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Tommy the Balls is a famous New Reno mobster.


  • I heard Tommy the Balls is back in town, checking up on things. Watch out for him. - Mordino men
  • You see Tommy the Balls, stay outta his way. - Mordino men
  • You're almost as tough as Tommy the Balls. - Salvatore's men (after you finish the game)
  • Tommy the Balls sends his regards. - casino bouncers
  • I heard Tommy the Balls is looking for you. Watch out. - casino bouncers
  • Busting the Enclave makes you almost as much a badass as Tommy the Balls. - casino bouncers (after you finish the game)
  • Tommy the Balls is sooo dreamy. - New Reno prostitutes
  • I wish Dad was as cool as Tommy the Balls. - Wright children
  • I heard Tommy the Balls was back in town. Scary. - Wright teenagers
  • You must have been tougher than Tommy the Balls to break the Enclave like you did. - Wright teenagers (after you finish the game)


Tommy the Balls is mentioned only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

One of the game's developers, Thomas French, was going by the username "tommy..." on the Interplay forums. He used to sign his posts with "mr. tommy the balls".[1]