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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
SAD bio storage control terminal.png

These are the entries for the bio storage control terminal in the Sierra Army Depot VI.


{100}{}{A computer terminal.}
{101}{}{Bio Storage Control Terminal.}
{102}{}{You are unable to read what's on the monitor.}
{103}{}{Bio Storage Facility
                                              Main Menu
{111}{}{[You are unable to read what's on the monitor.]}
{112}{}{This terminal is Out of Order
                                Please contact network administrator for further details.}
{116}{}{Main Retrieval Menu
{120}{}{Select Virus}
{121}{}{Select Organs}
{122}{}{Select Cadavers}
{123}{}{Return to Main Menu}
{125}{}{Virus Menu
                                                             Black Plague (Strain 238)
                                          Small Pox (Strain 1025)
                                                                   Hantavirus (Strain 304)}
{131}{}{Retrieve Anthrax}
{132}{}{Retrieve Black Plague}
{133}{}{Retrieve Small Pox}
{134}{}{Retrieve Ebola}
{135}{}{Retrieve Hantavirus}
{137}{}{Return to Main Retrieval Menu}
{139}{}{[You watch as the robot proceeds down the aisles of stored biological materials, and return with a small vial which it promptly deposits into an opening in the wall. You watch in fascination as the vial is transferred from the sealed environment of the storage area to the room you're standing in. Your fascination turns to horror as the vial drops to the floor and breaks. Running seems like a good idea.]}
{141}{}{Organ Menu
{147}{}{Retrieve Heart}
{148}{}{Retrieve Brain}
{149}{}{Retrieve Kidney}
{150}{}{Retrieve Liver}
{151}{}{Retrieve Lung}
{152}{}{Return to Main Retrieval Menu}
{154}{}{Warning! Storage apparatus malfunction.
                        [According to the readout, the storage devices for these organs failed a long time ago. Unless you plan to make soup, retrieval would be pointless.]}
{156}{}{Return to Organ Menu}
{157}{}{Return to Main Retrieval Menu}
{159}{}{Warning! Storage apparatus malfunction.
                         Storage tanks 101 - 104
                                      Settings Correction Requested
                                  [A highly precise set of calculations is needed to save the brains. A stream of formulas and measurements stream across the screen. It all looks highly scientific to you.]}
{163}{}{Attempt to make adjustments}
{164}{}{Return to Main Retrieval Menu}
{165}{}{Try later.}
{166}{}{[Due to your ineptitude, all the brains die. Maybe raising the temperature to 98.6 Celsius was a little too much. Science never was your strong point.]}
{168}{}{[Trial and error seems to be the key to your approach to this problem. You manage to save one out of four brains. Science is for nerds anyway.]}
{169}{}{Retrieve Brain}
{170}{}{[Using the law of averages you manage to save fifty percent of the brains. A scientist you are not.]}
{171}{}{Retrieve Brain}
{172}{}{[Obviously, you know what you're doing. With the exception of one error, you are able to save 3 out of 4 brains. You knew reading all those science journals would come in handy.]}
{173}{}{Retrieve Brain}
{174}{}{[With a few quick keystrokes the crisis is averted and all the brains are saved. Science is definitely more than a hobby for you.]}
{175}{}{Retrieve Brain}
{176}{}{Brain Retrieval Menu
                                               Abnormal Brain
                                                        Chimpanzee Brain
                                                      Human Brain
                                                        Cybernetic Brain}
{177}{}{Brain Retrieval Menu
                                               Abnormal Brain
                                                        Chimpanzee Brain
                                                      Human Brain
                                                        Cybernetic Brain - Dead}
{178}{}{Brain Retrieval Menu
                                               Abnormal Brain
                                                        Chimpanzee Brain
                                                      Human Brain - Dead
                                                 Cybernetic Brain - Dead}
{179}{}{Brain Retrieval Menu
                                               Abnormal Brain
                                                        Chimpanzee Brain - Dead
                                            Human Brain - Dead
                                          Cybernetic Brain - Dead}
{196}{}{Abnormal Brain}
{197}{}{Chimpanzee Brain}
{198}{}{Human Brain}
{199}{}{Cybernetic Brain}
{200}{}{[Although readings indicate this brain is alive, neural output levels are way below normal.]
{204}{}{[The brain waves are active, but differ from those of a human brain.]
{208}{}{[Brain activity is that of an average human.]
{212}{}{[Brain activity is off the charts! By the looks of it the signals are of both digital and human origin.]
{216}{}{[The robot quickly leaves to retrieve your brain. Upon returning you notice that the robot appears to be having problems. The observation is driven home when the robot explodes suddenly. Luckily for you, it managed to deliver the brain before it expired.]}
{218}{}{Cadaver Retrieval Menu
                                          Private Dobbs}
{220}{}{Retrieve Private Dobbs}
{221}{}{Return to Main Retrieval Menu}
{223}{}{[According to the readings, Private Dobbs is alive! He's located in the Experimental Biomed Gel regeneration tank.]
{227}{}{[The body of Private Dobbs is now lying at your feet, but to your surprise, he stands up and starts talking to you. Funny, he doesn't look dead.]}
{229}{}{There are no cadavers currently in storage.}
{230}{}{Return to Main Retrieval Menu}
{232}{}{[Even though you can plainly see empty storage units, the readout says they are all full. Must be an error in the program. Oh well.]}
{233}{}{Return to Main Menu}
{234}{}{Exit }

{300}{}{ is unable to read what's on the monitor.}