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The Warrior is the name of the player character in Fallout Tactics.


The Warrior is a tribal recruited as an initiate by the Brotherhood of Steel. General Simon Barnaky initially doubts the Warrior due to their tribal origins. Yet, after the Warrior repeatedly proves to be of value, General Barnaky comes to believe the recruit would become a great commander, as the Warrior successfully accomplishes one mission after another, faster than anyone before and achieves new ranks. The Warrior later becomes a legend in the Brotherhood of Steel and a new General. The Warrior is heavily scarred across the face.[1]

It is the Warrior who helps defeat the organized raiders and slavers that terrorize local tribes around the Chicago area. The Warrior stops a cannibalistic psychic tribe known as the Beastlords, who are able to control creatures of the wastes, and it is the Warrior who put an end to Gammorin's Super Mutants, the remnants of the Master's Army.

The Warrior participates in the war against the Calculator's robots. In the end, the Warrior either becomes one with the Calculator, allows someone else of their team to do this, allows Barnaky's robot-mind to become one with the Calculator (items required salvaged from Barnaky's corpse in previous mission), or destroys the Calculator.


The Warrior appears in Fallout Tactics.


  1. Phillip Wilson: "Thank you, my friend! Wow, that's a lot of scars. Let me guess... Did you light your face on fire and try to put it out with an ice pick?"
    (Phillip Wilson's dialogue)