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A chunk of Uranium Ore, unrefined.Fallout 2 description

Uranium ore is an Unarmed and Throwing weapon in Fallout 2.


Uranium (atomic number 92, symbol U) is a radioactive element that forms the basis for most nuclear weapons.


The mine in Broken Hills is the only consistent source of uranium (located in a footlocker in the secret section of the mine), though caravans sometimes carry it. Ore can be brought to the processing plant and refined, located in the downtown section.

Related quests

Instead of using the chunk of ore in combat, the player character can have the ore refined in Broken Hills by paying a ghoul $1000 for 500 XP. The player can then wait 24 hours and sell the refined ore back to the refinery. If choosing the option that gives the least money, the player receives 1250 XP.


  • This item's range is incorrectly set to 0 in the item definitions, meaning that it cannot be used for an unarmed attack like a rock. Its sole combat use is as a weak Throwing weapon. [verified]
  • A bug in the game allows the uranium to be refined an infinite number of times if the player opts to make $500 extra on the transaction. [verified]