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The Adventures of Captain Cosmos

The Adventures of Captain Cosmos was a science fiction radio series, television program and comic book produced by Hubris Comics, featuring Captain Cosmos.


The television series aired for at least two seasons, broadcast on Thursdays at 8:00 P.M. EST.[1] * In select boxes of Sugar Bombs, there was a free Captain Cosmos decoder ring. In Mothership Zeta, Sally mentions that the bridge looks exactly like that of the one in Captain Cosmos.[2]



Image Name Games
Atx playericon score 44 l.webp Baron von Longneck FO76
FO76 Cap Cosmos.png Captain Cosmos FO3, FO4, FO76, FOSO
Atx playericon score 39 l.webp Dr. Zorbo FO76
Atx playericon score 42 l.webp Floating Face Farah FO76
Atx playericon score 41 l.webp General Confusion FO76
FO76 seasonsprite jangles.webp Jangles the Moon Monkey FO3, FNV, FO4, FO76
FO76 Octosaw.png Octosaw FO76
Atx playericon score 43 l.webp Opus and Ombra FO76
Atx playericon score 40 l.webp Skellscream FO76
FO4 Hubris Comics logo.png Stella Skyfire FO3, FO4
Infobox.png The Jester FO3


Image Name Games
FO4 Hubris Comics logo.png Captain Cosmos: Invasion of the Black Planet FO3
FO4 Hubris Comics logo.png Captain Cosmos: Truth, Justice, and the Space-American Way FO3
FO4 Hubris Comics logo.png Captain Cosmos: Vs. the Moon-Men! FO4
FO4 Hubris Comics logo.png Captain Cosmos: the Radioactive Space-Men from Space! FO3, FO4


  • Sbibulour, the home planet of General Confusion.
  • Mul, a world covered primarily by water.
  • Wave City, a floating city on the ocean world of Mul. It is home to the mobster Octosaw.
  • Wye, the binary home planets of Opus and Ombra.



The Adventures of Captain Cosmos appears in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Creation Club and Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

On the Hubris Comics receptionist terminal, under the "release schedule" section, it says that the comic "Captain Cosmos: Truth, justice and the Space-American way" is due for release in June. This is a reference to Superman's catchphrase, "Truth, justice, and the American way."



  1. Sally: "Wow, look at this place! It looks like the ship in Captain Cosmos! Look, that must be the Captain's chair! You should sit there -- you can be Captain Cosmos! And I'll go over here. I can be Stella Skyfire! She was Captain Cosmos' weapons specialist, back in season 2. This is great!"
  2. Sally: "Wow! This looks just like the bridge on Captain Cosmos! I know what to do!"