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I'm Trent. I'm a guard for the Water Merchants. Our caravan was attacked... by a monster! So huge, so fast. It ate Joe, and took rifle shots and didn't flinch! So huge!

Trent Barrister is a guard for the Water Merchants in Fallout.


Trent is a caravan guard. When the Vault Dweller encounters him, he explains his caravan was attacked by a deathclaw that ate his friend Joe.

Interactions overview

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This character has no special interactions.

Other interactions

With a sufficiently low Reputation (-21 or less) the Vault Dweller can threaten Trent into handing over his goods. They will be rewarded with a knife, Desert Eagle, and 20 shots of .44 Magnum FMJ & JHP rounds.



  • He wears leather armor, despite his sprites appearing to have a jacket.
  • When encountering him, the Pip-Boy 2000 says he's a peasant, while he says he's a guard.
  • When talking to Trent, he claims that a Deathclaw "at Joe in three gulps!" This is an obvious typo of the word "ate."


Trent Barrister appears only in Fallout.