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Waves Crest Orphanage

Waves Crest Orphanage is a location on the Island in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


A safe is hidden in the wall behind an oil painting of a sailboat in the most eastern destroyed house, east of Circle Tree restaurant.

A leveled hermit crab is due north of the orphanage. The creature hides on a former parking lot between two derelict pickup trucks. Behind it is a destroyed bank building with a Vim vending machine left of the entrance door. Another wrecked Lobster Grill van similar to the one the crab is hiding in can be found on the same parking lot, but this one is harmless. This crab is the objective of one of the Deadliest Catch quests.


  • A complete Giddyup Buttercup, next to a school desk inside the building.
  • Two Overdue Books - One is under the attic bed closest to the stairs, another is in a baby stroller near the door.


All the streetlights around the orphanage are in working order, connected by a wire to a generator near the main office.


Waves Crest Orphanage appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.