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Union of Atomic Workers

The Union of Atomic Workers was a post-War Labor Union.[1]


The Union was similar to the Brotherhood of Steel, although less friendly towards outsiders. They were a insular organization, desiring to "keep to themselves."[2]

Jake, a weapons merchant in the Hub's Old Town, was once a member of the Union, although his wishes to see the world and be his own boss conflicted with the Union's isolationism, driving him to leave the organization.[2] In retrospect, he regards this as the right decision, since the Union was wiped out by mutants after his departure.[1]


The Union of Atomic Workers is mentioned only in Fallout.

Behind the scenes

According to the Fallout Bible, the organization was written as an alternate example of how wastelanders could acquire weapons aside from the Brotherhood.[Dev 1]


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  2. 2.0 2.1 Jake: "Well, I've been around. Used to be with the Union of Atomic Workers. Sort of like the Brotherhood, but less friendly. They wanted to keep to themselves, and I... well, I wanted to see the world and be my own boss, so I left."
Developer Statements
  1. Fallout Bible p.196: "THE UNION OF ATOMIC WORKERS"
    " "I did Jake, though someone probably rewrote the dialogue, since the tenor is terser than Benniespeak. :-) I figured that for every successful organization that made it in theWasteland, there'd be ten that failed, and so I came up with some organization for Jake that explained where he got his weapons that wasn't "I used to be in the Brotherhood"... it's a throwaway bit intended to make the world a little messier; it's more believable if everything doesn't tie together neatly. Hope this helps."
    - Scott Bennie"