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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{100}{}{You see a ragged-looking farmer.}
{101}{}{You see Smith.}
{102}{}{Don’t think I’ve seen you around before, stranger. The name's Smith. Help
 you with something?}
{103}{}{Was there something else you wanted?}
{104}{}{Can you tell me about Vault City?}
{105}{}{What do you do around here?}
{106}{}{I’m looking for the Vault.}
{107}{}{I’d like to help you with that plow.}
{108}{}{Your wife says things have been hard.}
{109}{}{No, just passing through. Goodbye.}
{110}{}{Um... Waga Nu-kik?}
{111}{}{Well, what you see here ain't really Vault City... you’re actually standing
 in the city's Courtyard.}
{112}{}{Why aren’t you in the city?}
{113}{}{What do you do here?}
{114}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{115}{}{Thanks. Goodbye.}
{116}{}{My family and I work a farm here in the Courtyard. We get by. Don’t know
 for how long, though.}
{117}{}{What’s the problem?}
{118}{}{Why aren’t you in the city?}
{119}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{120}{}{Yeah, times are tough. Goodbye.}
{121}{}{That’s right, big fella. I gotta get going.}
{122}{}{You talking about the Vault inside the city? I've only seen it once... it's
 inside the gates, along the cliff, I think. They only let the Citizens into it,
{123}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{124}{}{Thanks for the directions. Goodbye.}
{125}{}{Me and the family ain’t the kind of people they let in there. So we
 live here under their protection.}
{126}{}{Why aren’t you allowed to live in the city?}
{127}{}{Protection? What kind of protection? }
{128}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{129}{}{I see. Well, thanks for your time. Goodbye.}
{130}{}{Well, it’s tough without a plow. Me and the wife try, but the farming goes
{131}{}{Can I help?}
{132}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{133}{}{Oh, well, I’m sorry to hear that. Goodbye.}
{135}{}{Well, we’re from the wasteland... like yourself. So all we can get is
 protection from Vault City.}
{136}{}{What kind of protection?}
{137}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{138}{}{Thanks. Goodbye.}
{139}{}{They keep us safe from the outside, but it costs me and the wife quite
 a bit. And without a plow… well, making ends meet is difficult.}
{140}{}{Can I help with the plow?}
{141}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{142}{}{Oh, well, I’m sorry to hear that. Goodbye.}
{143}{}{Me and the wife don’t talk with your kind.}
{144}{}{Mary, keep away from this fella.}
{145}{}{You’d help people like us? We can’t offer much, but we sure would
 appreciate it.}
{146}{}{Whoa! If you can't pay, I can’t help you.}
{147}{}{No problem. I’d like to help.}
{148}{}{Can I ask you something else?}
{149}{}{I'll have to think about it. Goodbye.}
{150}{}{Well, we have about a hundred and fifty saved, if that would help. But
 we won’t be able to make our next payment if we don’t have the plow by next week.}
{151}{}{I’ll take the money.}
{152}{}{Don’t worry about the money. I’ll help you anyway.}
{153}{}{Never mind... I can't help you. Goodbye.}
{154}{}{Well, thank you kindly, stranger.}
{155}{}{Do you know where I can find a plow?}
{156}{}{There's one over near the Guns and Ammo store. Harry might be selling it.}
{157}{}{All right, I’ll go look for it.}
{158}{}{Did you find a plow?}
{159}{}{Sorry, not yet.}
{160}{}{I don't think I'm going to be able to get one for you.}
{161}{}{Well, we can do without for a little longer. But not much beyond that.}
{162}{}{My Pa told me to watch out for people like you... get outta here. Go on, get!}
{163}{}{Thank you kindly. Here’s a little something my pa gave me before he
 left this world. With the guards protecting us, we don't need it... but you might be
 able to make some use of it.}
{164}{}{Thanks very much. I'm sure this will come in handy. Take care.}
{165}{}{Thanks for the help, stranger. Much appreciated.}
{166}{}{You have found a plow for Mr. Smith and his family.