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This wiki has major problems - A discussion.

Hi, occasional editor Corbasm here. Let me just get the point of this post. This wiki has several problems. SEVERAL. I'd like to suggest some fixes. This post will be updated over time.

PROBLEM 1 - Half of this wiki is plagiarized from the Fandom wiki. Now I know that starting an entire wiki from scratch is hard, but come on. Almost every image on the main games pages were stolen from the Fandom wiki. Hell, the entire pages for FO76 Reputation and Wastelad were just copy pasted from fandom. I think we should stop making so many new pages that are just stubs, and focus on fleshing out our pre-existing pages. Speaking of which...

PROBLEM 2 - Stubs. There is a wiki page for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has ever worked on Fallout. Some random ZeniMax intern who gave Todd Howard coffee once probably has a page on here. Maybe instead of all of this bloat, we can make credits pages listing everyone who worked on a certain game? Preceding unsigned comment added by Corbasm (talkcontribs). Remember to sign all posts with ~~~~.

Hi Corbasm, thank you for the comments. Wikis are under Creative Commons License (ours is Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported which you can see here) which allows wikis to fork in order to A) copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, and B) remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose. Forking a wiki is allowed due to these license terms. You can see the Fandom policy on forking here. That being said, each day we work to differentiate content in a way that we envisioned when we decided to leave. This just takes time and I appreciate the patience.
To your second point, we pride ourselves on covering all content, even content we only have a small amount of information for. It is a balance of course, which we try to achieve by merging and splitting as need be. However, every person that works on Fallout in any way is important to document. If you check out the Credits page, you can see a list of credits by game and by role. Thank you again for your comments, and feel free to jump on in and help fill out some of the stubs - we need all the help we can get! -Kate Aces Pickman heart.png 21:20, 29 November 2023 (UTC)