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Though I am different in appearance, I have much knowledge to impart upon those who will listen.

Talius is an FEV mutant member of the Followers of the Apocalypse residing in the basement of the Boneyard Library in Fallout.[1]


Talius was a vault dweller from Vault 13, sent out by the overseer to find the water chip.[2][3] Together with Ed, this means there are two confirmed vault dwellers from Vault 13 who were sent out before the Vault Dweller. Supplied with a shotgun and some 12 gauge shells, Talius searched unsuccessfully for the water chip for some time before hearing of Necropolis' water pump.[3][4] He traveled to the city not having known of its newly garrisoned detachment of Super Mutants.[5]

With the help of the ghoul leader Set, he was able to kill some of the mutants before being knocked unconscious by Nightkin and taken to the Mariposa Military Base.[6][7] He was dipped in the vats, which led to a transformation into a ghoul-like mutant similar to Harold, as opposed to the typical super mutant.[8] He was rescued by the Followers of the Apocalypse, in his words, "from the full effects of the transformation into a heinous beast." He joined as a full-fledged member shortly afterward.[9]

Interactions overview

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This character starts quests.


Other interactions

Talius will help the Vault Dweller along by giving them a flamer if promised to battle the mutants in Necropolis or after he killed them already, or Mentats if the Vault Dweller has less than 4 Intelligence.


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Flamer Mentats


Talius appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout Bible.


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  2. Talius: "My vault had no name. It was merely numbered 13."
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    Vault Dweller:"So you volunteered."
    Talius: "Yes. The overseer of the community gave me a shotgun and some shells. However, those were lost many years passed. Since I have never found anything, I could not return."
    (Talius's dialogue)
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  9. Talius: "My entrance into the Followers was quite simple really. It was the Followers who rescued me from the full effects of the transformation into a heinous beast."
    Vault Dweller:"I do not fully understand. Please, go on."
    Talius: "Once, I was as you are now - a pure human. But, through the intervention of Nightkin, I was taken to some place far removed from here."
    Vault Dweller:"Please, continue."
    Talius: "I was not of a state in which to observe what transpired. All I had known was that I awoke here and was tended by the good doctor."
    (Talius's dialogue)