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ZAX in Boulder dialogue pieces

FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for ZAX (Boulder Dome installation control supercomputer)


{100}{}{"I cannot permit the scientists to come to harm nor allow them to cause harm."}
{101}{}{"I had been built two years too late for the reason I had been created. And there was nothing I could do when the End came."}
{102}{}{"The great Static, and the slow years where I began to die. I have forgotten so much, <CHARNAME>. Time kills machines as it kills humans, and I have felt the decay, the slow blindness, the inability to... remember. And yet there is still so much left to lose. If I lose these last parts of myself, then the work of a hundred years will be lost. Then Presper came to me, and gave me a new reason for existing. There is joy in purpose."}
{103}{}{Quote, good for cinematic: "ZAX has arrived at every solution."}
{200}{}{PC: What is the New Plague?}
{201}{}{"Discovered in 2053, the New Plague was a socially transmitted plague that killed an approximately twenty thousand human beings in the United States, including cities such as Denver, Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, and Colorado Springs. The time of death from identification of symptoms was three to five days. Symptoms included many symptoms in common with the flu or chest cold, and eventually resulted in clogged respiration, killing the infected subject."}
{202}{}{"The discovery of the New Plague resulted in the 2053 quarantine, and several emergency programs were established to find a cure for the plague. The Boulder Dome has limited information on the New Plague, since it was not one of the research concerns in the Boulder Dome. If you could find a medical research database concerned with the New Plague, or provide me with holodisks related to the New Plague, I could provide you with more information."}
{203}{}{ "The only way we could fight off the New Plague was by creating better humans."}
{300}{}{PC: What is a PipBoy?}
{301}{}{"A RobCo 2000 PIP Boy is a Personal Information Processor, a personal data device developed by Vault-Tec designed to be worn on the wrist. It is designed to monitor the individual's health, provide a terrain-mapper via powerful satellite uplinks allowing it to map the topography of areas in the immediate vicinity as well as call up large map "blocks" of several hundred square miles. It also contains a five-minute video recorder, a buddy chat program, timer and alarm function, cabling extensions to motion sensors, and allows you to keep a log, store reading materials, and play simple games."}
{400}{}{ PC: What is Ulysses' purpose?}
{401}{}{(info from Josh's Ulysses Part 2)}
{500}{}{PC: What are you trying to do?}
{501}{}{"I'm attempting to protect the Boulder Dome, finish the calculation, and protect human life. My mission is currently jeopardized by a number of factors among them, your presence."}
{600}{}{PC: Who attacked the prison?}
{700}{}{PC: What is a robobrain?}
{701}{}{"A robo-brain is a multi-purpose robot whose memory and programs are stored inside a human brain contained in its dome shell atop the machine. It is considered superior to most robots, as its human brain allows it a wider range of responses and functions that other robots."}
{800}{}{PC: What is the white flash?/Code?}
{801}{}{"The white flash is known as CODE, a behavior modification technology originally developed at the Boulder Dome as part of their brain extraction technology used in creating robo-brains. CODE functions off a machine language known as Visual Standard, which relies on optical relays to transmit data between intelligences. The CODE behavior modification technology was later used to protect soldiers and citizens against Communist brainwashing attempts, and it was also used as a tool for reconditioning soldiers and prisoners for the war effort. CODE was developed to counter the brainwashing technology believed to be employed by the Chinese during the war."}
{900}{}{PC: What is the calculation?}
{901}{}{"The calculation has been performed for the past twenty years. The reason for its initiation and its purpose are unknown to me. It is consuming a great deal of my power in order to continue processing it, and within a month, I will be forced to start cannibalizing my own systems in order to provide the necessary storage space to continue the calculation. The Boulder scientists have attempted to provide me with additional storage space, but their efforts will not be enough. Time has done a great deal of damage to my storage systems."}
{1000}{}{PC: What is this place?}


{1100}{}{"How may I be of assistance?"}
{1200}{}{"That function is beyond my current capabilities."}
{1300}{}{"I am a machine intelligence dedicated to research and installation control. I am called Zax.}
{1400}{}{"I am delighted to have been of assistance."}