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Warrington Trainyard

They've holed up in the nearby metro tunnels. They're living with packs of Feral Ghouls. They've barred the main entrance. Go through the train yard.Gustavo

Warrington Trainyard is a location in the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3.


Located just west of Tenpenny Tower and northwest of Warrington Station in the southwest corner of the game map. Its location is adjacent to the Warrington Tunnels. It is inhabited by Ghouls, and there is a small, persistent source of mild radiation.


  • To the northwest, just over the ridge, is a Dot's Diner, however, it has no notable loot of any kind. There is a Type B random encounter location just west of the diner, at the radioactive pools. This trainyard is an entrance to the area in which Roy Phillips and his Ghoul friends are living. Feral Ghouls are seen wandering the wasteland within the compound of the station, day or night. They sometimes go outside the compound closer to Tenpenny Tower, or Lucky's.
  • If Broken Steel is installed one will sometimes find a Feral Ghoul Reaver, an unpleasant surprise for low level characters mainly due to their large health and better attacks.


Warrington Trainyard appears only in Fallout 3.