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FO76 ui roleplay team.pngThis is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{100}{}{You see one of the Vault City gate guards.}
{101}{}{You see a diligent-looking guard. The guard is wearing metal armor and carrying a powerful-looking shotgun.}
{102}{}{Hey! Get away from there!}
{103}{}{We warned you once...}
{104}{}{Hey! It's the one who defeated the Enclave. Open the gate.}
{105}{}{Good day, Captain.}
{106}{}{Sir. It's good to see you, sir.}
{107}{}{Sir, yes, sir!}
{108}{}{Vault City prevails, Captain.}
{109}{}{My apologies, Citizen, but ghouls are not permitted inside Vault City.}
{110}{}{My apologies, Citizen, but mutants are not permitted inside Vault City.}
{111}{}{That ghoul had better step away from the gate. Now.}
{112}{}{That mutant had better step away from the gate. Now.}
{113}{}{Good day, Citizen.}
{114}{}{Good to see you, Citizen.}
{115}{}{Vault City prevails, Citizen.}
{116}{}{Get out of here.}
{117}{}{Get lost.}
{118}{}{Got a problem? Or are you looking for one?}
{119}{}{I don't want to have to hurt you.}
{120}{}{You're cleared to enter. Head on in.}
{121}{}{Good day, traveler.}
{122}{}{Welcome back.}
{123}{}{Your battle against the Enclave impressed even the First Citizen.}
{124}{}{I heard you've traveled as far south as San Francisco. Is that true?}
{125}{}{Is it true that the U.S. was still fighting the war?}
{126}{}{You should catalog your travels in the Vault City computer.}
{127}{}{You're welcome to stay in Vault City as long as you want.}
{128}{}{You should catalog your exploits against the Enclave and put it on the List Server.}
{129}{}{No ghouls are allowed in Vault City. Get that... thing out of here. Now.}
{130}{}{No mutants are allow in Vault City. Get that... thing out of here. Now.}
{131}{}{Stop right there, friend. No one is allowed past this point without proper authorization.}
{132}{}{Propa uh-zat-shun?}
{133}{}{Shamble off}
{134}{}{Proper authorization?}
{135}{}{Never mind, then.}
{136}{}{Looks like we got another victim of the Outworlder inbreeding here... look, dim, get out of here before you get hurt, all right?}
{137}{}{ME NO GOH!}
{138}{}{Shamble off}
{139}{}{Yes, "proper authorization."}
{140}{}{If you want to get into Vault City, you need to speak to Wallace, Head of Customs. He can issue you a Day Pass.}
{141}{}{Where can I find Wallace?}
{142}{}{A Day Pass? What's that?}
{143}{}{Okay, thanks.}
{144}{}{Wallace is in the Customs building right over there. }
{145}{}{Now move along. I don't have time to talk to Outworlders.}
{146}{}{What's a Day Pass?}
{147}{}{Thanks for your time. Goodbye.}
{148}{}{A Day Pass'll get you into our city...if you've got business here. }
{149}{}{Now move along. I don't have time to talk to Outworlders.}
{150}{}{Where can I find Wallace?}
{151}{}{Thanks for your time. Goodbye.}
{152}{}{You need a Day Pass to get into the city.}
{153}{}{Get a Day Pass and I'll let you in.}
{154}{}{Keep away from the Gate.}
{155}{}{No loitering.}
{156}{}{Do you have a Day Pass?}
{157}{}{No, I don't.}
{158}{}{No, but I am a Citizen.}
{159}{}{How *dare* you question me?! I'm a Citizen! Here are my papers!}
{160}{}{A Citizen, huh? Let me see your papers.}
{161}{}{Eh... I don't have them on me.}
{162}{}{Okay, here you go.}
{163}{}{Uh, what I meant was, how do I go about getting Citizenship?}
{164}{}{My apologies, Citizen. I didn't mean to offend you. You have clearance to enter.}
{165}{}{Very well.}
{166}{}{Look, "Citizen," you need a Day Pass to get in here, all right? Don't try to trick me again.}
{168}{}{Hmmmnn... these look legit. Funny, I don't recall ever seeing you around before.}
{169}{}{Well, perhaps you should be more observant. I have an appointment with the First Citizen, and he's expecting me.}
{170}{}{I hope you'll remember me next time.}
{171}{}{Why, yes, I hold Citizenship in all of the vaults.}
{172}{}{We must have missed each other. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.}
{173}{}{Oh, is that so? Look, I don't know who you are, but you're no Citizen. Give me those papers and get out of here. You want in, you're going to have to get a Day Pass from Wallace like everyone else.}
{174}{}{You want these papers? Come get them!}
{175}{}{Where can I find Wallace?}
{176}{}{All right. Goodbye.}
{177}{}{Well, all right, you're cleared to enter. Vault City prevails, Citizen.}
{178}{}{Uh, yes... Vault City prevails, Citizen.}
{180}{}{Day Pass, please.}
{181}{}{Here you go.}
{182}{}{I don't need a Day Pass. I'm a Citizen.}
{183}{}{I was just stopping by to see how you were doing.}
{184}{}{I don't have time for small talk, all right? Now get out of here.}
{185}{}{All right, all right. Just trying to be friendly...}
{187}{}{All right. Before you go in, we have to search your belongings first.}
{188}{}{Uh, okay.}
{189}{}{What for?}
{190}{}{Forget it, then.}
{191}{}{Stop right there. No Outworlders are allowed within Vault City after dark.}
{192}{}{But I have a Pass.}
{193}{}{But I'm a Citizen.}
{194}{}{I'm sorry. I'll be moving along.}
{195}{}{Oh, so NOW you're a Citizen, huh? Just like last time? Give me those "Citizenship papers" and get out of here.}
{196}{}{You want these papers? Come get them!}
{197}{}{All right, all right.}
{198}{}{Go talk to Wallace, Head of Customs. Now leave me alone.}
{199}{}{Okay. Goodbye.}
{200}{}{Yeah, you have a DAY Pass. Does it look like day to you? Move along.}
{201}{}{Okay, okay.}
{202}{}{Sometimes Outworlders try to smuggle alcohol or addictive drugs into Vault City: Buffout, Jet, Psycho, Mentats...that sort of thing.}
{203}{}{Oh, okay. Feel free to search me.}
{204}{}{Forget it, then. I don't need to get into Vault City that badly.}
{205}{}{Sorry, can't let you in with those items in your possession. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted in Vault City. Ditch them then come back, all right?}
{207}{}{All right, it looks like you're clean. You can head on in.}
{209}{}{Yup. Heer}
{211}{}{Uh… (Studies you for a moment, then shrugs.) }
{213}{}{Nup. Byeeeee}
{214}{}{Awl ritye}