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Van Buren/Developers

Van Buren > Developers(Redirected from Van Buren developers)

A list of all developers that contributed to Van Buren.





Quality assurance


Image Name Games
Infobox.png Aaron Brown FO2, FNV
Aaron Meyers.jpg Aaron Meyers FO1, VB
Abdul Brown.jpg Abdul Brown VB
Infobox.png Bernie Weir VB
Brian Hendley.jpg Brian Hendley VB
Carlos Cheek.jpg Carlos Cheek VB
Chris Applehans.jpg Chris Applehans VB
Chris Avellone.jpg Chris Avellone FO2, VB, FNV
Chris French.jpg Chris French VB
Infobox.png Chris Heidari VB
Infobox.png Chris Jones FO1, FO2, FNV
Infobox.png Chris Marleau VB
Damien Foletto.jpg Damien Foletto FOT, VB
Dave Maldonado.jpg David Maldonado FO2
Infobox.png Dennis Presnell FO1, FO2, FNV
Eric Caen.jpg Eric Caen FOBOS
Eric Campanella.jpg Eric Campanella VB
Feargus urquhart.jpg Feargus Urquhart FO1, FO2, FNV
Eric Baudoin.jpg Ferret Baudoin FO4, FO76
Glenn Price.jpg Glenn Price VB
Hector Espinoza.jpg Hector Espinoza VB
Herve Caen.jpg Hervé Caen FOBOS
Infobox.png Jacob Devore VB
Infobox.png Jeff Husges FNV
John Deiley.jpg John Deiley FO2, VB
Joshua Sawyer 2023.jpg Joshua Sawyer FNV
Kevin Osburn.jpg Kevin Osburn VB
Mark Murakami.jpg Mark Murakami FO1, VB
Richard Taylor.jpg Richard Taylor VB
Robert Nesler.jpg Robert Nesler FOT
Sean K Reynolds.jpg Sean K. Reynolds VB
Bokkes.jpg Stephen Bokkes VB
Tom French.jpg Thomas French FO1, FO2, VB
Vera Milosavich.jpg Vera Milosavich VB
Infobox.png Yuki Furumi VB

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