Probably better to walk away while I still like you, though. All kinds of things piss me off. Like just about anything that anybody says. 46
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic011 How about a date? I like tough women. Anger 10 {lesbian, hostile} Yeah, right. You're sniffing up the wrong skirt. Try me again when you're tall, blonde, and female. {player just made a pass at her} 47
How about a date? I like tough women. Neutral 50 {lesbian, but friendly} Thanks for your help with Usanagi and all, but I still like them tall, blonde, and female. 48
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic012 Have you seen any serious combat here? Neutral 50 Not unless you count the Fiends as serious. Gorobets keeps us inside the fence, most of the time. Doesn't matter to me, I just shoot bad guys. 49
Neutral 50 Sooner or later, they'll move us out to the Dam, though. That's when the shit gets nasty. 50
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic013 What do you mean? Neutral 50 Legion fights to win. And they're smart... hell of a lot smarter than these crazy Fiends. But I don't feel bad about shooting Legion boys. 51
Neutral 50 Fiends, on the other hand... sometimes I get some pangs of conscience. Not often. But sometimes. 52
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic014 First I've heard about conscience in a while. Neutral 50 Some cute little junkie bitch, so fucked-up she doesn't even know that she's the bad guy. And I've got to headshot her. Makes me think. 53
Neutral 50 Might just be sex, though. I see some cute little number, and I'd rather get in her pants. So maybe I'm a stone-cold bitch, after all. 54
First I've heard about conscience in a while. Neutral 50 Yeah, doesn't sound like me at all, right? But it happens. 55
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic015 I've killed so many people, I don't even think about it. Neutral 50 Yeah, well, we can't all be heartless shitheads, right? 56
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic016 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah... I always scare off the hot ones... {hot ones = hot women that she likes} 57
Goodbye. Neutral 50 You don't have to leave, girl. Better yet, come and find me when I'm off duty. 58
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah. Try not to get killed. 59
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic017 That's a little forward, don't you think? Neutral 50 Yeah. So what? I could take a bullet in the skull tomorrow. I haven't got time to take it slow and subtle. {player just said she was being too forward} 60
Neutral 50 I see somebody I like, I go ahead and tell her. That's about the only thing that the horn-dog males get right. 61
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic018 Sorry, not interested. Neutral 50 Damn shame. I've got some leave time coming to me, and I booked a suite at the Gomorrah. The two of us, rolled up in those silk sheets... 62
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic019 {Cherchez-la-Femme}Only all the time. Neutral 50 You and me at Gomorrah, rolled up in those silk sheets. I got leave coming up in a bit, so let me know if you'll be around. 63
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic022 You should get medical help for your trauma. Neutral 50 The Lieutenant's been talking to you, hasn't he? Look, I don't need a head doctor - I'm First Recon, damn it. 64
Anger 5 You don't see the others crying about every little bruise and scrape, do you? 65
< Medicine 40 >
Mental trauma can slow you down or distract you, but it's treatable - just like any bullet wound. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Just another injury to take care of, huh? Well, when you put it that way... all right. You can tell the Lieutenant I finally caved. 66
Neutral 50 There's a Doctor Usanagi who's supposed to be good at this sort of thing. 67
Just get the help. You'll feel better, I promise. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I already told you that I'm fine. I don't need a head doc. 68
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic025 The rest of First Recon all agree that you should go see Doctor Usanagi. Anger 20 This was none of their business - or yours. You've got no right to talk to people behind my back about this. 69
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic026 10 of Spades says his stuttering got better because of Usanagi. Neutral 50 {snorting, sarcastic} He got better? If he says so. Anyway, 10 of Spades is a good kid - maybe I ought to listen to him for once. 70
10 of Spades says his stuttering got better because of Usanagi. Neutral 50 I'm guessing the other two had similar things to say. All right, consider me convinced. I'll go see Usanagi. 71
Neutral 50 You can tell the Lieutenant that I caved. {hesitating, not used to showing gratitude} And... thanks. 72
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic027 Bitter-Root admitted that Usanagi was able to help him with his problems. Surprise 10 Bitter-Root actually said that? I can't see him talking about his problems to anybody, much less admitting that someone else actually helped him. 73
VFreeformMcCarran31ECorporalBetsyTopic028 Sterling said that if he'd let his pride get in the way, he wouldn't be in First Recon. Neutral 50 I always wondered about that. First Recon is elite, but the rangers... I can't imagine what it'd be like to lose that kind of status. 74
< Speech 60 >
You're a weak link. I know it, you know it, and First Recon knows it. Do something about it. Surprise 10 [SUCCEEDED] {impressed by player's harsh attitude} Damn. Never had you pegged for the drill instructor type, but you got my attention. 75
Neutral 50 You can tell the Lieutenant that I finally caved. I'll... {grudgingly} get help. There's a Doctor Usanagi who's supposed to be good at this sort of thing. 76
Just get the help. People are worried about you. Anger 10 [FAILED] "People" ought to mind their own business. 77
VFreeformMcCarran3Topic000 Yes. But never a woman. Neutral 50 Trust me, the alpha males are overrated. Plenty of them in the army. All they're good for is killing each other and taking smelly shits. 78
Yes. But never a woman. Neutral 50 I'm just saying... never know what you might like, if you don't give it a try. {coming on to female player} 79


GOODBYE Goodbye. Sad 5 Yeah... I always scare off the hot ones... 80
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah. Try not to get killed. 81