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Tariq Raheem was an Australian developer who worked at Micro Forté as the lead concept artist on Fallout Tactics.


Tariq Raheem joined Micro Forté in 1999 and served as the lead concept artist for Fallout Tactics.[Dev 1] His duties included creating all character designs, concept art, story boards, game art and promotional material.[Dev 1]

For Fallout Tactics, Raheem created concept artwork for the Beastlords, Deathclaws, Ghouls, Super Mutants, the Pacifier Robot, the Humanoid Robot, the in-game intro, cutscenes and endings, the Advanced Power Armor and various armor designs. He was responsible for eighty percent of the 2D art and designed 142 characters for the game, of which 60 to 70 were used.[Dev 2]

On April 11, 2018, Tariq Raheem passed away.[Ext 1]


Tariq Raheem's work on the Fallout series can be found here.

Employment history

20142018BLT Communications, LLCSenior Illustrator
20132018Planet ChaotikaCo-owner, Creative Director
20032018Metal Mammoth Inc.Cover Artist
20102014PETROLAD Inc.Senior Illustrator
20092010Ettamogah StudioSenior Designer / HD 3D Animator
20072008Creative Impulse PublishingCover Artist
20072007Liquid TVIllustrator / Photo Manipulator
20052006Alias ComicsCover Artist
20052006Ninja TheoryCinematic Story Board Artist
20042004THQ / Plastic WaxCinematic Story Board Artist
20022003Micro FortéConcept Artist / Creature & Props Designer
20022002Nintendo / Mysteryclock CinemaCinematic Story Board Artist
19992001Micro FortéConcept Artist / Illustrator / Story Board Artist


2001Fallout TacticsCharacter Design, Lead Concept Artist


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Developer Statements
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    My duties were as lead concept artist and produced all character design, concept art , story boards ,game art and all finished art for advertising."

    (Tariq Raheem - Behance)
  2. Fallout Tactics developer statement; Tariq Raheem: Concept art, 2005 August 8