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Trapper's Shack (Point Lookout)

The Trapper's Shack is a shack with a basement in Point Lookout in 2277, and is inhabited by around half a dozen Swampfolk.


The main section of the shack has a similar layout to other shacks in Point Lookout with the exception of a large number of traps in and around it and an unusual basement.

In the shack's basement, there are two connected cages, with a Swamplurk in one and Swamp Ghouls in the other. They are hostile towards one another. An electric switch on the table will open a door between the cages. There is also a workbench off to the left.


  • Bottlecap Mine on the workbench in the cellar.
  • A miniature bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum can be found in the Swamplurk's cage in the cellar. It is on top of the two safes.
  • A Strange Meat Pie in the cellar in the cooler on the left. (May require moving some Dog Meat in order to find it). This is the only one outside Andale.
  • A Stealth Boy on a table in the bedroom.


  • Inside the house, the cabinet to the right of the refrigerator contains a grenade bundle trap. Opening the cabinet will drop three live frag grenades on the player character unless it is quickly disarmed upon opening the door. There are also bear traps strewn about all over the shack's floor, and an open one on the counter.
  • The Swamplurk is leveled and may be a Swamplurk Queen at higher levels; if so, it will quickly mow down the Ghouls with its acid attack.
  • Prepare for a fight. There will be an ambush upon leaving the basement consisting of approximately four Swampfolk. They have also cleverly set frag mines in a semi-circle around the entrance/exit of the cellar.
  • In the basement, in the broken freezer, there are assorted meats along with the only Deathclaw Hand and Radscorpion Poison Gland in Point Lookout.
  • In the basement, there is the skin of a mole rat as a welcome mat at the very front.
  • The shack has a workbench as well as the materials to make several constructed weapons, including the Deathclaw Gauntlet.


The Trapper's Shack appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.