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The United Nations or UN was an international organization that existed prior to 2052.[1]


The United Nations actively worked to restore peace during international crises but ultimately was not successful, disbanding on July 26, 2052.[2] United Nations President Sakugama Okiri made a statement lamenting the events.[2] Its former headquarters in New York City peaked the interest of several organizations who began the bidding process on the prime real estate shortly thereafter.[2]


  • The manual for Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel states that the United Nations fell apart in 2025.[Pub 1] It is not clarified if "falling apart" means they disbanded or if this simply meant this was the beginning of a gradual decades-long downfall.
  • According to the Fallout Bible, in May 2052 the United Nations began to collapse as heated debates resulted in several countries withdrawing.[Doc 1]



  1. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Manual p. 5: "In 2025, as the planet’s resources dried up, the United Nations fell apart, causing many smaller nations to fall with them as financial havoc swept across the globe. The handful of peace agreements between Europe and the Middle East were cast aside as they fell into a long, drawn-out war over the few remaining productive oil fields."
Design Documents
  1. Fallout Bible 0: "2052 May–July The United Nations, already suffering, begins to collapse. In a series of heated debates, many nations withdraw from the organization as the UN tries to keep the peace. At the end of July, the United Nations is disbanded."