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What? You don't believe me? Just look in the basements! Or out in that shed! You'll see what I mean!Old Man Harris

The Smith's House is a location in Fallout 3. It is the home of Jack, Linda and Junior Smith in Andale in Fallout 3.


The layout of this house is the standard for the Capital Wasteland. It is a two-story domicile with a living room and a connected kitchen, a staircase in the living room and two bedrooms, one for children and one for adults.

The house also contains a basement, the door of which requires a Lockpick skill of 100 or the key (found in the master bedroom) to enter. Counters line the walls of the small, gruesome room at the bottom of the stairs. The tables in the middle of the room are littered with the remains of the family's victims.


Related quests


  • If one console-resurrects the three dead Wastelanders in the basement, they will have the dialogue of a Little Lamplighter.
  • When first entering the basement, one may hear a loud splatter sound. This is caused by a script that spawns the three wastelanders and kills them.


The Smith's House appears only in Fallout 3.