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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with Vinnie (Fallout).

# Vinnie is a gang leader, who is young and ruthless. He tries to sound tough
# and is quite mean. He only respects people who are as ruthless and violent as
# himself.

{100}{}{You see Vinnie from the Skulz gang.}
{101}{}{You see a young man with a tattoo and a bad attitude.}
{102}{}{I'd like to join you guys.}
{103}{}{You're on Skulz turf, stranger. You'd better talk quick.}
{104}{}{Sorry, wrong room.}
{105}{}{Skulz? Who are you guys?}
{107}{}{Yeah, you bet this is the wrong room!}
{108}{}{We are the one and only Junktown gang. We have the run of the streets,
 and we rule the city at night.}
{109}{}{Oh. Sorry. Bye.}
{110}{}{You couldn't run the schoolyard, Chromo.}
{111}{}{I thought this city was run by Gizmo after hours.}
{112}{}{Get out of here, you moron!}
{113}{}{That slob can't even stand up by himself. We're the muscle in this town.
 We take what we want.}
{114}{}{I see.}
{115}{}{You have some sort of deal with Killian?}
{116}{}{What?! You'll pay for that remark!}
{117}{}{We don't bother Killian and he doesn't bother us as long as we keep it
 low-key. You get me?}
{118}{}{Yeah. Bye.}
{119}{}{I get it, all right. You have to hide out from him.}
{120}{}{We don't take that from anybody, least of all Killian! Just because
 he thinks he's a glorified sheriff doesn't mean that he controls the Skulz!}
{121}{}{Sorry, didn't mean to get you all riled up.}
{122}{}{So, he cramps your style, eh? Mine, too. In fact, I'm thinking of
 whacking him. You want in?}
{123}{}{You want to whack Killian? Man, you're crazy. Man, I don't know . . .
 all right, I'm in.}
{124}{}{You loser, you said we were going to whack Killian. Get out of here.}
{125}{}{C'mon, let's dust Killian.}
{126}{}{What do you want now?}
{127}{}{Nothing. Sorry.}
{128}{}{I'm looking for someone to help me take out Killian. The Skulz seemed like
 a good prospect.}
{129}{}{Damn, I didn't think you'd do it! The Skulz rule this town now! Woo!}
{130}{}{We've been down this road before. You didn't have the balls then, so get
 the hell out of here!}
{131}{}{You want to join us, huh? How do we know you're tough enough to be a
{132}{}{I'll show you tough enough, you son of a bitch!}
{133}{}{Let me prove myself to you.}
{134}{}{Trust me, I'm tough enough.}
{135}{}{[Vinnie looks at you and laughs.] I don't think so.}
{136}{}{I'll prove it to you.}
{137}{}{That's it. Time for you to die.}
{138}{}{You're right, I'll be leaving now.}
{139}{}{What makes the Skulz so tough?}
{140}{}{[Vinnie thinks for a second.] If you want to prove you belong in the Skulz,
 I want you to steal that old bastard's wife's ashes. Heh. [Vinnie mumbles]
 Let's make Neal suffer for his last couple of hours . . .}
{141}{}{All right, I'll do it.}
{142}{}{No way.}
{143}{}{Uh, I don't think I could do that.}
{144}{}{I already stole it.}
{145}{}{That won't be as tough as you might think. I already killed the bastard.}
{146}{}{If you're hard enough to do that, mebbe you'd make a Skul after all.
 Bring it here once you've got it.}
{147}{}{I knew you weren't Skulz material. Get the hell out of here.}
{148}{}{You got it?}
{151}{}{I had to kill Neal to get it. He cried like a little girl.}
{152}{}{Ha ha! Let that old cock suffer until we off him tonight - are you in?}
{153}{}{I decided I'd rather not have anything to do with scabs like you.}
{154}{}{Let's crush him.}
{155}{}{I've got some other shit to do before then - I'll meet you there.}
{156}{}{What are you wasting my time for?}
{157}{}{That'll show that old fuck. Thanks for taking care of him for us.
 [Vinnie gets a tear in his eye.] You're a Skul, now.}
{158}{}{Uh, all right . . . meet us later, but don't take too long.}
{159}{}{Soon, Neal gets his, huh?}
{160}{}{We said we'd be back, you old fuck!}
{161}{}{There's a large collection of people arriving at the bar . . .}
{162}{}{Fuck you, cop!}
{163}{}{You gain 400 experience points for stealing Neal's urn. The dead shall
 never rest in peace.}
{164}{}{You gain 300 experience points for puttin' a cap in Neal's ass, you Skul.}
{165}{}{You ready to take out Neal?}
{166}{}{Yeah, let's ice the bastard.}
{167}{}{Nah, I got some more stuff to do.}
{168}{}{No way. I want out.}
{169}{}{It's too late for that, slick. When you're out, you're way out.}
{170}{}{We rule this town.}
{171}{}{Hey, bro, we rule this town!}