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Wagner (Van Buren)

Wagner is a ghoul salvager in Denver in Van Buren.


Wagner is a salvager ghoul living in Denver. Formerly living in Necropolis, he made his way north to Gecko, before leaving a few months later. He lived as a traveler, selling supplies and working as a light mechanic or electrician for any town that might need him. He is friendly-looking, always wearing a goofy grin along with his goggles.

He is actually working for Willem Clark in the Reservation. If the radio tower is fully operational, he'll try to send a signal.[1]

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.

Fix the Radio Tower

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Find Out About Wagner


Effects of the player's actions

If the Prisoner has Measles as a companion, Wagner will be surprised to see Measles if he shows up and kind of nervous; he can't be sure if it is chance or if Willem is doing a follow-up.[1]


Wagner was to appear only in Van Buren.