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UI C Icon ChiLun 01.pngThis is a transcript for dialogue with VanHagan.

{100}{}{You see a Member of the Children of the Cathedral.}
{101}{}{I do not speak with heathen souls such as yourself.}
{102}{}{Your report, VanHagan.}
{103}{}{The Master is pleased with your progress, but his
 need is great and time is limited.}
{104}{}{The Master should know that raw material is limited.
 We cannot create our soldiers without more stock.}
{105}{}{He is aware of your problems. He is working on it,
 as we speak.}
{106}{}{Tell me of his plans. We will need to coordinate
 activities, if the Unity is to succeed.}
{107}{}{The Master has become aware of an undiscovered, and
 living, Vault. With that much raw material, we can
 create a great force. According to the prediction
 software, it will be the numbers we need to succeed.}
{108}{}{Excellent. This is most fortuitous. Are the inhabitants
{109}{}{Oh, this is the best part. If their representative is
 any example, they are clean. Pure-strain.}
{110}{}{Oh, this is most exciting. What Vault is it that we
{111}{}{Vault-13. And we shall have them soon. Very soon.}
{112}{}{You gain 1000 experience points for overhearing the whole conversation
 about your Vault.}