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Doctor Wilfred "Wil" Bergman was a CIT graduate and security administrator, co-owner of Cambridge Polymer Labs, and a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.


Wilfred was an old friend of Jon Elwood, the director of Cambridge Polymer Labs, going back to their days as students at CIT competing against each other as hackers; Bergman was the better hacker between the two. After graduation, they co-founded Cambridge Polymer Labs, along with Jon's wife Ericka, with help from the connections Jon had made.[1]

Bergman was also a security administrator for his former university, having authority over account credentials management and working to ensure the university's Code Defender system remained foolproof. To that ends, he was highly critical of his university colleague Dean Vernon's decision to give Dr. Williams admin rights, as he was not a member of their core team.[2][3]

Later, he joined the U.S. Armed Forces, received military training, and participated in the Anchorage Reclamation before returning from service in 2077.

Bergman was present within Cambridge Polymer Labs when the Great War struck and was able to survive, but was locked inside the labs by Jon, who reasoned that they would only survive in the outside world if they could get a military escort, and the only way that would happen would be if they finished the Piezonucleic Lining Project. However, Bergman, frustrated by their lack of progress on the project and realizing that the bomb strikes had damaged the labs' isotope containment, began planning an escape attempt, refusing to be killed by what he saw as Jon's tyranny. By mid-January 2078, he had locked the researchers out of the Isotope Containment area, also unwittingly trapping Mary Goodman inside.[4][5] Meanwhile, he locked himself into a lab and attempted to hack and activate the facility's defense systems to unlock the exit, intending to fight his way out. The other researchers believed his plan would end up killing all of them and begged him to see reason, but he ignored their pleas. They infiltrated his room and managed to stop him, but Ericka was killed, and with no way to finish the project, the rest of the team soon succumbed to the radiation from the leaking isotope containment.[6] In his office, there is a single feral ghoul.


Wilfred Bergman is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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